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CRM Resources Apptivo CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics

Comparing two CRMs: Apptivo CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics

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Apptivo CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics: An overview 

Apptivo CRM delivers a suite of applications for attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. It provides a platform for managing your customers, finances, and customer support in one place, increasing your productivity. Apptivo offers various CRM capabilities, such as contact manager, sales tracking, billing, and reporting. Apptivo offers a range of applications to manage your contracts, customers, competitors, sales, territory, work orders, and opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics combines analytics in its CRM software application that provides advanced tools to simplify business processes and accelerate growth. It transforms your sales, marketing, operations, finance, services, commerce, human resources, and other business aspects. Microsoft Dynamics allows you to view the whole picture of your business and optimize your productivity.

Integrated analytics

Apptivo CRM provides analytics tools integrated into the system, letting you evaluate sales and forecast with accuracy. You can automate data collection, generate analytical reports, and be a step ahead of the competition. It lets you analyze past data, assess team performance, know win/loss rates, streamline sales cycles, gain real-time insights, and predict future sales.

Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrates analytics with a CRM solutions platform, letting you have a comprehensive view of your business. It allows you to perform data visualization and gain data-driven insights into your processes for better decisions. With access to Power BI, you can leverage its data reporting tools to enhance your CRM processes.

Sales management 

With Apptivo, you can track your pipeline, manage your activities, build leads, close deals, and create more sales opportunities. It provides a performance dashboard where you can track and analyze your team’s sales performance. The application features win/loss analysis, sales planning, and territory management capabilities.

Understand your customers better and engage with them more effectively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It lets you turn relationships into closed deals. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can customize customer intelligence and gain a 360-degree view of your customers’ profiles. Be a smart seller with its embedded insights, which you can use to boost sales performance and build strong relationships. It also allows you to automate processes and empower your sales team with access to data.

Customer service

Apptivo CRM’s case application helps you keep existing customers happy. It streamlines support interactions, allowing you to manage problems or issues more effectively. It provides a customer portal and integrates CRM, project management, and invoicing to manage tickets and resolve issues faster.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides tools for providing intelligent customer service and support. It enables your customers and agents to resolve issues quickly. Streamline your customer service and engage with your customers better by connecting with them through its multi-channel service options. You can also leverage its AI-powered service bots to free your agents for personalized client interactions, creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Third-party integrations 

Apptivo CRM’s G Suite integration saves you time by automatically synchronizing contact information, calendar, and tasks. The platform shares contact and customer data with your Google account. It also syncs your Google Drive and Apptivo Documents, such as contacts, customer information, and projects. You can also integrate Microsoft Office 365, Slack, and a host of other third-party platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers integrations with other Microsoft products, such as Sharepoint, Power BI, One Note, Office 365, and Azure. It provides flexibility, mobility, and accessibility. It also lets you connect with third-party platforms, including Salesforce, SAP, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, and more.

Apptivo CRM’s distinct features 

Lead capture and conversion

Build your leads with Apptivo CRM’s lead capture solutions. It lets you embed forms in your websites to gather contact information, automatically generating leads. It auto-creates leads from emails and imports leads in bulk using CSV import, which saves time. Apptivo also allows you to create leads manually. It converts leads into contacts, customers, or opportunities with a click of a button.


You can customize the Apptivo CRM application to fit your requirements and preferences. You can create or remove fields, secure field sections, create custom views, and perform advanced searches through your data. Apptivo CRM allows you to provide your team with secure access to the platform and data.

Contact and contract management

Apptivo is a CRM system that simplifies the processes of managing your contacts. It allows you to store contacts, files, reminders, and communication history. Apptivo CRM features a simple to use and flexible contract management application that allows you to customize contracts. It lets you store contract and account information during sales.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s unique capabilities


Increase the demand for your products and services as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It allows you to create data-driven, targetted, and multi-channel marketing strategies — email, web pages, telemarketing, social media, SMS, etc. Microsoft Dynamics offers a platform that integrates AI-powered insights, custom dashboards, lead scoring, and customer data analytics. It delivers custom dashboards with pre-built tools you can use and watch your marketing ROI improve.

Field service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s field service capability enables your sales agents to create exceptional customer service. It streamlines your scheduling and inventory management processes to improve efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers communication and tracking tools to keep your field agents connected with customers. It automates work orders, scheduling, and dispatching, which reduces costs and saves time. Microsoft Dynamics empowers your field agents by providing them with information on customer preferences and history.

Project management 

Boost your project’s profitability with Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s integrated analytics, planning, and collaborative tools that you can modify to meet your needs. It increases the efficiency of your project management, optimizes resources, and increases productivity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers project planning, intuitive dashboards, real-time insights, contract management, customer billing, and other advanced capabilities.

Which CRM platform better suits you?

Choosing which platform is the better fit for your business always depends on your needs and preferences. Both Apptivo CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrate analytics into their platforms. They share a common goal of providing exceptional customer service, increasing productivity, and accelerating growth. 

But digging deeper into their features, Apptivo CRM has limited options, although it has the capabilities necessary to run your leads generation, sales, and customer service. As a leading business software applications provider, Microsoft Dynamics CRM expands its offerings by including marketing, field service, and project management. 

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CRM Resources Apptivo CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics