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Comparing two CRMs: Agile CRM vs. AmoCRM

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Reliable CRM solutions like Agile and amoCRM are an asset to any business. There are a lot of products to choose from, and in order to find which software will work best for your business, it’s important to find out what each solution can do for you.

Agile is a popular CRM software used by freelancers to medium-sized enterprises. It has features for social media marketing, marketing automation, web engagement, and mobile access. AmoCRM is used by small to large-sized companies to strengthen their relationship with customers. Its features include messenger-based CRM, contacts and leads, sales analytics, mobile application, and two-way email sync.

In this article, we compare the features of Agile and amoCRM to help you choose the better CRM for your organization. If you’re in a hurry, use our Product Selection Tool to get a free list of recommended CRM solutions for your company in just five minutes.

An overview of Agile CRM vs. AmoCRM

Agile was founded in 2013. Despite being a new CRM solution, Agile has received positive feedback from users all around the world. This CRM solution has built-in features for telephony, contact management, lead tracking, gamification, appointment scheduling, and project management. Agile has low-end pricing plans for medium-scale businesses and a free version for small businesses. 

AmoCRM has a unique approach when it comes to building stronger relationships with customers. AmoCRM is the first CRM to have messenger-based capabilities. AmoCRM also has features for tasks and notifications, reports, and dashboards. AmoCRM has affordable pricing plans and is ideal for small, medium, and large businesses.

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Features comparison

Agile and amoCRM both have useful features that can benefit different organizations. Some of their features are for communication, reporting, and mobile access.


Communicate with contacts through email and phone calls with Agile. This CRM lets you create and send customized, professional emails and newsletters to your contacts. You can choose from Agile’s pre-packaged templates, or you can use its email-builder feature to tailor your email design according to your liking. Agile also has a telephony feature that allows users to make and receive calls from within the CRM.

One of the most sought-after features of AmoCRM is its instant messaging feature that allows for communication with contacts at any time. It has a unified inbox that links with the most used messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, Skype, and Telegram. With this inbox, you can talk to contacts instantly. This feature stores all important conversations and information via chat, phone call, email, and lead capture form. AmoCRM has a chatbot feature that replies to contacts using pre-built templates and workflows. This AI feature can answer questions and schedule appointments, too.


Agile lets users create standard and custom reports. You can choose from Agile’s growth, funnel, conversion, campaign, and win-loss reports to gauge your company performance. Alternatively, you create custom reports from scratch using data visualizations such as charts and graphs to display criteria in the exact way you want it. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically, and the results can be set to be sent to your email inbox.

AmoCRM lets you create reports in real-time to reflect data in your CRM. You can choose to create win-loss, log, goals, and consolidated reports to display important information about your sales or team efficiency. Filter the specific fields and information on every report. Scheduled reports can be sent to users via email. You can opt for the reports to be sent to you immediately or at a set time once a day.

Mobile access

Agile has a mobile application that is supported by Android and iOS operating systems. With this mobile app, you can send email campaigns, reply to social mentions, manage contacts, make outgoing calls to your contacts, track deals, resolve customer issues, take notes after a meeting, and manage your to-do tasks. Agile’s key features, such as gamification and knowledgebase, are also accessible through the mobile application.

AmoCRM also has a mobile application for Android and iOS. This mobile app lets you check lead profiles, make calls, and send emails. All contacts will sync automatically from the CRM database to your phone. AmoCRM also has an automatic business card scanner that can add the information from the business card to a new lead profile. Mobile notifications can be selected, so you can choose the activities you want to be alerted about.


Agile can be integrated with a lot of popular apps for website creation, marketing automation, accounting, online payment processing, integration, and social networking:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp
  • Stripe
  • Freshbooks
  • WordPress

AmoCRM can integrate with widely-used apps for team communication, file syncing, web analytics, web creation, messaging, integration, and live chat:

  • Zapier
  • WordPress
  • Slack
  • Olark
  • Dropbox
  • Telegram
  • Google Analytics

The final answer

Either Agile or AmoCRM could be the right CRM software for your business — depending on your needs.

Since Agile has a free version, it’s a good choice for starting companies or freelancers. Agile has more capabilities in terms of reporting and email marketing. Agile also has built-in telephony features, too. On the other hand, AmoCRM’s unified messaging feature is a godsend for small companies that want to keep all communications with contacts in one place. The chatbot capability of AmoCRM is also a huge advantage if you want to be contacted by your contacts 24/7.

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CRM Resources Agile CRM vs. AmoCRM