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CRM software is used today in a wide range of industries, including life sciences and healthcare. An effective sales tool, it is also used to connect patients with doctors, or provide insight into healthcare customers’ activity, behavior, and interactions.

In this Salesforce vs. Creatio comparison of common features, we look at two CRM solutions that are used by customers in life sciences, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries, among others. To find the right CRM for your business, use our Product Selection Tool and we’ll send you a list of custom recommendations to get your search started right.


Salesforce, Inc. is a public global company with headquarters in San Francisco, and offices in several cities in North and Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It was founded in 1999 and is recognized as the leading provider of CRM software globally.

Salesforce offers several cloud products and services. The integrated CRM platform provides connected products that improve your sales, marketing, customer service, and other departments and processes. It has solutions by business type, role, or need. The software also supports specific industries with solutions for banking, communications, consumer goods, government, healthcare, insurance, life sciences, and others.


Creatio Ltd is a privately held software company with headquarters in Boston and offices in London, Melbourne, and Nicosia. It was founded in 2014 to help companies accelerate. The company rebranded in November 2019 to a name they believe better reflects their vision and mission.

Creatio offers out-of-the-box solutions, integrations, and processes that help companies accelerate their implementation. Its solution platform is a combination of low-code business process management and CRM applications that allow its customers to adopt the software quickly, align processes and objectives across the organization, and automate ideas as needed. Aside from its CRM products, the company also offers solutions to financial services, professional services, retail, media, telecom, manufacturing, and pharma, among others.

Features comparison of Salesforce vs. Creatio:

Account and contact management

Salesforce Sales Cloud lets you access customer data such as key contacts and communication history quickly, so you get a complete picture of your customer data. With this information, you can engage with them effectively and see the deals they are involved in. The software gives you a feed of your customer’s social content to help you understand what they are discussing. This information can provide you with insights, so you can offer them solutions without them requesting them from you. Sales Cloud includes a mobile app that shows social profile information from your accounts and contacts you can use to prepare while on your way to client meetings.

Sales Creatio gives you a single database of all your accounts and contacts with a complete view of your customers. Some of the information available in this database includes:

  • Contact data including addresses displayed on a map
  • Connections between accounts and their relationships in company structures
  • List of activities and history of interactions

Enrich data in Creatio automatically with up-to-date information from public sources such as email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. Pre-built social media integration with Facebook and Twitter allows you to get contact and company information in one click. The system automatically sends a request to complete missing data and checks for duplicate records.

Sales collaboration

Salesforce lets you and your sales team collaborate on critical projects and topics with a built-in social feed. The software intelligently recommends relevant people, files, and information based on your activity and interests. You can also manually search and track any topic to find the right information and experts. Its mobile app has a feed-first feature that surfaces critical and recent information, so you can stay up-to-date with clients and colleagues. You can also post to a group, view a file, and update a sales opportunity directly from the app.

Salesforce also has email integration with Outlook and Gmail, so you can work right inside your inbox without duplicating data between your apps. With Lightning integration, you can:

  • Sync Outlook and Gmail emails to Salesforce instantly
  • View contacts and calendars across devices
  • Send emails quickly from the in-app feed using customized email templates
  • Create new deals or support requests and track the full email trail in your timeline

Creatio has a communication panel that lets you communicate with your team and customers directly from the system. You can make calls, manage emails, approve contracts, and collaborate in the enterprise social network. Notifications are sent so you do not miss anything. The software lets you create personal or group tasks in your calendar that you can link to contacts, opportunities, or documents, and sync it to Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange.

You can merge your email inboxes, manage communications, and track correspondence from a single unified tool. Integration with a private branch exchange (PBX) phone system and cloud VoIP service allows you to make and receive calls directly in the system. The Enterprise Social Network feature lets you get updates and notifications on the latest deals, projects, and contacts from various channels. You can also post a comment or like a post in the newsfeed.

Lead and opportunity management

Salesforce lead management tools let you track the right information using an activity timeline. You can view different lead sources, read relevant information, track emails, and manage and track campaigns across all channels including social media. The software also has automatic lead scoring and routing, so each lead gets ranked and your team follows up at the right moments.

Opportunity management tools in Salesforce give you important information on customer activity, competitors, deal stage, and next best moves. Track all associated activities as they happen, as well as the products that are part of your deal. The built-in quoting feature lets you create a populated PDF quote that you can email to customers. You can customize the solution to align to your sales and forecasting stages, and remain updated wherever you are with the mobile app.

Creatio lead management tools allow you to merge lead duplicates, link leads to a relevant account, and enrich lead data using advanced tools. Save time by qualifying each lead and working only with the right ones. The software helps you distribute qualified leads to the right team based on the prospect’s needs and profile. Sales hand-off is possible in one click.

You can track the complete history of opportunities with the recorded activities, emails, quotes, feed discussions, files, and notes. This allows you to return to any stage of the customer interaction. With best-practice processes and action dashboards, Creatio guides you through the next steps until the deals are closed. The system automatically runs a reference process when converting leads into opportunities to simplify your work. Other features include qualification indicators, ready-to-use presentations, document approval process for proposals and contracting.

Ready to make your decision?

Salesforce and Creatio are both enterprise-grade CRM platforms suitable for a variety of industries. They both use advanced technology like AI, analytics, and automation to minimize manual data entry, capture data from multiple sources in less time, and provide insights from accurate data analysis.

Salesforce is highly customizable for all business sizes. It adds new features regularly and can integrate with thousands of apps, solutions, and services. New users need to invest some time to learn the full system and take advantage of its capabilities. A comprehensive resource center and a growing community can help any user find answers. Salesforce is free to try for 30 days.

Creatio is an affordable solution especially for medium to large businesses. It comes with process management, orders and invoice, and contract management features. It has limited integration compared with other solutions in its class, but has designer and studio products to let you build your own apps. Creatio offers a free 14-day trial.

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