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About Ascentis HCM Suite

Ascentis HCM Suite human resource management software was created in 1994 by the Ascentis Corporation, whose goal is to provide small to mid-sized businesses with user-friendly HR and benefits management solutions. In 2007, it joined forces with Ascentis Payroll (founded in 1980) to create fully integrated payroll and HRIS solutions. This human resource information system (HRIS) continues to grow with additional modules.

Ascentis HCM suite is web-based HRIS software. This user-friendly human resource management software maintains data on all employees in a single database. HR professionals are freed from the burden of searching through and maintaining cumbersome paper files. Data is now up-to-date and instantly accessible. Updates are regularly released and live web support is available. Incorporating state-of-the art security features, users are assigned unique logins and role-based access, which allows management to grant specific access to security-sensitive levels of information. Ascentis HCM Suite features powerful reporting, with more than 300 reports available. Reporting features include compensation, attendance, reviews, benefits, compliance and employee information, to name a few. Custom reporting is also available. The reports are automatically generated from real-time information, providing current and accurate results. This HRIS software is ideal for businesses that have between 75 and 2,500 employees. By automating and optimizing HR processes, Ascentis HR helps companies improve their efficiency and increase profitability. A state-of-the-art industry leader, Ascentis human resource management software offers solutions for managing growing businesses.

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