Finding and engaging with new customers is a tedious but rewarding task. If you’re looking for a customer relationship management software to integrate into your company, you might have already encountered the names Freshsales and Pipedrive. 

Whether you’re a small company or an enterprise-level business, these CRM tools can help you better connect with your customers.

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Software overview for Freshsales vs. Pipedrive

Freshsales is a CRM tool that handles multiple aspects of the sales process and customer relationships. At its core, Freshsales can find and verify leads that can result in revenue for the company. With this CRM tool, you can manage leads and emails and create customized storage for your customer’s information.

Pipedrive is a popular, multi-awarded CRM and sales pipeline management system that allows you to focus on the deals you want to prioritize. This CRM tool will give you an excellent overview of your sales and help you distinguish hot leads and priority deals. With Pipedrive, you can quickly customize and promote your products to your customers with ease.

Pros and Cons for Freshsales vs. Pipedrive

Both Freshsales and Pipedrive have useful features that can help you in various ways. While collecting and organizing customer data is the main function of these CRM tools, they also offer other solutions. Here are the pros and cons of Freshsales and Pipedrive:



  • Its customizable reporting feature lets you create custom reports for every contact.
  • It’s easy to set up and use with a lot of integrations to help you manage your data.
  • You can easily manage leads, emails, and pipelines all in one place.


  • Its email text box is small, meaning you need to scroll further to read a message.
  • Certain glitches can be seen on the dashboard such as displaying redundant fields.
  • Customer service can sometimes be slow when dealing with issues.



  • The custom fields and details for contacts and deals are endless.
  • You can go into details and export anything you need on the reporting feature.
  • It provides better and modern CRM solutions compared to other tools.


  • It has a limited number of analytics tools in the system.
  • It automatically logs you out if you’re inactive for some time during sessions. 
  • Third-party apps API and support integrations often run into problems.

Similar features for Freshsales vs. Pipedrive

Freshsales and Pipedrive might be different CRM tools, but the main purpose of their software is still the same: to increase customer communication and improve sales.  Here are features that Freshsales and Pipedrive share:

Analytics and reporting

Freshsales’ analytics and reporting features allow its users to quickly manage data once it is available. This feature also allows you to build custom reports for every contact that you have. With Freshsales’ analytics and reporting feature, you can monitor, compare, and manage your customer’s data while summarizing information.

Pipedrive’s analytics and reporting feature can store all conversations and relevant information in a centralized database. This feature connects to the dashboard and presents the data you’ve collected to view. With Pipedrive, all of your important data can be collected and stored in one centralized database.

Sales management

Freshsales’ sales management feature offers full visibility on all stages of the sales process. This feature allows you to track and manage your sales processes from start to finish and allows you to alter or manage your sales. With Freshsales, you can sort and filter data with its drag-and-drop navigation feature with ease.

Pipedrive’s sales management feature helps you focus on the right activities and deals. This feature can give you a clear overview of your sales pipeline and effective sales methodology and help you choose which deals require your focus. With Pipedrive, you can get the right deals and activities for your business.

Which customer relationship management tool should you choose?

 If you’re still undecided about what CRM tool you’ll choose, we’ll give you a hand in solving that problem.

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that gives you full visibility on all stages of your sales process, then we suggest you choose Freshsales. With Freshsales’ sales management feature, you can track and manage your sales processes from start to finish.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a CRM software that can store all conversations and relevant information in a centralized database, then we suggest Pipedrive. With Pipedrive’s analytics and reporting feature, all of your important data can be viewed on your dashboard and one centralized database for easy access.

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