Finding the right customer relationship management software for your business is not an easy task, especially now that there are hundreds of CRM tools in the market today. Agile CRM or Capsule might be the tool you need to improve your business relations.

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Agile CRM vs. Capsule: Overview

Agile CRM is a robust CRM software that’s dedicated to helping you improve your sales, marketing, and service team’s productivity. The main features include the automation of your company’s contact and follow-up processes and data unification to create a single centralized platform. With Agile CRM, you can overcome difficult customer obstacles with easy-to-use solutions.

Capsule is a simple customer relationship management software that’s dedicated to building stronger customer relationships. Its features help your company improve your products and services by gathering relevant data from your customers. With Capsule, managing tasks and tracking deals is made easier with its numerous features.

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Benefits of Agile CRM vs. Capsule

CRM tools have come a long way with continuous innovations and new features designed to improve customer relationships and revenue growth. Here are the benefits your business might take advantage of from Agile CRM vs. Capsule:

Agile CRM

  • It provides you with a user friendly interface, helpful features, and easy-to-setup platform.
  • It provides you with helpful sales, marketing, and email support.
  • It allows you to quickly import all of your customer contacts and information.
  • It provides you with many integrations to help you manage your data.
  • Agile CRM has a unique analytics and reporting system for monitoring business performance.


  • Capsule can quickly track bids, deals, and proposals all in one sitting.
  • Its dashboard feature allows you to observe and manage your customer’s data.
  • It provides you with an easy to use customization tool to categorize your data to fit your business.
  • It allows you to easily share information and data with co-workers to update their systems.
  • It can track all of your email communications with customers and secure them in Capsule’s searchable data bank. 

Agile CRM vs. Capsule similar features 

Most CRM software in the market today share the same goal of managing your customer relationship by gathering and processing data.  To give you an idea of their major features and functionalities, here are some similar characteristics of Agile CRM and Capsule:

Appointment scheduling 

The Agile CRM appointment scheduling feature allows you to set your schedules and tasks through their online calendar functionality. With this feature, you and your team can see all of the current and future tasks that need to be fulfilled. Agile’s appointment scheduling feature is a great way to track and assign dates for meetings, deadlines, and follow-ups.

The Capsule appointment scheduling feature keeps you organized by allowing you to manage tasks for specific contacts, organizations, and opportunities. This feature also lets you create repeating tasks and link tasks with business contacts and team members. With Capsule, you can make sure things get done on time.

Document management 

Agile CRM’s document management feature lets you attach relevant data and documents to individual emails sent from the dashboard. You can attach documents directly to your deals in the CRM with the help of its integrations like OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Capsule’s document management feature collects and stores your data to multiple backup locations in real-time. This security measure makes sure that you have an available copy of your important data and documents in a secure location. Capsule’s servers are received in Amazon’s data centers, guaranteeing that your data is safe, secure, and on-hand for any meeting.

Choosing between Agile CRM vs. Capsule

Choosing the right CRM software for your business is all about necessity. While each CRM software has its unique features, not all of these features will benefit your company. 

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that allows you to see all of the current and future tasks that need to be finished, then we suggest that you purchase Agile CRM. With Agile’s appointment scheduling feature, you can track and assign dates for meetings, deadlines, and follow-ups on their online calendar. You’ll never miss an important date because this feature notifies you ahead of time to fulfill your task.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a CRM tool that securely collects your data to multiple locations in real-time, we suggest that you try Capsule. With Capsule’s document management feature, you’re guaranteed your data is safe and secure because Capsule’s servers are received in Amazon’s data centers.

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