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Power BI Vs. Mode

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The power of data governs every aspect of business in the digital economy. It transforms the way we make decisions, improves business processes, and enhances services.  

As an industry leader, Microsoft offers business intelligence software that provides solutions for your data needs. Power BI is an excellent and powerful data analytics tool that lets you process and visualize data to gain insights for better business decisions.   

Another player in the market is Mode. It provides a platform for data analysis with its use of Helix data engine and an interactive dashboard. It also offers a space for collaboration and combines into a single platform SQL, Python/R notebooks, and data visualization tools.   

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Power BI mesmerizes you with its impressive user interface that is intuitive, simple, and easy to use. Its drag-and-drop modules make creating visualizations and building reports fast and easy. Familiarity with other Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Power Platform or Dynamics 365 is an advantage. 

With Mode, your team has an interactive, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate dashboard. It also has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you connect to data and run analysis — you can query, visualize, create charts, make reports, and share insights. Team members can access the dashboard and interact with each other, making it an excellent digital space for collaboration.  

Data engine

Power BI’s powerful modeling tools help you make complex data sets into stunning interactive visualizations and reports you can immediately share across the organization. It lets you connect to data sources to analyze data, look for trends, make forecasts, create visuals and reports, and share fresh insights. And it helps if you have advanced Excel skills.  

With its use of Helix in-memory data engine, Mode promises to deliver quick results. It processes and analyzes complex data sets and generates interactive visuals and easy to understand reports. It connects to your data warehouse, analyzes data with SQL and Python/R, visualizes information, and shares reports across the organization in real-time. 

Mode is scalable. As the users’ data increases in volume and complexity, the platform also grows with it. You can automate data prep to save time and cost, and explore millions of rows of query results. It allows you to write queries — filter, aggregate, and manipulate query results. 

You can refresh data anytime, collaborate with others, get reports, and securely share data and insights. Also, you can work with other platforms and services with it without eating your data stack. 

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Visual analytics

Power BI has built-in tools you can use to create interactive visualizations and reports that will impress your audience. You can easily drag and drop elements in your visual presentation of data. It is fast and easy to prepare, integrate, and visualize for new discoveries and fresh insights useful for business decisions. 

Mode employs embedded analytics with pre-built charts and templates to build upon and customize. It lets you integrate customized analytics with the application, so you can tell stories with your data and share your insights with others in your digital ecosystem. Your customers can receive your reports with awesome visuals. 


Power BI is integrated with other Microsoft products such as Azure, Excel, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint. And you can access your dashboard using any mobile device (Windows, iOS, or Android) anytime, anywhere. 

Mode seamlessly integrates other third-party platforms, tools, and applications. You can connect to your data housed in data warehouses like Amazon Athena, Databricks, or Google BigQuery. The integration between Mode and Slack works well and is especially useful in collaboration and productivity.   

Which should you choose?

Although Power BI is one of the industry leaders, Mode is an intriguing alternative to other business intelligence solutions providers in the market. Its stunning visuals and interactivity makes it competitive with Power BI’s user interface. Also, Mode is great for collaboration. 

If you could narrow down your choices, Power BI — being a product of Microsoft — already has an edge when it comes to reputation and reliability. But if you’re seeking something fresh and out-of-the-box, Mode would best suit your business. Each software is unique, and each has advantages over the other.  

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Business Intelligence Resources Power BI vs. Mode