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QlikView vs. Mode

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In the race to the top of the competition, modern organizations and companies have shifted to business intelligence and data analytics to transform their operations, processes, and products and services. As big data continues to influence not only our daily lives but also business decisions, the analytics industry is becoming more competitive in providing the market with the best BI solutions. Two of these platforms are QlikView and Mode BI.

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QlikView vs. Mode: An overview 

QlikView is a user-driven analytics and BI platform that provides end-to-end solutions for data integration, business intelligence, and visualization. Featuring the Associative Engine, a new generation of artificial intelligence, QlikView democratizes analytics by putting it in the hands of people regardless of their technical skills.

Mode is a business intelligence software that combines SQL, R, Python, and visual analytics tools into a single data collaboration platform. It integrates its powerful Helix data engine with an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard in connecting you to data from multiple sources, performing complex analytics, creating impressive visualization, and reporting. 

Shareable and interactive dashboards 

With QlikView, you can build a shareable interactive dashboard that has powerful tools you can customize to create analytics apps, visualizations, and extensions. You can drag and drop elements in the workspace, which has an intuitive user interface, and embed analytics into your everyday workflows. It makes data discovery simple as it allows you to explore deeper into your data to gain actionable insights for better decisions.

Mode provides an interactive dashboard with an intuitive user interface, and it is easy to navigate the system to access the tools. You can build visualization by dragging and dropping elements onto the panel. It has all the analytics, visualization, and collaboration tools you need. You can collaborate with teams in interacting and connecting to data, running analyses, building visualizations, generating reports, and sharing insights.


Personalized business intelligence 

QlikView’s intuitive visual discovery offers a unique way of interacting with data. It has revolutionized the use of data by letting more users perform analytics and build interactive dashboards and apps with its code-free platform. Even if you do not have the technical expertise, you can still access and use its full range of analytics tools and applications to create solutions for the specific needs of your organization. 

With Mode’s embedded analytics feature, you can personalize the platform and data. It offers pre-built templates that are fully customizable to fit your needs and style. It lets you integrate custom analytics with the applications you’re using. And you can reconstruct the stories revealed by the data, create impressive visuals, and share your newly discovered insights with the people across your organization. 

AI and data analytics

QlikView’s Associative Engine integrates data from various sources to form associations and connections, making data easily accessible to everyone. It also features augmented intelligence and multi-cloud architecture, supporting a wide array of applicability. It sorts out relationships between data to create in-context data insights. QlikView is fully scalable, and you can deploy data both on-premise and in the cloud.

Mode offers a high-performance Helix in-memory data engine capable of quickly processing large sizes of data from various sources. It serves as the backbone of Mode’s business intelligence and data analytics. It connects you to the data warehouse and streams queries into the Helix to speed up analytics and visualization, enabling you to generate reports and share insights in real time. Its automation feature is capable of preparing and processing millions of rows of data sets, and you can filter, aggregate, and modify query results.

Simplified analytics for teams 

QlikView simplifies analytics with its AI that gathers and consolidates data for quick access. It automates processes to reduce errors and deliver data in real time. As users have access to both the data and the platform, it makes collaboration easy. Plus, it lets you integrate with third-party platforms like Qlik Sense, Tableau, PowerBI, Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, and Python.

With Mode’s collaborative data platform, you can communicate with your team, refresh data, get reports, and share insights easily and securely. You can keep your data stack while using and integrating other platforms and systems such as Amazon Athena, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Slack, Segment, Azure, MySQL, and Snowflake. 

QlikView or Mode?

Both QlikView and Mode are scalable and user-driven and offer a range of applicability. Both platforms work in multi-cloud environments and on-premise. QlikView’s embedded analytics and democratization of business intelligence is a unique approach to computational analytics. It simplifies workflows and makes team collaboration easy and engaging. 

With Mode, however, its powerful data engine makes analytics simple and fast. It offers full automation, and its interactive and visualization features are designed for collaboration. It seems like a tie, but ultimately, your choice depends on how you use data analytics for your business. 

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Business Intelligence Resources QlikView vs. Mode BI