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BOARD International, developer of the BOARD business intelligence solution, was founded in Lugano, Switzerland in 1994. Since that time, BOARD International has expanded operations worldwide, with corporate offices in the United States, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Singapore, UK, Australia, Japan, and India.

BOARD’s software is a powerful, innovative Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. Its ‘toolkit’ design allows customers to create customized BI and CPM applications without the need for expensive and time-consuming programming. From simple reports and dashboards to extremely complex performance management applications and database handlers, any analysis or report can be assembled with the intuitive drag-and-drop function, and the segments are automatically synchronized with data as it changes in real-time. BOARD’s toolkit has a multitude of features and capabilities, including a distributed workflow that allows managers to assign tasks within the toolkit to individual users in sequence, launch processes when specific variables arise, and generate and distribute automatic notifications to relevant users. Additionally, BOARD is capable of handling the massive amounts of data generated by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Human Resources (HR) applications to empower your organization to better set and track key performance indicators (KPIs), create sophisticated ‘what-if’ and ‘what-for’ analyses, make demand and inventory predictions, and better oversee, forecast, and streamline every aspect of your organization’s operations.

BOARD has been implemented in multitude of industries, including banking and insurance, construction, energy, fashion, food and beverage, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare, logistics, and many more. A leading producer of green energy in Italy, Alerion Clean Power, was attempting to oversee 40 subsidiary companies and as many energy production facilities. They were manually assembling all the data generated by construction, management, and operations of these facilities into Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and Excel spreadsheets, and then feeding it into a SAGE ERP system. This method of data analysis had serious limitations, and Alerion was unable to view all cross-company data and accounts in one place.  Upon installing BOARD, Alerion now can view all relevant data in a single application, and now Alerion organizes data into three levels of aggregation, enabling analysts to work at the most appropriate level of detail. This has not only increased productivity, but allowed for greater autonomy, as management is able to obtain all needed oversight information at will.

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