Microsoft Dynamics vs. Funnel CRM

CRM Resources Microsoft Dynamics vs. Funnel CRM

Which CRM is better for your business?

We will analyze the features of Microsoft Dynamics and Funnel in this article. Then, we’ll evaluate how these features differ, so you can decide which one to pick for your business.

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Is it fair to pit Microsoft Dynamics against Funnel CRM? At first glance, it might be, but the two software offers different sets of tools to different target markets.  

Microsoft Dynamics offers advanced CRM and ERP technologies for small, medium, and large businesses across all industries, including government and nonprofits. Funnel CRM does not have the comprehensive business solutions that Microsoft Dynamics offers. But it stands out in what it does best: providing a simple and intuitive CRM to small and medium enterprises. 

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Microsoft Dynamics

Being a product of a tech giant, Microsoft Dynamics is one of the industry leaders, providing a platform for both enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). It offers automation of complex business processes and tasks to optimize productivity, improve performance, and increase profitability. The technologies, applications, and integrations are not only helpful but also essential in sales, marketing, operations, finance, services, commerce, and human resources. 

Data analytics and CRM 

Unlike other CRMs, Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrates data analytics and CRM in its platform. With access to Power BI, you can make the most out of data visualizations and reports for better decisions that may impact and affect every line of the business.  

Sales, marketing, and customer service 

With Microsoft Dynamics, you get data analytics and CRM tools in one platform. Thus, you have a better understanding of your customers — their needs, buying behavior, browsing patterns, and more. Your sales team can focus on turning leads and relationships into closed deals. The marketing team can optimize customer information for building leads and running targeted campaigns. Your customer service team can interact with customers better and deliver speedy services and unique experiences. 


Microsoft Dynamics’s integrations with other Microsoft products such as Sharepoint, Power BI, One Note, Office 365, Azure and other third-party platforms lets you have more flexibility, mobility, and accessibility. It will be much easier to collaborate with your teams across the organization. 

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Funnel CRM

Funnel CRM is an easy-to-use CRM platform that allows you to track leads, manage sales processes, and automate database management. It offers the following CRM features and capabilities: 

Simplified workflow 

Funnel CRM simplifies your workflow. It helps you create a workspace separate from your email inbox as you work on your leads. So, it’s organized.  

Automated contact management

Funnel CRM gathers information, builds, and maintains a database of your contact records. You can easily keep track of your customers. It is automated, so you don’t have to spend time doing data entry tasks. The platform does it for you — gathering data, creating customer profiles, organizing contacts, updating information, and tracking engagements. 

Easy-to-use form builder

Funnel CRM offers a form builder tool that lets you build contact forms to integrate with your website. Users don’t need sophisticated coding knowledge — just paste the code on your website. 

Dedicated email 

The CRM can also provide you with a dedicated email you can use for all communications with customers. It’s easy to track your deals with Funnel CRM. Instead of putting your contact form in the inbox, you can place it in a sales funnel, so you will know whether the customer has read your message. 

Tracking customer engagement

Funnel CRM converts your communications, such as product or service inquiries, with customers into Deals. It unburdens you of the task of sifting through all your email communications and categorizing work and personal emails. With this feature, the Deals are labeled by stages: New, Negotiation, Won, and Lost.     

Well-formatted, professional proposals

Pre-formatted, professional-looking proposals are readily available for use. You can use them right away or modify the content. Simply put in the details to create a well-crafted proposal. 

Automated task reminder

Don’t worry about your to-do list; Funnel CRM does it for you. It auto-suggests sales or marketing activities and notifies you of the actions needed, ensuring you don’t miss anything important. You can also make some customizations. It’s easy to organize, prioritize, assign tasks, manage deadlines, and track deliverables. 

Integrations and collaborating with a team

Funnel CRM integrates Gmail and other Google apps into its platform. You can sign up and log in with your Google account, easy and fast. Your personal information is secure. You can also receive notifications and replies through your Gmail inbox and reply to emails from there. 

With Funnel CRM, you can easily collaborate with your team. You can set up multiple users with access to the dashboard, tools, and customer information to speed up work. You can control the level of access permission you can grant to each user. 

Which best suits your business? 

With Microsoft Dynamics, you have the technology to optimize your resources — people, time, and money — in stabilizing your small, medium, or large enterprise. And with Funnel CRM, you get the CRM tools necessary in managing and growing your small or medium business. 

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CRM Resources Microsoft Dynamics vs. Funnel CRM