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Comparing two CRMs: Work[etc] vs. InforCRM

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to help companies build strong customer relationships by allowing them to track interactions, deliver more efficient services, and manage marketing and sales processes. This software serves as the database of business and customer contacts while enabling marketing, sales, and customer support specialists to manage a wide variety of tasks. CRM software helps businesses build brand loyalty, personalize their products and services, and plan customer interactions to increase conversion. More recent versions of the software include sales activity, lead scoring, lead management, automatic contact record updates, and email tracking.

CRM software allows users to personalize their marketing outreach strategies to target audiences and gather data for making better-fit personas.

Let’s look at two popular customer relationship management software — Work[etc] and InforCRM. We’ll discuss their integrations, pricing plans, and features to help you better grasp how each software works and to help you decide on the more suitable product for your business. Use our free CRM Software Selection Tool to find a customized list of CRM software options and to receive five recommendations from our dedicated Technology Advisors. The tool is easy to use, and it only takes five minutes.

Work[etc] vs. InforCRM: An overview

Work[etc] is more than a CRM software; it is a total business management solution and an all-in-one business platform that includes project management, help desk, billing, social media, and customer portal capabilities. Users can take advantage of delivering a project, managing a lead, shipping a product, issuing a quote, and billing the customer using one platform.

The software keeps information and data flowing between contractors, managers, and employers to increase business efficiency. Use the software to manage customer lifecycle from lead and sales to support and billing. Work[etc] can capture activity and interactions online while providing features such as filtering customer activity history by employee interaction, activity, and keyword.

InforCRM is a high-tech CRM software with a wide range of capabilities and customizations, offering personalized experiences for customers while improving employee productivity. It fulfills business needs by creating data-filled profiles of customers, supplying support for mobile and field teams, and providing connectivity and integration.

InforCRM comes with tools that help organizations maintain detailed customer information by tracking transactions and interactions across a business. Users can receive in-depth analytics and KPI evaluations to help them view team performance and operations for more informed decision making. InforCRM can meet the needs of various industries, including hospitality, financial services, healthcare, tech, telecom, and fashion.

Features of Work[etc] and InforCRM


·         Project management:

Users can take advantage of this module that maximizes productivity by providing users with project templates. Companies can choose from among several ways to view projects, including Gantt charts, timeline, and tree. Use the software to create dependencies and triggers in complex projects.

·         Sales management:

Use Work[etc] to report and monitor the sales pipeline. The software can assign and track leads by using its customized business processes. The sales management module can capture sales leads from emails, mobile devices, and web forms.

·         Management:

Have a look at every customer interaction and employee action to keep employees accountable and up-to-date with such information by using Work[etc]. The software allows users to design their own reports by generating enterprise software-strength reporting.

·         Help desk:

Get full visibility into the entire customer activity history from a single screen as well as assign and track progress through your mobile device, email, and the web when you use Work[etc]. The software comes with custom fields that capture specific customer information.

·         Billing and finance:

Work[etc] automatically captures every billable event to ensure that organizations are paid for every completed project. Use the software to manage product catalogues and create recurring invoices. Thanks to its features, users can handle tax processes and discounting rules by using Work[etc].


·         Building data-rich client profiles

InforCRM comes with features that spot solid prospects, offer full visibility over the business, and help retain the customer base. It can help build data-rich client profiles based on interactions and information that are sourced from relevant internal and external data. InforCRM is equipped with collaborative tools and integration options.

·         Mobile workforce:

Create a mobile workforce by using InforCRM. Use the software on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to keep field personnel and teams connected to the software with robust tools at their disposal.

·         Reporting and analytics:

Use InforCRM with a wide range of ERP platforms to give your business the competitive advantage of using a scalable framework. The software has mobile, cloud, and social capabilities with superior visibility over an organization. It has reporting tools and analytical applications for custom reporting, interactive dashboards, and timeline visualization.

Comparison of prices

Work[etc] comes with a 3-tiered pricing plan: Starter, Team, and Foundations. The Starter plan is designed for startup businesses and small business founders, offering 2,000 contacts and 3GB of data storage for up to 2 users. The Team plan offers 10,000 contacts and 15GB of data storage to 3 users, while the Foundations plan is suitable for 3 users with 50GB of data storage and 20,000 contacts — plus deep reporting features and contractor portal capabilities. Users can try the 14-day free trial period before purchasing the software.

InforCRM does not provide publicly available pricing plans, which is a common practice among software vendors to entice prospective users to contact them directly. This enables the vendor to ensure that the customer understands the features their business needs and only pays for these capabilities.

Comparison of integrations


·         Evernote


·         Microsoft Outlook

·         QuickBooks Online

·         Xero

·         G Suite


·         Anypoint Platform

·         Boomi

·         Avatier Identity Anywhere

·         Yooz

·         Esker

·         Sugar Market

Takeaways: Work[etc] vs. InforCRM

If there’s one thing that can help businesses grow, it would have to be CRM software because it provides a link between customers and vendors. Both Work[etc] and InforCRM offer great features and third-party integrations that enable companies to do more in less time. However, it’s important to consider their differences when choosing your business’s software.

Work[etc] is beneficial for businesses of any size because its help desk module enables users to resolve customer issues by viewing an entire customer activity history on one screen. This can help save time and increase employee productivity while building strong customer relationships.

Work[etc]’s sales management module allows users to increase conversion by capturing sales leads from mobile devices, emails, and website forms. This also allows for on-the-go work, resulting in higher productivity.

InforCRM’s data-rich client profiles allow users to get relevant customer information from internal and external sources. This is especially helpful in instances where customers do not provide additional personal information.

After weighing both software’s advantages, we can say that Work[etc] and InforCRM are equally equipped to help businesses of any size. If you want more customer relationship management software recommendations, use our Product Selection Tool.

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CRM Resources Work[etc] vs. InforCRM