Simplifying complex business processes help move your business forward. You need an intelligent CRM platform to connect with people and turn relationships into positive deals. 

Microsoft Dynamics is both an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) technology designed for small, medium, and large businesses. It helps automate business processes and provides comprehensive business and data analytics solutions across all industries.  

One of the competitors of Microsoft Dynamics in the CRM market is Spiro. It promises an engaging and proactive CRM platform built on artificial intelligence. And aside from the basic functionalities of a CRM, it provides other solutions — sales enablement and telephony. If there’s one strength to point out, it’s that Spiro is best for the sales teams of small to medium enterprises. 

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Sales analytics 

Microsoft Dynamics provides users tools to boost sales so they can engage clients with a personalized interaction and buying experience. The data tools help make sense of customer  information, analyzing every detail so you can gain helpful insights. Repetitive tasks are automated to save you time and resources, and issues that may arise are predicted early so you can resolve them. The software promises to accelerate growth and boost sales performance. With its integration with Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and other third-party tools and platforms, you have more flexibility — the possibilities are endless.

Spiro’s AI-based platform helps users with sales data analytics for actionable insights and recommendations. It captures data, so you can focus on forecasting and creating effective ways to connect with your clients and turn relationships into closed deals. The software detects errors and anomalies in your pipeline, and it suggests your next steps to improve your team’s performance and effectiveness. It automates notifications and reminders such as the need to update customer information, correct inconsistencies, and generate sales reports. 

You can view your sales pipeline and be creative with your sales strategies and tactics in Spiro CRM as the AI-driven platform automatically assigns deal engagement scores. It also features built-in calling, messaging, recording, and tracking tools, so you keep in touch with your clients. 

Data collection and leads creation

Microsoft Dynamics integrates data management tools in the platform, so users can have an overall view of the business. Data distribution is centralized to keep one source of truth you can share across your business to get you ahead of the competition, connect with your customers, and foster lasting relationships. 

Microsoft Dynamics offers AI-driven insights, customized dashboards, lead scoring, and customer data/insights integrated with data analytics tools. It helps you turn leads into relationships by intelligent engagement and personalized experience. With automation, shared data and integration with sales make creating customer experiences easy and seamless. You can run an omnichannel, targeted, and personalized marketing campaign. 

Spiro claims it’s not a CRM platform, but a platform with CRM capabilities. It extracts data from all communications done using the platform — email, voice calls, SMS messaging, socials, notes, and meetings. The data sets are then analyzed for insights so you can design and create ways to engage with your clients throughout the sales cycle. It can also identify sales opportunities from your email conversations and helps you create leads intelligently with its built-in tools. In other words, it consolidates the functionalities of a typical CRM, sales features, and analytics. Thus, you minimize operations and optimize productivity.  

Sales tools 

With Microsoft Dynamics, you can have a 360-degree view of your customer. It provides you with the right information upon which you can create ways to understand and engage your customers better and effectively turn relationships into profitable deals. Get insights from the data of your customers to build relationships and easily create solutions. You can seamlessly connect to productivity tools to optimize processes and boost your sales productivity. 

As primarily a sales tool, Spiro makes the most out of its AI-built platform. It automatically generates tasks, lists, and logs, and it collects information from clients in the course of the conversation. It has built-in VoIP calling and AI-generated call lists, which let you connect to more prospects. It gives an overview of the client based on your previous conversations. Armed with client information, it will be easy for your sales representatives to turn connections and relationships into more deals.  

Marketing tools are integrated with the sales functions so you can be notified of updates. It self-generates reports on the number of communication engagements by your salespeople — calls, emails, and meetings. With its intelligent data gathering method, Spiro connects to the data source, provides analysis, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and forecasts sales based on data trends. 

Takeaways: Microsoft Dynamics vs. Spiro

Spiro offers the best sales platform for companies, but Microsoft Dynamics remains the software to beat. As a CRM, Microsoft Dynamics offers advanced tools and excellent functionalities, and as an ERP, it offers comprehensive business solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises. It simplifies processes and optimizes productivity in every line of your business — sales, marketing, operations, finance, services, commerce, and human resources.  

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