Zendesk Sell vs. HubSpot Sales Hub

Which CRM is better for your business?

We compare features, integrations, and pricing of Zendesk Sell vs. HubSpot Sales Hub.

Competition in the business world is tough, and every organization needs a systematic way of keeping track of relationships, sales management, and sales processes. Thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) software, businesses are more effective and productive. CRM tools were patterned from the Rolodex and act as databases for customer and business contacts.

CRM software can be used for lead scoring and management, sales activity, and tracking and planning customer interactions for a more intentional sales funnel. This type of software has email tracking, notifications for upcoming sales events, automatic updates to contact records, invoicing and billing, sales goal planning and tracking, contract and document management, campaign and analytics, and sales performance and activity monitoring.

We compare two popular customer relationship management software: Zendesk Sell vs. HubSpot Sales Hub. We’ll evaluate their features, pricing models, and integrations to determine the more suitable product for your business. Feel free to use our Product Selection Tool, which is easy to use and takes only five minutes. Receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors.

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Zendesk Sell vs. HubSpot Sales Hub: An overview

Zendesk Sell was formerly Base and is a cloud-based customer relationship management software and sales productivity solution designed for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. It is a powerful, all-in-one sales platform that enhances data capture among sales representatives and provides actionable and quantifiable insights for improving revenue and performance. Zendesk Sell has a user-friendly interface, an impressive dashboard for ease of use, and productivity tools that streamline workflows. It can be used across a variety of industries, including solar, medical services, software, and manufacturing.

HubSpot Sales Hub is a cloud-based sales automation software for building, automating, and accelerating business processes. It enables sales personnel to connect with the right leads and convert them into successful deals. Users have access to CRM tools for recording and logging client conversations, details, and engagement history. HubSpot Sales Hub enables sales teams to build and manage multiple sales pipelines for better monitoring of the sales process. The software allows customers to set up automated workflows and seamlessly integrate contact information to maximize email campaigns.

A comparison of features

Zendesk Sell attracts users with its comprehensive set of features:

·         Sales email intelligence:

The email feature is inherent in Zendesk Sell, allowing users to track emails, receive push notifications and alerts when prospects click on an email, and have access to key metrics reports. Users can have the Zendesk Sell email on their mobile device through the software’s mobile integrations.

·         Native dialer:

With the native dialer, users can make a call by clicking on any phone number. All calls are logged and recorded, and users can store and access notes and call scripts within the software. Zendesk Sell has text features that track and attach all text messages to contact, lead, and deal cards.

·         Insights and reporting:

With sales insights, sales reps can see which deals are most or least likely to close. It not only helps sales reps close more deals but also provides managers with information on how touchpoints are needed for sales teams to close deals.

·         Lead capitalization:

Zendesk Sell integrates with user websites and leading marketing automation tools to provide leads to sales teams.

HubSpot Sales Hub offers features that make customer relationship management more productive:

·         Marketing automation:

Users can make visually enticing emails and use tools to send personalized and targeted emails. The software comes with a visual editor for envisioning workflows in real time, whether for a simple follow-up sequence or a multi-stage journey.

·         Lead management:

HubSpot Sales Hub has an all-in-one contact intelligence that provides users with a contact’s full lead history for creating targeted lists, increasing conversions, and automating email campaigns.

·         Social media marketing:

The software comes with basic social media contact and tracking capabilities to attribute leads to specific sources. They can manage several social media accounts from an easy-to-use interface. HubSpot Sales Hub supports LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

·         Landing pages:

Launch enticing landing pages without help from IT designers by choosing from the software’s template library. Users can copy and insert forms and images in a breeze using the one-page editor.

A comparison of prices

Zendesk Sell users can choose from a 4-tiered pricing model: Team, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite. The Team plan consists of customized sales pipelines, basic sales reporting, admin-only fields, public apps and integrations, and call recording for small teams. The Professional plan includes everything in the Team plan — plus personalized bulk email, Zapier integration, unlimited custom field and email templates, advanced call analytics, and core API. The Enterprise plan comes with the Professional plan features along with up to two sales pipelines, activity reports, product catalog, lead and deal scoring, and task automation. The Elite plan is for large businesses and comes with everything in the Enterprise plan — plus sales insights reports, sync and search API, single sign on feature, rep performance dashboard, and unlimited sales pipelines.

All plans are charged on a per user, per month basis and offer a free trial.

HubSpot Sales Hub comes with a 3-tiered pricing plan: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter plan starts at 1,000 contacts and comes with landing pages, ad management, email marketing, list segmentation, and live chat. The Professional plan has everything in the Starter plan — plus marketing automation, blog and SEO, social media, and website traffic analytics. The Enterprise plan has everything in the Professional plan — plus social permissions, hierarchical teams, single sign on, adaptive testing, and custom event triggers and reporting.

Interested parties can contact the vendors directly for full pricing and product details.

A comparison of integrations

Zendesk Sells makes CRM tasks easier by integrating with the following applications:

·         Xero

·         G Suite

·         Microsoft Outlook

·         Facebook

·         LinkedIn

·         Dropbox

HubSpot Sales Hub integrates seamlessly with:

·         Brilliant Assessments

·         Brandlive

·         CloudTalk

·         Armatic

·         Slack

·         Microsoft 365

Takeaways: Zendesk Sell vs. HubSpot Sales Hub

Both Zendesk Sell and HubSpot Sales Hub offer features that make customer relationship management easier and more efficient. Both software have marketing automation and lead management and integrate with different software and business applications. They offer free trials, which is good for startups.

However, Zendesk Sell’s native dialer is a good feature. If your business is mid-sized to large, it saves time as reps only need to click any phone number to call.

If your business is a startup, using HubsSpot Sales Hub is a good choice because of its landing page feature. It saves time and money by allowing users to create an enticing landing page without help from IT.

If you need more CRM software options, use our Product Selection Tool.

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