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Comparing two CRMs: Freshsales vs. NetSuite

We compare Freshsales and NetSuite to help you find the better CRM for your business.

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In the early days of CRM, sales personnel were not very enthusiastic in adopting and using the software. That changed when mobile technology improved and allowed sales reps to use apps on the go. Nowadays, that change is greater than ever. CRM software is enabling companies to continue doing their business amidst the health situation through its modern features.

In this Freshsales vs NetSuite comparison, we explore common features in how these CRM software can help companies maneuver through the new business environment. While owners and employees make adjustments to ensure their safety and health, work still needs to be done. And that includes offering commercial products, services, and solutions to customers, resolving their issues, and communicating to perform better. To find the right CRM for your business, use our Product Selection Tool to get a free list of recommendations to get your search started right.


Freshsales is a product of Freshworks, Inc., a privately held software company founded in 2011. It is the second product of the Chennai, India-based company, with Freshdesk being its first product. The company offers business software solutions that are easy to set up and use as an alternative to big, complex, and expensive enterprise solutions. The CRM solution  has attracted over 15,000 companies.

Freshsales is a customer relationship management software that supports your sales reps in their sales processes and activities with better organization of customer information and intelligent automation of repetitive tasks. It has modern tools such as web forms, email integration, and built-in phone, all of which allow sales reps to engage their prospects effectively even while working from home. Freshsales is used in many industries such as real estate, e-commerce, manufacturing, hospitality, insurance, and agencies.


Oracle NetSuite is a provider of cloud-based solutions that include CRM, ERP, HCM, PSA, and industry-specific applications. Before the acquisition by Oracle in 2016, NetSuite was already a pioneer in offering business applications over the internet since 1998. Over the years, it has gained the trust of more than 20,000 companies all over the world who are using its software to take care of their own customers.

NetSuite CRM gives you complete and timely information about your customers. The software captures all important details, communication, and transactions, so you get to know your prospects better while being more efficient in your tasks and productive in your results. Modern features include web forms that improve leads, real-time dashboards that increase visibility, and customer portals that allow constant communication. NetSuite is applied by businesses across industries that include digital agencies, education, manufacturing, restaurants and hospitality, and financial services.

Features comparison of Freshsales vs. NetSuite

Lead generation and management

Freshsales lets you view in a single screen all the important information you need to manage your leads. See customer conversations, different deals and their status, touchpoints, and the tasks and schedules on which you need to act. The software assigns a score on each of your leads based on their profile and engagements. This identifies the right customers who require a follow up to complete a sale. Profile information is continuously and automatically updated from publicly available information, social media sources, and captured information through email, live chat, and web forms. Other tools include auto-assignment of leads, appointments, file sharing, notes, and email alerts.

NetSuite provides a holistic view of your accounts by also showing their contacts and related activities that span sales, support, and marketing. Marketing automation features let you build leads that are ready to engage with your sales reps. You can execute your marketing campaigns on different channels such as your website, email, events, or social media. The software has built-in website SEO, so your web pages are highly ranked and connect to customers effectively. An interactive builder lets you create landing pages and web forms that, when completed, automatically populate customer information fields. Actionable information is routed in real time to the right sales rep. Other tools include lead reports, campaign statistics, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and templates.

Sales force automation

Freshsales provides integrated communication tools so you can engage customers using a single application. You can make calls directly from the software and let it log all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Sync your email, organize them in folders, track communication, and generate activity reports. You can also send SMS, chat with visitors, and convert them to leads. The software lets you create workflow automations to send emails and SMS, as well as update records and create tasks. Leads can also be auto-assigned to the right sales rep or team based on criteria like territory.

NetSuite streamlines the sales process by integrating other business processes and improving real-time visibility in the pipeline. Opportunity management is enforced by best practices and winning strategies that link sales processes with other processes that cover the entire lifecycle, from opportunity, quote management, and sales order, up to fulfillment and sales commission. Sales forecasting is more accurate by combining real-time sales data, highly visible pipelines, probability tools, and integrated order management.

Mobile CRM

Freshsales lets you and your team get the functionalities of the CRM app on your iOS and Android phones. Information about your leads, contacts, accounts, and deals are also available with you while you’re on the move. You can use filters to narrow down your leads list, use the calendar up to set up calls and meetings, and get real-time notifications to stay in the loop. You can also add tasks, track activities, record voice notes, and more.

NetSuite offers a mobile solution for the iPhone, Android, and a SuitePhone Browser Access that works across mobile phones, tablets, and OS. You can access and upload data outside the office, get real-time information to maximize opportunities, and resolve issues on the go. The free-to-download apps let you manage leads, check forecasts, generate orders, or create reports. You also have the option to customize the apps or use add-on solutions from its developer network.

Ready to choose Freshsales or NetSuite?

Freshsales and NetSuite offer CRM solutions that can work with all business sizes and across industries. Both software can help marketing and digital agencies manage customer relationships effectively while keeping an eye on profitability and ROI.

Freshsales focuses on lead management over lead generation. One possible reason is because a different product, Freshmarketer, provides the marketing automation features. However, this can be integrated with Freshsales.

NetSuite comes with marketing automation tools as well as other processes integrated like quote and order management and incentive compensation management. However, users are missing more modern tools like social media site integration. While customization is available, the interface can be complex to the non-technical user.

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CRM Resources Freshsales vs. NetSuite