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Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Quick Base CRM

Find the best CRM for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Dynamics 365 vs. Quick Base.

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Businesses invest in customer relationship management (CRM) to drive operations and bring in revenue. CRM has data-driven solutions that help organizations improve their service and overall efficiency, especially when it comes to handling relationships with customers. Businesses are able to track leads, manage pipeline, invest in prospects, and nurture relationships with current customers. Thanks to CRM software solutions, it has become easier and more fluid, allowing users to automate the processes and focus their attention on more pressing matters. The core function of CRM software products is to provide a single platform where contact information and interaction are stored and easily accessible.

We compare two popular CRM software options today: MS Dynamics vs Quick Base CRM. Identify which product meets your business’s requirements in terms of features, prices, and integrations. If you’re unsure about these software products, don’t hesitate to use ourProduct Selection Tool and receive 5 recommendations tailored to your needs. It takes less than five minutes and it’s free.  

MS Dynamics vs. Quick Base CRM: an overview

MS Dynamics 365 is a product of Microsoft, a popular name in the software industry, that came after Dynamics CRM Online was rebranded and repackaged. It has Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, which is the combination of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX. The software is equipped with features that bring together customer care, social, marketing, and sales technology in one platform.

Quick Base CRM combines CRM and project management solutions in one software designed for sales teams and businesses that require contacts tracking. It can track data important to organizations such as customer account information, sales activities, and contracts and forms. Quick Base CRM is cloud-based and can be accessed by users from any device, including tablets and smartphones.

MS Dynamics vs. Quick Base CRM: a comparison of features

MS. Dynamics 365 is fully customizable and has powerful mobile capabilities in addition to its core features:

  • Sales: MS Dynamics has sales force automation, partner relationship management, and sales performance management. It allows teams to view customer interactions and activities in the service and marketing departments
  • Service: Customer service agents are equipped to provide answers to queries and resolve issues efficiently to keep customers satisfied. The information they need is located in one platform for easy access.
  • Marketing: MS Dynamics 365 helps in a business’s marketing strategies. Marketing teams can use it to handle marketing activities like planning and budgeting. Its functions also include traditional methods, such as email and social marketing. 
  • Social intelligence 

MS Dynamics 365 recognizes the importance of social listening, trends spotting, and alerts to remaining competitive in the market. Its social intelligence technology provides useful insights to businesses.

MS Dynamics 365 has other features for sales, marketing, and customer service.

Quick Base CRM has its own set of features:

  • Quick Base Pipelines: Quick Base Pipelines lets its users integrate systems, connect data, and create automated workflows within a unified platform. It has integrations with different apps that allow businesses to access their data whenever and wherever possible.
  • Dashboards and reporting: Quick Base maximizes every employee’s potential for productivity by providing real-time visibility across all operations, so they can have access to insights they need to make the business successful.
  • Security and governance: With Quick Base’s low-code development platform, users can rest assured their data and applications are secured. Security and reliability are met across the enterprise, including sensitive solutions.
  • Continuous deployment: The software allows users to roll out changes in real-time, requiring no downtime for updating applications. It has the application lifecycle management sandbox for transforming data, tweaking a business app, and changing schema without going offline.

MS Dynamics vs. Quick Base CRM: a comparison of pricing

MS Dynamics 365 offers apps that can be bought as standalone or a bundle. It has different licenses that determine the access a user has to the software without giving full edit/access permissions. The software has a five-tier pricing model wherein the higher tiers cost more and include more functionality.

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Quick Base CRM has three subscription plans that can be billed monthly or annually. The Enterprise Plan is the highest plan and fully customizable. You may request a quote from the vendor for this plan since its price depends on the features your business needs. Quick Base CRM also offers a free trial.

MS Dynamics vs. Quick Base CRM: a comparison of integrations

MS Dynamics has social media and eCommerce integrations. It can easily integrate with other Microsoft solutions and third-party applications through add-ons. It integrates with SharePoint for document storage, Microsoft Office and Outlook, One Note, and Yammer.

Quick Base CRM users can choose from more than one hundred apps in the cloud to integrate with such as Slack, Marketo, SAP, and Salesforce. It also partners with Workato to extend its automation and integration capabilities. Workato’s integrations, which they call recipes, are easy to maintain and can be created quickly.

Make a wise choice

MS Dynamics 365 and Quick Base CRM make tasks easier, freeing up time for other tasks. When making a choice for your business’s CRM software, consider choosing one with pipeline management so you don’t miss any opportunity to create leads and convert them to sales. The software should also integrate seamlessly with other apps, especially ones that are commonly used for smoother and undisrupted operations.

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CRM Resources Microsoft Dynamics vs. Quick Base CRM