Businesses can rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for maintaining relationships with potential and existing customers. Thanks to CRM software solutions, tasks have been automated for efficiency and productivity by bringing all information into one unit.

CRM started out with products hosted on physical servers. It evolved into a cloud-based solution with mobile apps for on-the-go use. Businesses benefit from features such as pipeline management, email tracking, sales activity, updating contact records, and lead scoring and management.

Let’s evaluate two popular customer relationship management software solutions: Freshsales vs. Thryv CRM. We’ll compare their features, prices, and integrations to help you choose the most suitable product for your business needs. Take advantage of our free and easy to use Product Selection Tool to receive five recommendations of products from our Technology Advisors.

Freshsales vs. Thryv CRM: An overview

Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM software solution for all business sizes released in 2016 to manage existing and potential customers. It supports different industries like ecommerce, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, insurance logistics, and real estate. It can send personalized bulk emails and consistently monitor activities within these emails. Users benefit from features like workflow automation, customizable visual reports, visual deal pipeline, lead scoring, email, and AI-based activity capture. Freshsales comes with an intuitive user interface to reduce time spent on operating the software.

Thryv is an all-in-one customer relationship management product designed for small businesses. It provides one platform for all processes such as payment processing, social media management, appointment booking, boosting online listing and reputation, email marketing, optimized SMS, contact management, and CRM. Thryv helps establish a solid online presence using reputation management that monitors online ratings and reviews. The software lets clients pay upon booking or later through Paypal’s Braintree integration.

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Freshsales vs. Thryv CRM: A comparison of features

Freshsales offers robust features that are clean and easy to use:

  • Direct calls: Freshsales features Freshcaller for making calls from the software without the need for software or hardware installations. Users can record, transfer, and auto-log calls in one click.
  • Chat: Users can chat with customers and convert visitors into leads within the software using Freshchat. It integrates with different SMS service providers to send personalized SMS to leads and customers.
  • Email tracking: Freshsales offers personalized templates for bulk emails that can be scheduled and monitored by syncing with company calendars. Users can check who is interacting with their emails to nurture and prioritize prospects.
  • Customization: Personalize the product to suit business needs by using multi-language and multi-currency, renaming core modules based on organization nomenclature, creating custom fields, and formulating unlimited custom sales activities. Users can manage access and permissions by customizing them based on roles.
  • Collaboration: Members can share a team inbox to share reports, assign locations to reps, and manage appointments and campaigns. Teams can add members and jump into conversations to keep them going.
  • Customer support: Freshsales has a strong 24/7 customer support through phone, email, and chat. It provides expert articles on importing and exporting data from the system. All pricing plans provide a rich customer base to learn the system and capture tips for appointments, tasks, and deals.

Thryv offers users an excellent set of features:

  • Appointment Booking: Users can sync calendars and schedule projects using optional appointment booking and payment processing to better manage activities.
  • Reputation management: Thryv lets users take control and protect their online reputation. Businesses can generate first-party reviews and respond to questions in one place.
  • Customer communication: Users can access one inbox where they can communicate with customers through chat, email, and text.
  • Social media: Connect your social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram with Thryv. Publish content like pre-built posts from one place.
  • Document storage and sharing: Users can declutter and manage files with ease and securely request, share, and store documents with contacts.

Freshsales vs. Thryv CRM: A comparison of prices

Users can choose from Freshsales’ 4-tier paid subscription plan: Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest. The Blossom Plan is suitable for small and starting teams and offers lead scoring, visual sales pipelines, and direct calling. The Garden Plan is recommended for larger teams that can benefit from additional features such as Smart Matches, workflow automation, territories and lead management, and API access. The Estate Plan offers sales goals, advanced reports, report dashboards, and multi-currency, while the Forest Plan provides enterprises with EEA data center, audit logs, and a dedicated account manager.

Freshsales offers a free version, Sprout, with unlimited contacts, users, and support. Users can access email, chat, and phone support 24/5.

Thryv doesn’t publicly provide pricing plans but welcomes quote requests from interested parties. This is a common practice among software providers to ensure clients get the features they need. You can directly contact the vendor for detailed pricing and product information.

Freshsales vs. Thryv CRM: A comparison of integrations

Freshsales integrates with:

  • Freshcaller
  • Freshdesk
  • Freshchat
  • Segment
  • Zapier
  • Google Calendar

Thryv’s integrations make tasks easier:

  • Instagram
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Which suits your business best? 

Freshsales and Thryv both make great choices for your business’s customer relationship management software needs. They both offer integrations with apps for communication, collaboration, and synced calendar features. However, their differences are evident and should be considered when choosing your product.

Freshsales’ Freshcaller and Freshchat make communication easier and reduce time switching from one communication app to another — a better feature than Thryv’s simple, unified inbox for all forms of communication. Companies with a huge contacts-base can greatly benefit from it.

Thryv’s emphasis on online reputation management is advantageous for both starting businesses in building their brand name and large companies in maintaining a place in the market. Its social media feature makes it easy to post and manage online content.

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