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About Infor CRM

Based in New York City, Infor provides information technology services to over 70,000 customers in 200 countries. Infor customer relationship management (CRM) software suite focuses on helping businesses become market leaders through enhancing the customer experience and managing customer interactions.

Infor includes a host of CRM software features for businesses in any industry. Top level functionality includes customer interaction management (CMX), marketing resource management, analytics based marketing, a real-time interaction advisor, a sales module, and a designated service module. Of Infor’s myriad of software offerings, the customer experience management feature is one of the most unique, which was tailored to financial services and telecommunications industries.  Infor’s CMX platform records and presents data on every occasion a customer interacts with your business, making analyzing specific marketing tactics much easier. Key metrics associated with customer experience include share of wallet, products per customer, average revenue per user, and on-boarding conversion rates. In conjunction with its CMX capabilities, this software platform offers an interaction advisory functionality that empowers businesses with the capabilities to predict customer preferences and behavior based on real-time engagement and historical behavior. The Interaction Advisor also lets online businesses push content to their users in real-time, thereby improving the likelihood of a user making a purchase or taking a converting action. This product is offered via the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid of both.

Bell Canada, a leading communications organization, implemented Infor’s Epiphany Interaction Advisor module in two of its call centers. After setting up the software platform, Bell Canada reported a 75% improvement in campaign distribution time, decreasing the execution period from 4 days to 4 hours. Sales for new-offers increased by 18%.

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