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Salesforce VS. Freshsales

'Compare and review two big names in CRM Salesforce and Freshsales'

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Whether you have a start-up company or a business that’s already flourishing, you need a reliable partner to help you deal with your business’s growing needs -something that can process all the data of your company and convert it into new opportunities for growth. If you’re looking for something like this, then a CRM software might be the business partner you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for the best CRM software that will best fit your business, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will compare two of the most compelling CRMs in the market today. We will review the different features and integrations that each software provides and compare them.

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Salesforce vs. Freshsales: An overview

Salesforce and Freshsales CRM are both growing in popularity during recent years. The service that they provide is something to look forward to because of their impressive integrations. This is true especially when it comes to managing business relationships with current or future clients and processing business data.

Choosing the right CRM for your business can be a challenging task. This is because there are a lot of CRM’s in the market, and each has its own special quirk. The goal is to choose the CRM with the right integrations that fit your business profile.

While Salesforce is the more popular choice when it comes to CRM, Freshsales has its own unique take on CRM features. To give you a head start, here are some of the integrations they provide.


Features     Salesforce  Freshsales
Activity Dashboard                    yes                  yes
Activity Tracking                    yes                  yes
Business Intelligence                    yes                  no
Campaign Management                    yes                  no
Calendar Management                    no                  yes
Contact Database                   yes                 yes
Data Capture and Transfer                   yes                  no
Reporting and Statistics                   yes                 yes
Sales Forecasting                   yes                 yes
Workflow Management                   yes                 yes

Workflow management 

Salesforce and Freshsales CRM are both adept in routine business processes. Their built-in integrations can help you map out tasks efficiently and automate your workflows. Faster workflow means more work can continue, and more data can be processed. Their features are easy to set up, so there’s no need to worry about implementing this app into your company workflow.

Data capture and transfer 

While Salesforce focuses more on data gathering and processing, Freshsales CRM is focused more on attracting and managing leads. The data Salesforce captures is accurate enough to help you make a reliable decision for your business. The information it gathers can also predict short-term and long-term goals, which can estimate the sales and losses of your company.

On the other hand, Freshsales CRM processes customer data to predict how you can attract more customers, and how to create more leads. With its features, you can get in-depth customer insights that will help you get a clearer perspective on leads, and where to focus your time.

Activity dashboard 

The activity dashboard is the front line of every CRM. This feature allows users to view relevant data of their company’s progress toward revenue goals as well as customer activities. That’s why choosing the right dashboard for your business is equally important as its integrations.

Salesforce offers a more dynamic activity dashboard that allows you to view your business activities in one place. The activity dashboard has a level of simplicity that’s not overly confusing to new users. The panel is easy to navigate and easy to understand, as all the data is properly organized and well presented.

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On the other hand, Freshsales CRM has indicators that help users navigate throughout the activity dashboard. The dashboard is also user friendly and easy to understand. The set-up process might take a bit of time, but when you finish setting it up, it’ll be easy to use and customize.

Available integrations

Salesforce supported integrations

  • Gmail
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Slack

Freshsales CRM supported integrations

  • Facebook
  • Mailchimp
  • Gmail
  • Google calendar
  • Zapier

Salesforce or Freshsales CRM? 

While there’s no denying that both CRMs have impressive features and integrations, one will always be a cut above the other. In this case, the advantage of one over the other will depend on you and your business.

When choosing the right CRM for your business, always remember the reason to get one in the first place. The program that you like might have a lot of features, but if your business doesn’t need them, you’ll pay monthly for fancy tools you don’t use. That’s why you need to choose the CRM that best fits your needs.

If you have a small business, and you need to gather more leads and attract customers, then we suggest that you try Freshsales CRM. Its built-in integrations and features are perfect for this type of job.

If you’re looking for a CRM that’s built to handle all sorts of customer relationship management, then we suggest Salesforce CRM. With its numerous features and deep integrations, you’ll surely get what you need.

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CRM Resources Salesforce vs. Freshsales