Ascentis vs. Paycom

A company’s greatest asset is its people. Attracting, hiring, and retaining talent requires not only management skills but also the right tools to simplify processes, enhance performance, and ensure data accuracy. Ascentis and Paycom are two of the many HR/HCM platforms built to meet those needs.

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Ascentis vs. Paycom: An overview

Ascentis is a web-based, user-friendly, and all-in-one HR/HCM suite designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Created in 1994, it offers advanced tools for managing recruitment, talent, workforce, time and attendance, payroll, benefits, and employee information.

Paycom is an advanced HCM toolkit for payroll, benefits, compliance, information system, talent acquisition, and workforce management. Founded in 1998, it provides a comprehensive HR platform in a single database. 

Human resources and benefits 

Ascentis automates data collection, keeps employee records, and centralizes information in one location for easy access. This way, managing HR is much simpler. You can share relevant content or messages to specific groups of people in the company, track essential information, and create data-informed reports. It features benefits management, HR compliance, customizable tools, streamlining of business processes, easy access to information, and employee self-service.

Paycom automates core HR processes to ensure talent development and satisfaction but also employee retention. It features Manager on-the-Go™ for increased accountability and employee trust, Direct Data Exchange™ for responsible access to information, and Ask Here™ for automated routing of questions to appropriate personnel. It also offers compliance with government rules, 401(k) reporting, COBRA administration, personnel action forms, benefits management, documents and checklists, and manager self-service.

Talent acquisition and management

Ascentis offers customizable recruitment tools for identifying and attracting talent, tracking and engaging candidates, and hiring the best for your company. It makes recruiting workflow and onboarding efficient and manages and empowers talents more effectively. It offers essential features such as performance management metrics, compensation budgeting, learning, employee review and assessment, and succession planning.

Paycom features recruitment tools for finding talents, hiring candidates, and onboarding them to be part of the organization. The solutions include tracking and filtering applicants for the next step of the hiring process, performing background checks, onboarding, determining eligibility for tax credits, and online completion by employees of Form I-9. It provides a platform packed with powerful tools to engage, build, develop, enhance employee satisfaction, and retain top talents. It features performance management, employee self-service, compensation budgeting, learning and development, and position management.

Time, attendance, and labor 

Automating time tracking and workforce management is one of the strengths of Ascentis. It features Timekeeper, which streamlines time/attendance management and employee leave. It merges information from payroll and benefits to ensure compliance and data accuracy. Ascentis also offers time-off management, biometric time clocks for attendance, mobile access, geofencing to prevent unauthorized punches, simplified log audits, automated scheduling, and personalized pay calculations.

Labor management and time tracking are made easy with Paycom’s integrated software. As labor cost is increasing, the platform helps employees become more efficient in their performance and output. It features online time and attendance, labor allocation to ensure correct assignment of roles, and time clocks and terminals which prevent fraud through geofencing.

Advanced payroll solutions

Ascentis offers a simple 5-step payroll system that reduces processing time and ensures the accuracy of employee pay. Easy-to-use, flexible, secure, and compliant, the system features real-time payroll processing, integration with time/attendance, paycheck options, and tax filings.


Paycom originally started as a payroll solution, which plays a central part in its platform. It integrates with time, benefits, and compliance software and automates payroll processes to ensure on-time and accurate employee pay. It features online payroll, Paycom pay, expense management, general ledger (GL) concierge, garnishment administration, and payroll tax management.

Which HR/HCM platform is better: Ascentis or Paycom?

Ascentis is well-suited for small and mid-sized businesses. It offers a creative and simplified payroll system and advanced HRIS tools and features to enhance your company’s HR and workforce management.

But what makes Paycom an intriguing option is that it offers flexibility and a dedicated service feature that serves as a point of contact for everyone, making the user experience personalized. But ultimately, the answer depends on your specific business needs. 

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