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Comparing two CRMs: Freshsales vs. Capsule CRM

When choosing between two fully-featured CRMs, you need to know which one has the features that work for you. We compare Freshsales and Capsule to help you find the perfect fit.

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Freshsales and Capsule are great choices if you want to build long-lasting relationships with customers and boost revenue. Both customer relationship management (CRM) software products have reliable capabilities to help businesses thrive.

Freshsales is a popular CRM that’s commonly used by businesses from different industries. Capsule CRM has simple but valuable features that have helped numerous SMBs all over the world.

We’ll compare the primary features of Freshsales and Capsule CRM in this article to give you a gist of what you can expect from each CRM software.

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Freshsales vs. Capsule CRM: An overview

Freshsales is a frontrunner when it comes to CRM solutions. It has features for communication, collaboration, customization, productivity, insights, pipeline management, automation, reporting, and a mobile app. No business is too big or  small for Freshsales; it has affordable paid plans and a free version for start-up businesses.

Capsule CRM is a software specifically designed for small to mid-sized business. Its features include contact management, customization, tasks and calendar, reports, team and roles, sales pipeline, and a mobile app. Capsule CRM has a free version for up to two users and has inexpensive paid plans.

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Features comparison

Freshsales and Capsule CRM both have features for contact management, reporting, and mobile application:

Contact management

The contact management feature of Freshsales facilitates understanding contacts better with a 360-degree view. It lets you make calls and send emails to your contacts from within the software. Freshsales compiles every record and interaction with a customer. It gives insight into customer profiles in a simplified manner using contact details and social media information. Capture the details of prospective customers who contact you via email, live chat, and web forms.

With the contact management feature of Capsule CRM, get a bird’s-eye view of everything you know about people, companies and other organizations you do business with. Aside from storing basic information about the contact, you can add their social media profiles into the system.

Capsule CRM lets you add and complete tasks that need to be done for each contact. You can track conversations and check the interaction history for each contact. Contacts in this CRM can be shared with colleagues.


Freshsales has standard and customizable reports. These reports give you a visual representation of the progress of your leads and deals through your sales funnel. You can choose from Simple, Summary, and Matrix tables to represent data. Freshsales has different graphs you can add to your reports, too, such as bar, pie, and funnel graphs. Schedule your reports to receive them at regular intervals and manually create the reports each time. Once you set the schedule, you will receive the reports through email. 

Capsule CRM has ready-to-use standard reports to present crucial data. You can choose from the pre-built sales performance, sales pipeline, and activity reports. If you want to create unique reports, you simply need to connect Capsule CRM to Google Data Studio.  Filter the reports by team or individual members to see specific information. Export all of your report data or save an image of your chart for importing into other tools such as Excel.

Mobile application

Freshsales’s mobile application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play store. The home screen of the app gives a quick overview of your tasks for the day. View important notifications and overdue tasks. You can send emails or make calls to contacts and have it auto-logged to the right record. Before each meeting, you will be notified. Once you’re at the meeting location,  inform your team with the check-in feature. Add a voice note to quickly record meeting notes. Users can track sales deals, update records, and manage your tasks and appointments using the app.

The mobile application of Capsule CRM is available on the App Store and Google Play store. The app lets you access, add, and update data even when you’re offline. You can see the latest activity and updates from your co-workers. Calls can be made and emails can be sent from a contact’s profile. Users can view a contact’s location on the map and also see the history of emails and notes about a contact. Additionally, create and assign follow up tasks from the Capsule CRM mobile app.


Freshsales readily integrates with other products from Freshworks such as FreshBooks and Freshdesk. However, Freshsales can also be integrated with other third party applications for appointment scheduling, accounting, project management, email marketing, and virtual phone system:

  • Robly
  • Xero
  • Wrike
  • Toky
  • Google Calendar

Capsule has integrations with numerous useful applications and tools for project management, event management, online appointment scheduling, inbound marketing, and additional integrations:

  • Eventbrite
  • HubSpot Marketing
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Zapier
  • Asana

The final verdict

Freshsales and Capsule CRM have significant features that can meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Both CRM solutions offer a free version for small teams and affordable paid plans. Choosing between the two isn’t an easy choice.

Freshsales offers more customization than Capsule CRM, especially when it comes to creating reports. With Freshsales, you don’t have to use another application  to make a unique report — like you would with with Capsule CRM. However, Capsule CRM is easier to navigate with its minimalist interface. At the end of the day, your decision can be based on small, but important, details and your specific preferences.

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