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Comparing two CRMs: Agile CRM vs. Netsuite CRM

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Agile CRM and Netsuite CRM are two of the most notable CRM software options on the market. They are both provide value to a variety of business sizes with wide-ranging needs. This comparison will clarify the similarities and differences between Agile CRM vs. Netsuite CRM. 

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Agile CRM vs. Netsuite CRM: Software overview

Agile CRM is a trusted customer relationship management software that offers a long list of features that will enhance your business communication and collaboration. This robust CRM tool can combine powerful automation and insight into your customer’s activities. Agile CRM integrates the core functionalities of customer services that will benefit your business in more ways than one.

Netsuite CRM is a customizable customer relationship management software that allows you to access crucial data from different departments. This CRM tool can improve your contact management and data control by providing you with a robust set of features that automate your work. Netsuite CRM comes with powerful and advanced functionality that can improve your overall business performance.

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Target customers 

Agile CRM caters to small to medium businesses across multiple industries. With its intuitive design and user friendly interface, new and experienced users can benefit from the contact management this software provides. Agile CRM can help you close more deals and rake in more revenue for your business. 

Netsuite CRM, on the other hand, is a robust customer relationship management software provided by Oracle that fits perfectly with small to enterprise-level corporations. Its platform offers its users more than just your traditional CRM features and can integrate directly with the Oracle Netsuite ERP software. Its unique features provide insight to those businesses who are just starting to use these types of tools and reward those with experience implementing CRM across their companies.

Agile CRM vs. Netsuite CRM available features

Agile CRM and Netsuite CRM both have features that make them unique from other CRM tools:

Agile CRM

  • Project Management
  • Gamification
  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Social Suite
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Marketing

Netsuite CRM

  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Time Tracking

Agile CRM vs. Netsuite CRM similar features

Streamline your work experience and customer relationships with Agile CRM and Netsuite CRM. While each tool has its own unique set of features that are dedicated to different purposes, there are some features that both Agile CRM vs. Netsuite CRM share.

Customer portal 

Agile CRM’s customer portal provides you with features like ticket labeling, canned responses, and multi-chat windows. These features allow you to quickly address a customer’s problem as it surfaces and avoid the stacking of unresolved tickets and a long list of unsatisfied clients. 

With Netsuite CRM, its customer portal feature provides your customers with highly personalized and interactive services that support their needs. One of its key benefits is that it provides your customers with password-protected access to key customer support tools. This provides extra protection for your customer’s transaction data. 

Marketing automation 

When it comes to marketing automation, Agile CRM speeds up your marketing workflows through its drag-and-drop interface. You and your team will no longer worry about doing it manually. With Agile CRM, keeping track of the sales process and monitoring your deals is automated.

On the other hand, Netsuite’s marketing automation feature enables you to generate highly qualified leads that are ready for sales engagement. This feature focuses on tracking and measuring a prospect’s activity, and it passes that lead to your marketing team. With Netsuite CRM, you’ll gain real-time visibility of your whole marketing process.

Which CRM software option works best for your business? 

Knowing what your company needs is an important step to define before buying CRM software. If you’re still struggling to choose between Agile CRM or Netsuite CRM, here’s a quick guide to help you make that decision.

If you’re looking for a CRM software that allows you to quickly address customer service problems, then we suggest that you purchase Agile CRM. With its ticket labeling, canned responses, and multi-chat windows functions, you can quickly resolve your customer’s problem and avoid the stacking of unresolved tickets.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a CRM tool that focuses on marketing automation, then we suggest that you try Netsuite CRM. With Netsuite’s marketing automation feature, you can track and measure a prospect’s activity and pass it on to your marketing team. 

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CRM Resources Agile CRM vs. Netsuite CRM