The power of data has transformed and revolutionized the way we do business in the last few decades. From manufacturing to e-commerce, and in every consumer product we purchase, our lives are governed by data. To stay ahead of the competition in this data-driven environment, choosing the right data analytics tool for your business is crucial. Power BI and Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (previously Periscope Data) are two powerful business intelligence (BI) platforms that offer equally excellent data analytics platforms. 

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Power BI vs. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Microsoft’s Power BI is an industry leader in providing BI solutions to businesses whether small, medium, or large enterprises. It offers advanced technologies that process, analyze, and visualize data for actionable insights. Sisense is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform that lets data teams connect to cloud data sources, explore and analyze data, and generate reports and deploy analytics. 

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One of Power BI’s strengths is its intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use user interface that features drag-and-drop modules for customizing the dashboard and creating visualizations. And if you’re familiar with other Microsoft products, you can easily navigate the dashboard. Sisense offers an intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly UI/UX where you can mash up and analyze data sets, generate reports, deploy insights, and embed data.   

Advanced analytics, deeper insights

Power BI offers powerful modeling tools that let you make sense of data. It provides excellent data analytics — simplifying voluminous and complex data sets and turning it into impressive visualizations. You can connect to data sources, run analysis, spot data trends, forecast, generate reports, create stunning visuals, and share insights across your organization in real-time for better business decisions. It has pre-built tools, templates, and formats that you can use in customizing data and visuals.   

Power BI helps you create a data-driven culture in your company with its accessible BI platform where everyone can view data anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

Sisense offers powerful tools for advanced analytics, transforming raw data into insights. It allows data teams to build cloud data pipelines, analyze complex data sets, and customize visualization to share across the organization. Employing popular languages like Python, SQL, and R in its powerful analytics tools, you can prepare and process data faster. In addition, doing predictive analytics is easier. Sisense features query revision history, formatting, autocomplete, and snippets, so you can explore with ease. It summarizes stats and figures so you can have a glance at the data and spot data relationships and patterns. 

Since Sisense is cloud-based, it allows you to create a single, unified source of all your data: the cloud. You can connect and ingest data in cloud data warehouses. It’s secure, quick, and easy. You have full control of your data, and it only takes a few seconds to run queries — saving you time and cost.   

Integrations and collaboration

Power BI integrates other Microsoft products like Sharepoint, Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365. Users can access the dashboards on their mobile devices (Windows, iOS, or Android). They can view data and visualizations on the go.   

Sisense integrates Git with GitLab, GitHub, and BitBucket. You could also get your own server, allowing your data team to have a reliable control system, customize workflows, and manage user-generated content. It’s easy to collaborate with teams and team members.  

Generating reports, sharing insights

With Power BI, you can easily build reports, create interactive visuals, and share insights in a way that impresses your audience. You can let data tell the story with a stunning presentation. 

Sisense’s AI-powered end-to-end cloud-native analytics platform shows agility and flexibility in delivering data-driven insights. It offers packages specifically designed for cloud data teams, BI and analytics teams, and product teams. Everyone on every team can access data and insights. And with its full suite of application programming interface (API), you can embed analytics with your products and services. 

Power BI or Sisense?

As one of the industry leaders, Power BI offers a reliable and secure BI and data analytics platform. It is easy to use and scalable. 

Sisense harnesses both the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing in providing users with an end-to-end data analytics platform. It enables and empowers teams with its APIs and software developer toolkits. It is cloud-native from the ground up with an enterprise-grade architecture and is fully scalable.  

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