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Comparing two CRMs: BigContacts vs. Freshsales

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For businesses to thrive, they should implement customer relationship management (CRM) software. The software started with the idea of hand-written notes and rolodexes, which evolved into databases that were stored on individual computers. CRM continued to improve and later focused on managing an organization’s relationships with its customers. At its core, this software offers a single platform that connects a business’s different departments and organizes its notes, metrics, and activities. Cloud-based CRM is scalable to meet growing business needs, making the software beneficial for businesses of any size. Every business department can use the software to analyze, automate, and track customer interactions.

Among the features of a good CRM software include customer data management, sales acceleration, marketing automation, and customer service and support.

Let’s discuss two popular customer relationship management software — BigContacts and Freshsales. We’ll compare their features, pricing models, and integrations to help you determine the capabilities of each software and to help you choose the more suitable product for your business. Use our free Product Selection Tool to receive five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors and to find a customized list of CRM software options. The tool is easy to use, and it takes only five minutes.

BigContacts vs. Freshsales: An overview

BigContacts is a web-based CRM software designed to store notes, data, and customer interaction histories that are easy for users to retrieve. It allows users to easily share calendars, assign tasks, and distribute contacts thanks to its user-friendly dashboard. Even non-technical users can navigate the software, use it to read and edit files, and store specific contact information to help improve output and workflow.

BigContacts is designed for small businesses to help them establish and nurture leads throughout the sales process. Accounts can be easily set up in less than an hour with the contact information of prospects visible, including the links to their social media pages. BigContacts can be used for collaboration and communication by recording phone calls, completing tasks with one click, and sending emails.

Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM software designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size across various industries such as manufacturing, retail, insurance real estate, logistics, hospitality, and e-commerce. With mobile integrations, users of Freshsales can access the software from any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

The software can help attract customers, uses AI-based lead scoring, closes and nurtures leads, improves workflow through workflow automations, and provides built-in phone and email capabilities.

Features of BigContacts and Freshsales


·         Partner relationship management:

Businesses can use the software to manage partners by tracking sales opportunities and channel partner leads. The software offers a partner portal where users can collaborate with sales channels and opportunities as well as share pricing, product, training, and quoting activities.

·         Product and price list management:

Manage prices associated with products that are entered into the system. BigContacts allows users to add prices and products to quotes and opportunities.

·         Customer contract management:

Use this module to manage contracts with customers and to determine which contracts are expiring. Contract management can help negotiate terms and conditions and ensure that all parties involved comply with such terms and conditions. The software can help document any amendment or changes that may arise during the contract’s execution or implementation.

·         Customer support portal:

BigContacts provides users with a customer support portal where customers can view order histories, place orders, post service issues, and get answers to inquiries. The portal contains information that is pertinent to customers.

·         Call center features:

Customer support professionals can use these features to access information required to support customers, including case history and personal information. Among the features provided by BigContacts are workforce management, analytics, call recording, and call script management.


·         Freshcaller:

Use this module to make direct phone calls with one click. There are no hardware or software installations needed, but the feature places all calls and conversations in one place. Organizations can record, transfer, and auto-log calls as well as use the software’s caller ID, personalized welcome messages, and performance-tracking capabilities.

·         Freshchat:

Freshchat integrates with different SMS providers to enable users to chat with customers in real-time directly from the software.

·         Event tracking:

See a chronological presentation of leads through in app and website tracking. Users can segment activities by using collected data to determine how contacts are interacting with the company. The app can score leads and determine which ones need a follow up or are ready to close a deal.

·         Customer support:

Users of Freshsales can take advantage of 24/7 customer support through chat, phone, and email. The software also provides articles on how to import and export data from the software.

A comparison of prices

BigContacts offers its users a 3-tiered pricing plan: Big, Bigger, and Biggest. The Big plan is suitable for beginners with 1,000 contacts, 1GB of data storage, email support, free training, 6 custom fields, and 10 tags. The Bigger plan is for mid-sized businesses with 10,000 contacts, 10GB of data storage, email support, free training, 20 custom fields, and 20 tags. The Biggest plan is for large businesses and offers 50,000 contacts, 50GB of data storage, email support, free training, 50 custom fields, and 300 tags. All three plans offer a free trial and charge on a per user basis. Interested users can contact the vendor directly.

Freshsales comes with a 4-tiered pricing plan: Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest. The Blossom plan provides small businesses and startups with visual sales pipelines, direct calling, classic forms, and lead scoring capabilities. The Garden plan offers smart matches, workflow automation, and pipeline management capabilities, while the Estate plan comes with report dashboards, sales goals, and multi-currency features. The Forest plan is for large businesses with a dedicated account manager, advanced lead scoring, audit logs, and auto-profile enrichment functionalities.

A comparison of integrations


·         Mailchimp

·         HubSpot Marketing Hub

·         HubSpot CRM

·         Active Campaign

·         Google Calendar

·         Constant Contact


·         Freshchat

·         Freshconnect

·         Zapier

·         Xero

·         Segment

·         Mailchimp

Takeaways: BigContacts vs. Freshsales

CRM software helps businesses improve their customer relationships and build strong brand loyalty. Both BigContacts and Freshsales are good CRM software that come with features for customer support and partner management. They both have customizable pricing plans that meet customers’ varying needs. However, let’s consider their differences before you choose your business’s CRM software.

BigContacts’ price list management makes it easy for businesses of any size to manage product listings and prices. It helps organizations accomplish more in less time by automating this process. Another advantage of using BigContacts is its call center features that give customer support professionals access to pertinent customer information. This can help hasten the resolution of customer issues, which leads to good customer experience and stronger customer relationships.

Freshsales users can benefit from the software’s Freshcaller and Freshchat features. These are unique features not found in other CRM software that let users make direct calls from the software. It is both cost and time-efficient because users no longer have to dial numbers to reach a customer.

According to customer reviews, BigContacts allows users to track customers in over 40 states. Several customers find the software’s history and email tracking capabilities as its most valuable feature.

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CRM Resources BigContacts vs. Freshsales