Keeping track of customer relationships, nurturing leads, and automating sales and marketing processes are important tasks related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Thanks to CRM software solutions, tasks are made easier by using one platform for email tracking, pipeline management, lead scoring and management, sales activity, and updating contact records.

Let’s evaluate two popular CRM software products: Freshsales vs. Really Simple CRM. We’ll consider their integrations, features, and pricing plans to help you decide on a sound choice for your business needs. Take advantage of our Product Selection Tool to receive five recommendations of software products tailored to your requirements from our Technology Advisors. It’s simple, free, and takes only five minutes.

Freshsales vs. Really Simple CRM: An overview

CRM tools were patterned from the Rolodex to act as databases of business and customer contacts but now include invoicing and billing, analytics, nurture campaign mapping, and sales performance and activity monitoring. Whether deployed on-site or in the cloud, these products are highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of businesses.

Freshsales was launched in 2016 as a cloud-based CRM software solution for managing both potential and existing customers. It is suitable for various industries such as ecommerce, real estate, insurance logistics, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing. Freshsales comes with an intuitive user interface, AI-based activity capture, phone, email, lead scoring, visual deal pipeline, customizable visual reports, and workflow automation features. Users can send personalized bulk emails and monitor activities using one platform.

Really Simple CRM, or Really Simple, is a CRM software product designed for small and mid-sized businesses that provides tools for sales, service, and marketing in one system. It is intuitive and easy to implement. Really Simple’s self-service resources include step-by-step guides, tutorial videos, and in-product help drawers. Users can better manage contacts, customers, prospects, tasks, sales opportunities, and marketing campaigns in one platform. This CRM system is run by vendor-maintained servers with regular data back-up.

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Freshsales vs. Really Simple CRM: A comparison of features

Freshsales supports business processes through its features:

  • Email tracking: Sales reps can see who has interacted with their emails to prioritize and nurture prospects. The product provides personalized templates for sending bulk emails that can be scheduled and synced to company calendars.
  • Customization: Teams can personalize the product by formulating unlimited custom sales activities, using multi-language and multi-currency, creating custom fields, and renaming core modules based on business nomenclature. Roles can be customized with regular access permissions and levels.
  • Direct calls: Users can directly transfer calls to Freshsales without using software or hardware installations. Freshcaller allows calling, recording, and auto-logging of calls in one click.
  • Chat: Freshchat allows chatting with customers and converting visitors into leads within the software. Use it to send personalized SMS to customers and leads through integration with different SMS service providers.
  • Collaboration: Freshsales has a team inbox visible to all members for report sharing, appointment and campaign management, and assignment of reps to locations. Any member can jump into a conversation to keep it going and add teammates to conversations.
  • Customer support: All pricing plans provide a rich knowledge base where users learn to use the system and capture tips for tasks, deals, and appointments. Expert articles teach users to import and export data from the system and perform complex matrix analytics. Users can contact professionals 24/7 through email, phone, or chat.

Really Simple offers features such as:

  • Sales: Users can generate sales quotes, organize workload in one space, and manage tasks with ease. They can prioritize sales leads and track opportunities throughout the sales process. It is easy to manage customers, suppliers, and prospects and view interactions in one system.
  • Marketing: Teams can send newsletters and build campaigns from the system, convert visitors into leads, and manage interactions across every touchpoint. Really Simple provides a unified space for planning, executing, tracking, and measuring marketing campaigns from initiation to evaluation. It automates marketing activities and workflows and streamlines customer experience.
  • Customer support: Freshsales has a page dedicated to managing customer service cases from open to close. It automatically creates a new support ticket and maps incoming emails to customer accounts and cases.

Freshsales vs. Really Simple CRM: A comparison of prices

Freshsales offers a 4-tier paid subscription plan: Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest. The Blossom Plan offers basic tools such as direct calling, visual sales pipeline, and lead scoring for small and starting teams. The Garden Plan provides basic and additional features such as API access, territories and lead management, workflow automation, and Smart Matches. The Estate Plan has multi-currency, report dashboards, advanced reports, and sales goals. The Forest Plan is for enterprises with additional features such as audit logs, EEA data center, and a dedicated account manager.  

Freshsales has a free version, Sprout, that offers unlimited users, contacts, and support. All plans come with 24/5 chat, email, and phone support.

Really Simple has a 4-tier pricing plan that is charged on a per user, per month basis and billed annually: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Free Plan can be used by up to two members, while the Starter Plan is for small team sales tracking and collaboration. The Professional Plan offers advanced features and increased security for larger businesses, while the Enterprise Plan provides all features and account management.

Interested parties can contact the vendors directly for complete product and pricing details.

Freshsales vs. Really Simple CRM: A comparison of integrations

Freshsales makes tasks easier by integrating with:

  • QuickBooks
  • Google Calendar
  • Zapier
  • Segment
  • Freshcaller
  • Freshdesk

Really Simple works seamlessly with:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Xero Accounting
  • KashFlow
  • OneLogin
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Calendar

Choose the best CRM software

Freshsales and Really Simple offer features that help businesses succeed. They seamlessly integrate with common apps, provide excellent customer support, and offer free versions for starting companies. However, their differences matter when choosing your business’s software product.

Freshsales’ direct call feature is advantageous to all businesses because it reduces time spent switching between communication apps. Calls are made, transferred, and auto-logged within the system for easier organization. Smaller teams can benefit from Freshsales’ customizable user access and permissions to maintain business data confidentiality. Really Simple’s marketing features reduce time spent on sending newsletters to prospects, which is beneficial to mid-sized teams that have a wide prospect base.

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