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What is e-signature software?

To sign business documents online legally and securely, many individuals and organizations utilize e-signature software. These e-signature solutions provide a convenient way to replace a handwritten signature with a digital version. Read on, as this resource will be discussing the best e-signature products and tools available.

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ProductCustomizable BrandingMobile AppReporting and AnalyticsFacial RecognitionStatus Tracking
Sign Requestyesnononoyes


In addition to electronic signature software, Pandadoc provides various features for businesses and organizations. Users can utilize community templates to create the best documentation possible for their needs. They also allow for customized branding so that businesses can look professional to external parties. Their collaboration insights and approval workflows can make it easy for team members to work together and track the status of combined efforts. And when it comes to security, they have secure sharing, compliance features, and audit trails.


HelloSign is a Dropbox Company that provides e-signature solutions for teams and individuals. Their signatures are legally binding and can be embedded directly into a website or app for simplicity and convenience. Users with businesses can benefit from their customizable branding and templates. The product also makes recruitment processes a breeze, with pre-populated forms for creating and signing onboarding contracts online. The product’s website highlights their integrations as well, which can grant users more capabilities when used together with the tool. They have integrations with many popular CRM, file storage, and productivity programs.


SignNow has many features that can help with documentation and team collaboration. The system can automatically route documents that are sent to groups in order, according to the signers’ roles. Team members can collaborate easily on projects and documents within the system, and data is protected with two-factor signer authentication. Once the documentation is ready, users can add branding and share invite links to allow recipients to quickly and easily receive signature invites.


DocuSign is a popular electronic signature software solution for generating legally binding contracts and agreements. This can be done by merging business data with Microsoft Word, PDF, or DocuSign Agreement Cloud. Their AI-based clause analysis can help ensure the accuracy of documents and provide risk scores for faster contract reviewing. With this tool, users can manage the life cycles of their contracts every step of the way, even throughout the negotiation process. In addition, it can automatically identify and negotiate high-risk contracts, so users can feel confident before entering into legally binding agreements. Payments to multiple staff members are also simplified through their simultaneous batch invoice generation.


pdfFiller is a document-editing and document management solution. Users can simply drag and drop their documents from multiple locations, including GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox, and more, managing them within the system. Then, they can type, highlight, blackout, and erase as they edit the pdf. Creating a document is possible, as well, through their interactive templates or fillable form library. Once a form is created, it can be shared through a link or published on the user’s website. It is convenient to use on desktops and mobile devices, with its cloud-based collaboration, storage, auditing, and signing capabilities. Finally, convenience can be achieved by configuring and automating any business process and integrating it with the system.

Ever sign

Eversign’s electronic signature solution shines for its automation features. For example, both internal and client-facing signature and approval processes can be automated in the developer portal, no matter the size of the user’s business or organization. In addition, the tool can create various forms and agreements for HR, sales, legal, and financial departments, which can be accessed on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Another nice feature is their in-person signing capabilities, as face-to-face client interactions can occur and quickly be processed in the system.


SignEasy has features to make both internal and external business processes more seamless. Their guided signing workflow minimizes any confusion for customers signing through the software. Their eSigning API can digitize and automate document workflows, so you and your team can get work done faster. Users can also stay on top of their paperwork with the system’s document statuses and reminders. They can review documents to see who has signed and who hasn’t, and remind signers of the document requests with push notifications and emails. Their integrations with popular external business apps make processing documentation convenient, and parties can feel secure sending and storing paperwork, as it utilizes SSL encryption.

Sign Request

If bugging people to sign paperwork isn’t your thing, Sign Request‘s manual or automatic reminders could be just what you need. The system can also prepare recurring documents with default messages for re-use, saving users time and effort. Legally binding signatures can be created with a trackpad, mousepad, or generated automatically. Names, branding, and landing pages are customizable to give businesses a unique and professional look. Once the paperwork is created, users can send it to one or multiple recipients with ordered signing.

E-signature software FAQs

What are the benefits of e-signature software?

Utilizing e-signature software for digital document signing can provide many benefits. These tools enable users to conduct business with others and create legally binding electronic signatures, regardless of their location. For companies, granting clients and customers the ability to sign off on paperwork digitally can create a better customer experience as their online services and transactions become more convenient.

E-signature software can be utilized quickly, without traveling or transferring paperwork through the mail, resulting in shorter turnaround times. These tools can also provide significant security features for users, allowing them to feel secure in their online signature processes. Many e-signature products also have features and capabilities regarding documentation, like customizable forms and document management and storage.

What are the features of e-signature software?

Customizable Branding

These days, most popular electronic signature tools provide customizable branding options. This can be helpful for businesses and organizations, as adding their custom brands to contracts and documentation can make their paperwork look more official.

Mobile App

E-signature solutions with mobile apps can simplify the signature process for end users. These applications can make it easy to access the features of your e-signature software from anywhere, as they are more designed and formatted for on-the-go, mobile use.

Reporting and Analytics

Using an e-signature solution with reporting and analytics features can be quite beneficial for organizations that do a lot of paper-pushing. The programs easily generate reports through integrated data or document analysis data. In addition, document analysis can provide insights from your contract processes like productivity, risk management, and more.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a newer feature that is gaining traction among e-signature tools. With this feature, signers can use their face to authenticate their digital signature. This can be a great way to ensure the security of your signatures and documentation.

Status Tracking and Notifications

Many products will help you keep track of the status of your contracts by providing notifications. These can send out emails and alerts letting you know who has signed your document, and many have the option for users to customize their notification settings based on their needs.

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