SAS vs. Board

SAS vs. Board

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Today’s business intelligence tools can do more than just process data; they can also improve and automate your business management. Whether you’re finding new ways to improve your sales or understand new trends, SAS or Board might help you achieve that goal.

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SAS vs. Board: Business intelligence tool overview

SAS is a business intelligence tool that allows decision-makers to quickly view their business metrics in a well-organized data matrix. With the help of its third party integrations and mobile app feature, users can get real-time analytics of their data. SAS business intelligence offers a range of helpful BI tools and features that will help your company do more. 

Board is a powerful and innovative business intelligence tool that’s dedicated to handling the massive amounts of data generated by your company. This tool is designed to allow customers to create customized BI and CPM applications. With Board, your company can do more than just gather and process data; it can also streamline every aspect of your business operations.

Customer support for SAS vs. Board

Support for business intelligence tools helps you manage your business processes whenever you’re stuck using one of its features. With the help of support tools, you’ll be able to master and troubleshoot the software. SAS and Board offer the same customer support tools: 

  • Phone support
  • Online customer service 
  • Knowledge base
  • Video tutorials

Pricing for SAS vs. Board

When it comes to pricing, both SAS and Board each operate on a subscription plan model. 

SAS offers a quote-based plan as their main product option. SAS also offers a free trial for those who want to try out their product.

Board offers a quote-based plan for its product. Board also offers a free demo for those who are looking to try out their product. 

Supported features for SAS vs. Board

While each BI software has a unique set of tools, there’s no denying there are some features that share the same end goal. However, these tools approach their shared features in different ways, which can affect your business outcomes. Here are some of these features that they share:

Mobile app 

The SAS mobile app focuses on helping you monitor and understand your business performance. The app lets you stay in sync with native apps for Windows 10, iOS, and Android that allow you to view and interact with your dashboards, reports, and charts. With SAS’s mobile app, you can interact with your business any time and anywhere.

Board’s mobile app puts all the information you need at your fingertips. This feature empowers you to actively drive your organization’s decision-making processes by allowing you to interact with your work using your mobile device. With Board’s mobile app, you can keep track of your activities and performance on the go.

Data analytics 

SAS’s data analytic feature enables you to explore data visually using the SAS Visual Analytics module. With the help of this module, you can easily identify data relationships and patterns and get deep insights from interactive visualizations. SAS’s analytics feature and visual analytics module make it easy to understand complex analytics and new trends.

The Data analytics feature of Board allows you to operate at the fast pace of today’s business environment. Its analytics feature focuses on an automated modeling approach that automatically evaluates the characteristics of each data set it processes. Board’s predictive and advanced analytics work best with companies that have a larger database.

Which business intelligence tool should you choose?

Choosing between SAS vs. Board might seem like a difficult task. If you look closely and weigh their features, you’ll find an option that works. However, if you’re still confused about which BI tool to use, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a business intelligence tool that focuses on helping you monitor and understand your business performance, we suggest that you try SAS. With SAS’s mobile application, you can stay in sync with native apps for Windows 10, iOS, and Android. The mobile app allows you to view and interact with your dashboards, reports, and charts anywhere you go.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a business intelligence tool that allows you to operate at the fast pace of today’s business environment, we recommend buying Board. With Board’s analytics feature, you can automatically evaluate the characteristics of each data set in its process with its automated modeling approach.

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