Features, customer feedback, and pricing are just some of the factors to consider in choosing the perfect business intelligence (BI) software. Domo and Klipfolio both have useful features, positive feedback from customers, and reasonable pricing.

Domo is BI software that’s popular for its wide array of data visualizations. Klipfolio is well known for their broad range of dashboard designs.

We will compare the main features of Domo and Klipfolio to help you decide which software is the better choice for your company.

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An overview of Domo vs. Klipfolio

Domo is an American BI software launched in 2010. The software is used by numerous businesses and organizations from the travel and hospitality, retail, manufacturing, finance, and technology industries. Domo’s key features include dashboards, analytics, project management, communication and messaging, data visualization, social sharing, and mobile access. Domo has high-end pricing and is ideal for large businesses.

Klipfolio is a Canadian BI software introduced in 2001. Most users of Klipfolio come from the computer software, marketing and advertising, and IT industries. The primary features of Klipfolio include dashboards, data visualizations, analytics, and mobile application. Compared to other BI solutions, Klipfolio has low-end pricing. It is suitable for any business size.

Features comparison

Domo and Klipfolio have features for data visualization, dashboards, and mobile access.

Data visualization

Domo helps businesses present vital business data using a range of data visualizations. Users can visualize data in graphs, charts, and other visualization options using a drag-and-drop interface. Domo also has an Analyzer tool that suggests a visualization whenever information is uploaded from a data source. The software offers an extensive selection of charts to choose from, such as line, bar, area, data science, gauge, maps, lollipop, and pie charts.

Klipfolio offers a library of pre-built visualization templates and content to map out your business data. Choose from various charts and graphs including pictograph, bar charts, maps, line charts, scatterplots, sparklines, pie charts, gauges, and tables to represent your data. Users can change the color of a bar chart or fix how the date is displayed.


The dashboard feature is one of Domo’s strongest attributes. Users can create personalized dashboards and collections to organize, analyze, and report relevant business data. Add interactive filters and customize the dashboard layout by arranging specific elements and modifying the background colors. Domo has ready-to-use templates to help users create dashboards faster. Dashboards created with Domo are accessible from computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Like Domo, Klipfolio’s strongest feature is its dashboards. Klipfolio offers different dashboard types such as executive dashboards, dashboard for business, software dashboard, TV dashboard, and dashboard reporting. It has numerous pre-built dashboard designs, too. This software has live or interactive dashboards that can be used for varied industries and different departments.

Mobile access

Domo has a mobile application that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. The app gives users access to real-time data visualizations. It lets you drill down, filter, and analyze data on the go. Save any changes made to dashboards using your smartphone. Collaborate with teammates with the built-in chat. Access the company directory and interactive org chart to collaborate with co-workers anywhere you are. The Domo mobile app works online and offline.

Klipfolio has a mobile application available from the App Store and Google Play Store, too. Using the app, users can view existing dashboards in the system. Configure the dashboards you would like to access in the app. The app has intuitive drop-down menus to filter data sets and responsive charts that lets users learn more about a value on the chart with a simple click.


Domo can be integrated with many different platforms and tools for project management, web analytics, electronic signature, issue tracking, and inbound marketing:

  • DocuSign
  • Google Analytics
  • Jira
  • Hubspot Marketing
  • Basecamp

Klipfolio has a broad range of integrations with tools and applications for event management, web analytics, project management, accounting, and customer relationship management:

  • Google Analytics
  • Eventbrite
  • Asana
  • FreshBooks
  • Hubspot CRM

The better option

Domo and Klipfolio have robust capabilities and useful features that help you understand your business better. The better option for your business will greatly depend on the specific features you need.

If you’re looking for the BI software with better collaboration features, Domo might be your best option. It has a built-in chat feature that lets you communicate with others in real time. Domo is also the better choice if you have numerous members working offsite, as its mobile application has more capabilities than Klipfolio. 

On the other hand, Klipfolio has more pre-built dashboards to offer and integrates with more applications than Domo. Therefore, if you need to easily and quickly build more dashboards using various designs, Klipfolio has you covered.

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