Companies that are looking to improve their products and services as well as enhance customer relationships should consider implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM software is designed to remove silos in customer information by placing all details together in a central place that provides 360-degree views of customer data. Teams and individuals can have access to customer phone numbers, names, email addresses, communication preferences, purchase history, and interaction. This software is a better tool than spreadsheets because it can handle large amounts of data without consuming a lot of time. CRM software today is equipped with sales activity, lead scoring, lead management, automatic contact updates, and email tracking capabilities. Additional features of CRM software include nurture campaign mapping, analytics, activity monitoring, invoicing, billing, and document management. Let’s look at two popular customer relationship management software — Work[etc] and Capsule. We’ll compare their integrations, features, and pricing plans to help you better understand how each software works and to help you choose the product that meets your business needs. Our dedicated Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our CRM software Product Selection Tool. It’s free, easy to use, takes only five minutes, and offers you a customized list of CRM software options.

Work[etc] vs. Capsule: An overview

Work[etc] is a CRM software that helps companies streamline business processes, allowing teams to collaborate with each other across departments. It provides a single, unified platform that performs various functions, including billing, project management, CRM, and operations. Users can import an unlimited number of contacts from website forms, emails, and phone contact lists with ease. Work[etc] also allows users to manually store such information. The software can manage every billable event across the business through its discount management, payment gateways, subscription billing, overdue account, and company-wide billing capabilities. Thanks to the software’s third-party integrations, organizations can easily sync their contacts from cloud services and Google apps for business. Capsule is a cloud-based CRM software designed to help small and growing businesses that are looking to organize client and business management functionality. The software can track business associates, contacts, sales opportunities, communications, and tasks that require attention. Thanks to its unique features, Capsule can manage bids, sales pipelines, proposals, and deals while easily organizing notes, emails, and documents. Users can better control milestones and deadlines, assign tasks, monitor tasks, and customize customer data. Since Capsule is cloud-based, it is available on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. There is no need to install the software, assuring users that they are always using the most recent version of the application.

Features of Work[etc] and Capsule


·         Sales management: Take advantage of Work[etc]’s customized sales processes for assigning and tracking leads as well as managing sales. Use the software from any mobile device while capturing sales leads from emails and web forms. The software can help monitor and make reports on the sales pipeline. ·         Operations: As a cloud-based software, it allows users to create and organize teams online as well as assign workgroups and specific roles. Confidentiality of information is a top priority by only providing granular permissions to users and visibility of important data through custom fields. ·         Project management: Use Work[etc] to create complex projects with triggers and dependencies to ensure that your company meets deadlines and delivers quality products. The software offers visual project views such as timelines and Gantt charts as well built-in project templates that teams can use to make efficient and comprehensive reports. ·         Help desk: Have access to an entire customer activity history on a single screen by using Work[etc]. Use the software to assign and track customer interactions via the web, mobile devices, and email. Capture specific customer information through the software’s custom fields. ·         Billing and finance: Strengthen your business’s cash flow by using Work[etc] that can automatically capture every billable event. The software can create recurring invoices and product catalogues, allowing users to save large amounts of money. Handle complex tax processes and discounting rules when you use Work[etc].


·         Data sharing: Capsule allows users to easily share contact data with team members and the entire company as well as import contact details from spreadsheets, vCard, Gmail, Outlook, and CSV files. Easily incorporate additional data, including notes from meetings and communication by using the software. ·         Contact management: Use Capsule to store and organize customer and contact information with ease, including to-do lists and tasks. The software is capable of creating custom categories to track people and companies as well as assimilate data. ·         Secure servers: Amazon data centers host Capsule’s servers to ensure well-kept and secure information. The data that passes through the servers is SSL-encrypted in the same way that banks protect their data. The server stores data in multiple locations in real time and backs it up hourly. ·         Dashboards: Capsule’s sales dashboard allows users to get summaries of opportunities by tracking these opportunities and milestones that they can link to success factors. This enables users to better forecast revenues.

Comparison of prices

Work[etc] has a 3-tiered pricing plan: Starter, Team, and Foundations. The Starter plan is suitable for use by up to 2 employees, offering 3GB of data storage and 2,000 contacts. The Team plan is for use by up to 3 employees with 15GB of data storage and 10,000 contacts — plus additional features such as accounting integration, customer portal, social media management, and email marketing. The Foundations plan is for companies with up to 3 users, providing 50GB of data storage and 20,000 contacts. It comes with all the features of the Team plan — plus, contractor portal and deep reporting capabilities. All plans charge on a per user, per month basis and offer a 14-day free trial period. Capsule comes with a 3-tiered pricing plan: Enterprise, Teams, and Professional. The Enterprise plan offers premium onboarding, priority support, and dedicated account management capabilities. The Teams plan is for growing businesses that can manage teams, track team performance, and segment data. The Professional plan has everything a small team needs for better organization and increased sales.

Comparison of integrations


·         Microsoft Outlook ·         Evernote · ·         Intuit QuickBooks ·         G Suite ·         Xero


·         Toggi ·         MailChimp ·         G Suite ·         Better Proposals ·         PieSync ·         Xero

Takeaways: Work[etc] vs. Capsule

Customer relationship management software answers to the need of businesses for a unified software that can manage services and products. Both Work[etc] and Capsule are great software options, and they have similar integrations. However, they have differences that should be considered when choosing your CRM software. Work[etc] benefits mid-sized and large businesses because of its project management module. This allows companies to save on overall software overhead by offering project management features, including Gantt chart and timeline views. It’s a convenient way to monitor a project’s progress with just one look. In addition, Work[etc]’s billing module saves time by allowing users to create product catalogues and recurring invoices using only one platform. An advantage of using Capsule is data sharing that allows users to share contact information with team members. This is an effective way to collaborate and communicate between teams using just a few steps. It also helps ensure that communication is clear and concise. From the above information, both Work[etc] and Capsule are equally competitive CRM software. Users of both systems claim they are the best products for their business. Companies are able to manage their interactions with leads and clients while securing their next clients. If you are looking for more customer relationship management software recommendations, use ourProduct Selection Tool.