If you’re looking for a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) software for your small business, Apptivo CRM and NetSuite are great choices. Both CRM solutions have tens of thousands of clients all over the world.

Apptivo CRM is a user-friendly and straightforward enterprise software that offers a wide variety of CRM features at a low cost. NetSuite is a CRM software that provides companies a complete 360-degree view of their customers in real time.

We’ll compare the features of Apptivo CRM and NetSuite to help you decide whether one of these CRM solutions is the right choice for your business. If you want to familiarize yourself with up to five recommended CRM solutions, use our Product Selection Tool.

An overview of Apptivo CRM vs. NetSuite

Apptivo CRM is an integrated suite of applications built for companies seeking a customizable solution with various strategic integrations. Although this CRM software was originally designed for small to mid-sized organizations, large-scale companies also rely on it to build and boost customer relationships. Apptivo CRM is available at low-end prices and offers a free plan. Its features include the following:

  • contact management
  • lead and opportunity management
  • collaboration
  • sales planning
  • customer service ticket management
  • invoicing
  • campaign management
  • reporting
  • project management
  • mobile access

NetSuite is a prominent CRM solution from Oracle. This CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer life cycle. NetSuite is ideal for SMBs and is available at high-end prices. This CRM software has the following features:

  •  contact management
  •  sales force automation
  •  opportunity management
  •  quote and order management
  •  sales forecasting
  •  incentive compensation management
  •  mobile access

Apptivo CRM vs. NetSuite: Feature comparison

Apptivo CRM and NetSuite have features for campaign management, reporting, and mobile access.

Campaign management

Apptivo CRM lets businesses manage their marketing campaigns through its Apptivo Campaigns feature. With this feature, users can plan, execute, track, and analyze marketing campaigns. This feature also has real-time campaign measurement and marketing automation capabilities. Users can design and set up professional, captivating email marketing campaigns quickly in Apptivo CRM. Once the campaign is created, they just need to add a target list and launch it in seconds. Apptivo Campaigns helps in automating email marketing. Professional email templates can be created with Apptivo’s drag and drop email template builder. With Apptivo CRM, sales teams can standardize their emails using professionally planned and responsive Email Themes.

NetSuite’s campaign management feature allows businesses to manage, track, and analyze all marketing campaigns — including email, direct mail, events, and multi-channel campaigns — in a single application. With this CRM feature, users can analyze campaign statistics and ROI from the start of the marketing campaign to the final order transaction. Businesses can segment their data to deliver personalized marketing of their products and services. Users can also create campaign content quickly through templates in NetSuite. They can build and send promotional or automated email marketing campaigns.


Apptivo CRM comes with built-in analytical reports. The CRM allows users to easily review their sales team performance to know their win/loss rates and also allows them to view the percentage of the conversion process involved with every app in month or year format. These features enable users to predict future sales and review sales that occurred in the past. Apptivo also has visual analytics that can be in different forms of charts, gauges,and tables. There are several built-in reports in Apptivo CRM that allow businesses to track the behaviour of each aspect of sales, leads, and opportunities.

NetSuite’s reporting feature allows users’ teams to monitor how much revenue each campaign generates. NetSuite reports let businesses gain insights to improve targeting strategies. This CRM has real-time dashboards that deliver customizable, role-based reports to sales, marketing and service teams. NetSuite has reports that measure continuous sales performance with personalized key performance indicators. The CRM software lets businesses monitor customer service metrics on call resolution times, customer satisfaction, subscription renewals, call volumes, and case trends.

Mobile access

Apptivo CRM increases productivity and boosts client relationships by letting users access data on customers, finances, projects, and support in the palm of their hands. The Apptivo CRM mobile app provides unlimited access to all contacts, leads, activities, and tasks. Users can create elegant invoices for orders, timesheets, or work service orders. The mobile app allows users to set the timesheets and accurately see who’s working on what. The Apptivo mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

NetSuite also has an all-in-one mobile application that enables businesses to maintain the same 360° control of the business anytime and anywhere. Available in 19 languages, the NetSuite mobile application lets users check KPIs using mobile devices. Users can also manage time and expenses as well as log inbound and outbound phone calls. Managers can approve records, expense reports, and purchase orders, too.  NetSuite users can create, view, and edit records with the mobile app. The NetSuite mobile application can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.


Apptivo CRM seamlessly integrates with tools for website creation collaboration, eCommerce, file sharing, and productivity:

  • WordPress
  • Slack
  • PayPal  
  • Dropbox Business  
  • Office 365 

Integrations for NetSuite include applications for collaboration, inbox management, human resources, messaging, and customer management:

  • Google Workspace  
  • Gmail
  • BambooHR  
  • Twilio  
  • ChurnZero 

Choosing between Apptivo CRM and NetSuite

Both Apptivo CRM and NetSuite provide valuable CRM features that can be beneficial to start-up and fast-growing businesses. In choosing between Apptivo CRM and NetSuite, you might want to consider the following details.

Apptivo CRM is robust, configurable, and intuitive. Many users also consider Apptivo CRM as a cost-efficient business solution. That being said, some users reported having troubles when integrating the CRM with some applications. Apptivo CRM also has a steep learning curve.

NetSuite is powerful and highly customizable. The CRM also has great automation capabilities. However, NetSuite runs slowly, according to some users. Creating reports with this CRM software can be difficult for an average user with no programming skills.

If you’re still uncertain, use our Product Selection Tool and get a free list of reliable CRM solutions in the market.