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HelloSignProduct Overview

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HelloSign product overview

​​HelloSign is an eSignature software that simplifies the process of signing documents online. It allows individuals, small startups, and large enterprise companies to sign important documents electronically without the hassle of a printer, scanner, or fax machine. Instead, users can sign documents using a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

HelloSign enables users to sign documents in PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with digital signatures embedded for security and protection. The platform includes eSignature, digital workflow, and electronic fax solutions to automate and manage business transactions.

eSignatures from HelloSign are legally binding under the ESIGN Act of 2000 and have the same legal standing as pen and paper. Affixed to each HelloSign signature request is a non-editable audit trail to ensure the thorough tracking and time-stamping of every action.

Pros of HelloSign

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  • The software has built-in reminders and advanced signer options that improve document completion rates.
  • It supports signature requests personalization. Organizations can add their company logo, tagline, and custom messaging to stay on-brand.

Cons of HelloSign

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  • It has limited integration options.

Breakdown of core features

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HelloSign provides a simple solution for companies to send documents for eSignatures online, track the progress of requests, and get documents signed directly from their devices. Moreover, users can create a custom handwritten signature of their name.

The software complies with the requirements of the U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and the European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014) regarding electronic signatures and transmissions, thus making eSignatures fast and legally-binding.


Templates save the prepared fields to documents, eliminating the need to drag and drop fields every time. The system stores templates in the user’s HelloSign account so they can reuse them whenever they want, making future sends quicker. Rather than wasting time preparing a document for signature repeatedly, it saves formatting for users, making it ideal for high-volume documents sent to different recipients frequently.

Document management

HelloSign assists with proper document management in the cloud by giving a safe and secure place to store and manage documents. The platform’s team feature allows for admins of the account to specify who has access and permissions to certain documents. HelloSign also automatically syncs documents with storage apps like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive.


PDFs signed with HelloSign are always lawful and fully SSL encrypted–protecting sensitive documents. The solution also ensures that PDF documents are compatible across many different platforms for added convenience.

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