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CRM Resources Work[etc] vs. Pipedrive

Comparing two CRMs: Work[etc] vs. Pipedrive

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help businesses of any size offer a seamless and unique experience to their customers from inquiry to sales. CRM software specializes in providing users with a complete picture of all customer interactions, including organizing business opportunities, keeping track of sales, and facilitating collaboration between teams. The software accomplishes this by collecting customer data and analyzing customer interaction history to build strong relationships and provide improved products and services. Organizations can better organize all touch points and interactions of all customers, resulting in higher sales and stronger brand loyalty.

CRM software helps remove silos in customer information by providing a single place where all data can be stored, including name, phone number, email, purchase history, and communication preferences. Some features of this software include invoicing, billing, sales tracking, activity monitoring, and nurture campaign mapping.

Let’s discuss two popular customer relationship management software — Work[etc] and Pipedrive. We’ll compare their features, integrations, and pricing plans to help you determine the advantages of each software and to help you choose the more suitable product for your business. Receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors when you use our free CRM Product Selection Tool. It’s easy to use, only takes five minutes, and offers you a customized list of CRM software options.

Work[etc] vs. Pipedrive: An overview

Work[etc] is a cloud-based CRM software built with integrated invoicing, project management, help desk, marketing, and sales management features for businesses of any size. The software can easily capture customer information using email, web forms, live support, and cases with custom priority levels and statuses. Companies can use Work[etc] to manage the complete customer lifecycle from lead to sales, support, and billing.

The software can also capture every interaction and activity while offering features that search and filter customer activity history by employee interaction, activity, or keyword. Organizations can sync their contacts from cloud services and Google apps for business with ease. Thanks to Work[etc]’s billing module, companies can keep track of every billable event across the business.

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM software designed to help salespeople have visibility into their sales processes. The software offers pipeline management, activities, goal setting, forecasting, sales reporting, and email integration capabilities. Users can find helpful documentation on Pipedrive and how to use it through its library of educational resources, including its own Pipedrive Academy.

This CRM solution empowers users to identify sales opportunities and keep themselves up-to-date with their current and prospective customers. Users can have views of deals that are still in progress as well as information on leads that have the most potential for conversion.

Features of Work[etc] and Pipedrive


·         Project management:

The software can create complex projects with dependencies and triggers while allowing users to view projects through Gantt charts and timelines. Companies can efficiently make reports by using any of Work[etc]’s built-in project templates.

·         Sales management:

Manage your sales with ease by using Work[etc]’s customized sales processes that can assign and track leads. The software can easily capture sales leads from mobile devices, emails, and web forms. Companies can use the software to monitor and make reports on the sales pipeline.

·         Operations:

Since the software is cloud-based, organizations can create and organize teams online as well as assign roles and workgroups. Users can access various information with granular permissions while viewing important data through custom fields.

·         Help desk:

Use a single screen to view an entire customer activity history with ease. Work[etc] allows users to assign and track customer interactions via email, mobile device, and the web. With the software, users can also capture specific customer information through its custom fields.

·         Billing and finance:

Never miss a single billable project thanks to the billing and finance module that automatically captures every billable event. Use it to create product catalogues and recurring invoices. Companies can handle complex tax processes and discounting rules by using Work[etc].


·         Pipeline management:

Organizations can use Pipedrive to identify leads, determine their potential, and assign them to salespeople. This module allows salespeople to access more information regarding their leads to increase the chances of conversion. Under the pipeline management module are account management, contact management, and deal management capabilities.

·         Analytics:

Take advantage of the software’s reporting and forecasting capabilities since Pipedrive turns business data into meaningful insights to help organizations make more informed business decisions. The analytics module can make sales forecasts, build custom reports, and create dashboards while allowing customer segmentation, which categorizes customers according to their geographical location.

·         Marketing automation:

Use the software to manage email campaigns thanks to its third-party integrations. Pipedrive can run ad campaigns and create new leads.

·         Sales forecasting:

Under the Deals tab is the sales forecasting icon that provides monthly revenue projections based on the number of deals in progress and their estimated completion dates.

Comparison of prices

Work[etc] has a 3-tiered pricing plan: Starter, Team, and Foundations. The Starter plan can be used by up to 2 employees, offers users up to 2,000 contacts and 3GB of data storage, and charges on a per user, per month basis. The Team plan is for a maximum of 3 users with up to 10,000 contacts, 15GB of data storage, and additional features such as email marketing, social media management, customer portal, and accounting integration. The Foundations plan can be used by up to 3 users with 20,000 contacts, 50GB of data storage, and all features in the Team plan — plus, deep reporting and contractor portal capabilities. All plans offer a 14-day free trial period.

Pipedrive has a 4-tiered pricing plan: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Each plan offers a free trial, but the vendor itself recommends the Professional version because it already has everything a business needs for driving revenue and collaboration.

Comparison of integrations


·         Xero

·         G Suite

·         Intuit QuickBooks


·         Evernote

·         Microsoft Outlook


·         Google Calendar

·         Google Drive

·         Zapier

·         Microsoft Outlook

·         Gmail

Takeaways: Work[etc] vs. Pipedrive

There are many benefits of using CRM software for businesses. Aside from allowing users to have full control over customer interactions, it can promote positive customer experience that results in strong brand loyalty. Both Work[etc] and Pipedrive are great software options; however, it’s important to consider their differences when choosing your CRM software.

Work[etc] is beneficial for mid-sized and large companies because it also functions as a project management software. By offering Gantt charts and timelines views, users can easily see and monitor their projects’ progress with a few clicks. Also, its billing module can be used to create recurring invoices and product catalogues using only one platform, allowing companies to save large amounts of money on overall software overhead.

Pipedrive is beneficial for businesses of any size because it can project monthly revenues and show projects that are in progress. By providing views of when these projects can be completed, users can estimate their incoming profits.

According to users, Work[etc] is highly flexible and comes with customizable features not only for CRM purposes but also for project management. This makes us choose Work[etc] over Pipedrive.

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CRM Resources Work[etc] vs. Pipedrive