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Which CRM is better for your business?

'We compare features, integrations, and more of Zoho vs. Pipeliner CRM.'

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Zoho and Pipeliner CRM are two of the most critical customer relationship management tools in the market today. The features these programs offer can help you manage your business efficiently and engage with your customers effectively. CRM software options can also help you gather relevant customer data for your company. 

Zoho is a powerful analytics tool that collects and processes customer data and transforms it into useful information for your company. The main functionality of this software is to help you manage the relationship between you and your customers. It also serves as a lead and contact management program.

Pipeliner CRM is a customer relationship management software that’s designed to deliver higher levels of engagement between you and your customers. Pipeliner has a user friendly interface that lets you manage their features without much experience. With its numerous features, you’re likely to find something for your company.

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Supported platforms 

Mobile and tablet access are essential features in every customer relationship management software. This feature lets your team choose whether they use their Mac or PC computer and provides flexibility for mobile apps as well.

Zoho and Pipeliner CRM are supported on these platforms:  

  • Android App
  • iPhone App
  • Web-based


The package you’ll choose must be proportionate to your business needs and include the necessary features you’re looking for.

Pricing in Zoho

  • Free Trial
  • Free Edition
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Pricing in Pipeliner CRM

  • Free Trial
  • Starter Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Similar features for Zoho vs. Pipeliner CRM

Zoho and Pipeliner might be different CRMs, but there are still some similarities in their features. They both have tools that make work faster and more comfortable for sales and marketing teams. 

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Customizable reporting 

This feature in Zoho allows you to customize the type of data you process and report to stakeholders. It focuses on enabling customizable data received in real-time. This means you can see the activities of your customers while they are visiting your website and use that information to make real-time sales decisions that let you better serve prospects. 

Pipeliner’s customizable reporting focuses on the accuracy of the data gathered by the software. With the help of bar charts, pies, and line graphs, you can choose the visualization that best fits the data you present in your reports. Sales managers can quickly get the information they need by accessing reports in the office or on their phones, and the most valuable sales information is highlighted in the reports.

Document management 

Zoho’s document management allows you to access critical customer information on your mobile device. This means storing and processing can still be done while you’re out of office. It helps your sales managers access documents anywhere and at any time.

Pipeliner’s document management feature focuses on organizing your sales process. It allows you to make numerous customizable pages where you can store documents. From customer information to sales data, you can store any data with the help of their document management software.

Which CRM tool works best for your business? 

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that lets you access customer data any time and anywhere, we suggest you try Zoho. With their document management feature, you can process and collect relevant customer data at any time of the day. The accessibility Zoho offers is an essential factor in any business tool. 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a CRM tool that focuses on data accuracy, we suggest you try Pipeliner CRM. With its customizable reporting feature, you can create a more refined search on the kind of data that you want. It’s strengthened with the help of graphs and charts that are integrated into the program.

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CRM Resources Zoho CRM vs. Pipeliner CRM