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CRM Resources Zoho CRM vs. Funnel CRM

Which CRM is better for your business?

We compare the similarities and differences of Zoho vs. Funnel CRM

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Attracting and retaining new customers is a challenging task.  If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your customers and beat your competition, a CRM can help you get organized.

Zoho and Funnel CRM are two of the most popular CRM tools on the market today. Whether you’re a small company or an enterprise-level business, these CRM tools can help you connect with your customers.

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Zoho vs. Funnel CRM: An Overview

Zoho is a CRM tool that tracks sales and allows you to engage with customers on different platforms. This tool has an easy-to-use interface that works best for people who are new to CRM tools. Zoho also provides a range of business and productivity products that will help you manage your company’s data and purchase control. All of Zoho’s products work seamlessly with the CRM.

Funnel CRM is a lead capture and CRM tool that’s designed to help users grow their customer base and create new leads. With its intuitive software and simple design, this CRM tool can be used by small to enterprise-level corporations, but it works best for small online businesses like online shops from Shopify or Amazon.

Support features 

Getting support when you need it is an important part of any software purchase. Luckily, both Zoho and Funnel CRM share the same support tools:

  • Online support
  • Customer service
  • Video tutorials
  • Phone support


Price is another important factor when choosing which CRM tool fits your business. Both Zoho and Funnel CRM have pricing packages varying on the size of your business. Remember to choose the package that will benefit your business most.

Pricing for Zoho:

  • Free Edition
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Pricing for Funnel CRM:

  • Free Trial
  • Standard Plan
  • Pro Plan

Similar features for Zoho vs. Funnel CRM

Zoho and Funnel CRM might be different CRM tools, but the main purpose of their software is still the same: to increase customer communication and improve sales.  Here are some similar features that both Zoho and Funnel CRM share.

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Contact management 

The Zoho contact management feature allows you to monitor all accounts from a shared database. When you identify contacts within Zoho’s system, the tool will also track their movements around the web to provide you with information that can make better sales.  Zoho’s contact management feature can also help you create customizable forecast reports by collecting data on customer habits and behaviors. 

The  Funnel CRM contact management feature allows you to customize the contact type to better segment and target buyers. It enables you to customize the level of priority of each contact for easier access. Funnel’s contact management tool can also track purchase history, so you can make relevant decisions based on data. 

Sales opportunity management 

The Sales opportunity management feature in Zoho tracks possible sales opportunities by accessing and moving relevant data from various platforms into one storage database. By collecting all of the relevant data in one place, you can quickly process data and predict sales opportunities more accurately.

The Funnel CRM sales opportunity management feature allows you to create deals that are placed in a sales funnel. With this feature, you can track deal details and streamline the sales process. This feature can also label your transactions according to the stage of the sales process they are currently in.

Which CRM tool works best for your business? 

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that allows you to track possible sales opportunities, we suggest you buy Zoho. With Zoho’s sales opportunity management software, you can track all sales opportunities in one centralized storage. Using this feature helps make accurate predictions and improve your sales process.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a CRM tool that allows you to customize the type of contact you’ll be recording, we suggest you try Funnel CRM. With Funnel’s contact management tool, you can mark and designate the kind of data that is being recorded on your software for easy access.

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CRM Resources Zoho CRM vs. Funnel CRM