Staying competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment requires getting the right tools to help you with simplifying complex processes and automating repetitive tasks. Spending time strategizing engagement with clients seems to be the norm. Freshsales and Nimble are two CRM platforms that offer to do just that — streamline the processes of your sales, marketing, and service for better customer engagement. Are you in search of a CRM software for your business? Use our Product Selection Tool. It simplifies your search process. Just enter your desired features, company size, price, and other user requirements, and we’ll send you a list of CRM options to explore.

Freshsales vs. Nimble

Freshsales is an AI-based CRM platform with out-of-the-box communication tools natively integrated into the system. It streamlines your sales and marketing processes and lets you automate time-consuming tasks. You can connect with your clients in just a click directly from the platform, and you get notifications when your prospects open a message or click on links. A popular CRM for small and mid-sized businesses, Nimble integrates traditional CRM with marketing automation, sales intelligence, contact management, and social media to help you with building customer relationships. It organizes all your CRM, communication, analytics, and collaboration tools in one place.

CRM Customization

With Freshsales, you can personalize the CRM in line with your brand and business terminology. It allows you to easily customize the dashboard and modules, including leads, accounts, contacts, and deals. It lets you create custom fields, tweak the tools and formats, set multiple languages and currencies, use filters when searching for information or performing bulk actions, and assign access levels and permissions. With Nimble, it’s easy to manage and grow your small business. It organizes contacts, calendars, communications, pipeline, and socials in one intuitive dashboard. So it is easy to manage not only the nuts and bolts of your business, but also build relationships with clients and find opportunities. It has simple-to-use tools that you and your team can combine with Office 365 and Google Suite. Nimble automatically builds itself for you. You don’t need the skill or the time to set it up. Once it’s ready, you can start working with your team right away to reach your desired goals.

Insightful client engagement

Aside from easy customization, Freshsales helps you understand your customers better with data-driven insights. It collects client information, performs analytics, and generates reports so you can gain insights on engaging with your clients and turn relationships into closed deals. It has built-in communication templates to use and customize, and it tracks all your conversations automatically. When people respond, you will be alerted. As a relationship management platform, Nimble automatically combines your contacts, social media connections, inboxes, appointments, and communications with other third-party tools and platforms, integrating them into a unified CRM. All customer data are gathered, organized, and analyzed to give you a 360-degree view of your customers. It lets you have a wider understanding of your clientele to better engage them.

Workflow management

Freshsales lets you automate workflows, key stages of your sales process, and repetitive tasks such as gathering data, tracking events, and organizing communications. It allows you to visualize your deals across multiple pipelines, forecast and track the progress of your sales goals, and create reports on your sales campaigns complete with analytics. Nimble makes your work easy and helps you stay organized by segmenting your contacts into lists, so it’s easy to send personalized and group emails — complete with tracking and analytics — and perform bulk actions. You can set up reminders, assign your team tasks and track activities, manage your schedules and appointments, and work anywhere you are on any device. Nimble lets you stay on top and in control of your sales funnel with visualization of your pipelines.


Freshsales features both native and third-party integrations. It connects you to other tools and systems including Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Segment, Hubspot, Office 365, Zapier, Piesync, Quickbooks, Xero, Facebook, Calendly, Justcall, GetAccept, and Setmore. Nimble’s integrations, on the other hand, include ActiveCampaign, Batch Book, Constant Contact, Edocr, Freshbooks, Google Contacts, Highrise, Hootsuite, Hubspot, MailChimp, Nutshell, Podio, and Xero, to name a few.

Freshsales or Nimble?

Nimble’s feature that allows you to scrape data from social media and its contact management makes it a better choice for small businesses seeking to reach out to a customer base on social media. However, Freshsales offers comprehensive CRM solutions, some out-of-the-box communications features that natively integrate with its platform, and flexibility and customization options that are not available in Nimble. Still undecided on the CRM that suits your business requirements? Check out our Product Selection Tool. It is simple to use, fast, and free.