Agile CRM and Copper CRM are two renowned CRM solutions. Both have impressive features that can aid in developing customer relationships and boosting revenue.

Agile CRM is an easy-to-use software that has countless users around the world. Copper is a software with tens of thousands of users globally. Both Agile CRM and Copper were created for small to mid-sized businesses.

We compare the capabilities and features of Agile CRM and Copper to give you an idea off which software will work best for your company.

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Agile CRM vs. Copper: An overview

Agile CRM is a software built to cater to the CRM needs of small to mid-sized companies. It has features for contact management, deals management, telephony, appointment scheduling, task management, marketing automation, landing page builder, mobile application, and mobile marketing. It has a free version for small businesses of up to 10 users and has affordable pricing plans.

Copper CRM is a CRM for G Suite applications, which means it works seamlessly with every application in G Suite. Copper is simple yet powerful. Its features include lead, opportunity, sales, and pipeline management, forecasting and analytics, account and contact management, multiple currency, goal tracking, email, task, and calendar management. Just like Agile CRM, this CRM has a mobile app. Copper has average-priced plans.

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Features comparison

Agile CRM and Copper CRM have features for contact management, alerts, and mobile application. Here’s how each software handles each feature:

Contact management

Agile CRM keeps an eye on your contacts and potential customers by giving you a full view of their behavior and habits. This contact management feature provides everything you need to know regarding a contact on a single page. Vital information such as contact details, social media profiles, communication history, points of engagement, and interests is displayed on one page. With Agile CRM, you can be sure that every interaction with a contact is traced and updated in real-time. You can automatically sync up to three email accounts with Agile CRM.

Copper’s contact management feature stores and organizes emails, calls, files, and notes for each contact — giving you a full view of every relationship history. The CRM also searches the  internet and social profiles for contact and company information and automatically adds these to contact profiles. Copper has a live activity feed of every interaction on your contacts’ profiles displayed. Additionally, this CRM software suggests recent contacts to be added to your list.


Agile CRM has a real-time notification feature that sends instant notifications about contacts, leads, and user activities. Set custom alerts for instant notifications and alerts based on contact actions.You’ll be notified when a contact opens an email, clicks on an important link, or browses your website. Through this feature, you can choose to be alerted for every CRM contact, for the leads that are assigned to you, or only for your particular leads. You can also choose whether you want to be notified via email, mobile, or through the web app.

Copper’s alert feature notifies you via email, through the web app, and by mobile app. Users choose which notifications they want to receive on their chosen device. You’ll get an alert whenever a new contact is suggested, when someone mentions you in the system, and whenever a task, lead, or opportunity is assigned to you. Stay on top of your tasks with this feature as you can receive due date notifications. If you are exporting, importing, or updating data in the CRM, you will receive alerts as soon as these actions are completed.

Mobile app

Agile CRM has a mobile app that lets you work on the go. Important Agile CRM information like dashboards, deals, tasks, calendars, contacts and profiles, and notes are available through the mobile app. You can send email campaigns, respond to social mentions, make outgoing calls to customers, resolve customer issues, and manage your tasks anywhere. The Agile CRM mobile app supports Android and iOS devices.

Copper CRM lets you log calls, create follow-up reminders, and make updates to opportunities in real-time remotely through its mobile app. You can also access customer history, add notes and new contacts to the system, update opportunities, and collaborate with your teammates with this feature. The mobile app has automatic task reminders that can be triggered by specific actions. Copper supports Android and iOS devices.


Agile CRM has integrations with the most useful apps and solutions that can take your customer relationship management to the next level. It integrates with products for social networking, voice messaging, contact syncing, phone systems, email marketing, and client management:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Twilio Communications Cloud
  • PieSync
  • RingCentral
  • HoneyBook
  • Campaign Monitor

Copper can be integrated with all applications for G Suite. Aside from that, it can integrate with useful apps and tools for collaboration, file storage, project management, electronic signature, more integrations, and accounting:

Choosing between Agile CRM and Copper CRM

Making a choice between Agile CRM and Copper CRM isn’t easy — both products are easy-to-use and affordable. Above all, both have incredible features.

Agile CRM might just be the CRM you’re looking for if you want a software with native telephony and landing page builder capabilities. If your team has fewer than 10 members, you can try Agile CRM’s free version. 

Copper is the better choice for you if you’re already using G Suite because you can take full advantage of its seamless integration with all Google applications. Its auto-enrich profile capability that automatically searches the web for relevant information for your contacts is perfect if you want to totally eliminate manual internet search for important contact data.

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