If you’re looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) software you can count on, Freshsales and Pipeliner are worth considering. Both CRM solutions are top-rated, award-winning, and reasonably-priced.

Freshsales is a widely-used CRM software best known for its ease of use and easy setup. Pipeliner is a reputable visual CRM solution that is sales friendly and easy to learn. We’ll compare the key features of Freshsales and Pipeliner to help you decide whether one of these CRM solutions has what you need for your organization.

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An overview of Freshsales vs. Pipeliner

Freshsales is a leading CRM software that has over 40,000 customers worldwide, including Toshiba and Cisco. This cloud-based CRM has many useful features such as built-in phone, two-way email sync, AI-based lead scoring, workflow automation, reporting, and mobile access. Freshsales has average pricing and offers a free plan. It is suited for small to large businesses.

Pipeliner is highly visual CRM software that uses a drag and drop interface that is extremely user friendly. Its features include account and contact management, business intelligence dashboards, sales forecasting, reporting, collaboration, sales opportunity management, pipeline management, and mobile access. Pipeliner offers low-end pricing and is suitable for any-sized business.

Features comparison

Freshsales and Pipeliner both have features for email, reports, and mobile access.


Freshsales has a two-way email sync feature that lets users connect their existing email to the system. The CRM’s email tracking capability allows sales teams to monitor who opened their latest email and clicked on their links. Personalized bulk emails can also be sent with Freshsales. Teams can avoid losing deals and achieve shorter response times through the team inbox. The email scheduling feature lets users schedule emails at a date and time when customers are most likely to read them. The system has a sales-first inbox capability that automatically lists every open thread from an inbox to steer clear of emails slipping through the cracks.

Pipeliner comes with an email feed feature which displays all communication with a contact, including email conversations. From within the Feeds section, users can also read and respond to email from any contact without the need to leave CRM to view and handle the email. Users can create and share personalised and HTML email templates with colleagues, too. The tracking icon on each sent email will display a timeline of interactions for that individual email. Enabling Notifications for Emails in the user settings will trigger notifications to be sent to users when outgoing emails are opened. Links clicked by the email recipient can be tracked as well.


Freshsales helps sales teams monitor their progress and performance through reports. Users can modify the default sales reports from the system or opt to build their own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. Choose from simple, advanced logic, summary, or matrix reports. This CRM also offers visual sales reports so teams can keep an eye on their sales progress visually by using graphical tables and charts, without needing any complex setups. With this reports feature, users can pull out revenue metrics to pinpoint the campaigns that work and the ones that don’t, identify star performers on the team, and see which territories are leading sales. Freshsales has a reports dashboard that displays up to six reports on the screen, along with key performance metrics like conversion rate.

With Pipeliner, sales managers can easily create their own reports and monitor their teams in real time. Every member of the sales team can create reports, so each member can efficiently manage their own pipelines. The CRM has a 1-Click Reporting feature that generates an on-demand management report. These reports can be saved so that they can be referenced or recreated at any time. Pipeline has 24 pre-formatted sales reports from which users can choose. Aside from that, forecast reports, sales KPI dashboards, and advanced reports can be built. Pipeliner has a Report Builder feature — a visual editor for reports.

Mobile access

Freshsales has a mobile app for Android and iOS users. With the app, leads, contacts, accounts, and deals are accessible to users. Schedule follow-up activities and update sales details on the go. Check out key metrics and the latest leads assigned. Users can also review tasks and appointments in the Freshsales calendar within the app. Sending mails, making calls, and scanning/uploading documents are also possible. Log notes or record voice notes anywhere. Receive real-time notifications for scheduled meetings or every time new tasks, leads, or deals are assigned.

Like Freshsales, Pipeliner has a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Users can instantly collaborate with their team on accounts and contacts to make better and more informed decisions. Team members can check out the history of any account or contact — including all opportunities, emails, appointments, and notes. New accounts and contacts can be created using location or address book or by utilizing the phone’s camera as a business card scanner. View, edit, and manage pipelines anywhere. Appointments, text messages, emails, or phone calls are logged and recorded. Users are notified of activities that are due or past activities that need attention.


Freshsales integrates with tools for accounting, virtual phone systems, online form builders, lead generation, and workflow automation:

  • Integromat
  • Toky
  • Cognito forms
  • LeadsBridge
  • QuickBooks

Pipeliner has integrations with applications for electronic signature, marketing automation, file syncing, inbound marketing, and event management:

  • Eventbrite
  • DocuSign
  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • Dropbox Business

Choosing the better suited CRM for your business

It’s undeniable that the features of both Freshsales and Pipeliner can do a lot for a business. The better suited CRM for your business will greatly depend on the specific features you want your sales team to have.

For example, Freshsales’s reports dashboard feature can be a lot of help if you want your team to be able to view all important reports at a glance. Pipeliner’s Feed View feature can give every member a centralized view of all the activities and communications related to a contact; the ability to respond to emails from the feeds is also convenient.

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