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6 Best Vanity Phone Number Providers

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Vanity phone numbers are useful tools for businesses to stay memorable to their customers. These dedicated virtual phone numbers utilize a phone’s number pad to create words that help promote a brand. With voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP), providers can deliver a variety of vanity virtual numbers, and selecting one is usually very easy as long as the intended word or phrase is available.

Most VoIP providers with vanity phone direct inward dialing (DID) numbers also have other types, including local, toll-free, and international numbers. They deliver extensive options for businesses looking to reach different and new customers. In this piece, we have listed the top vanity phone number providers to help you reach your customers more effectively:

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Top 6 Vanity Phone Number Providers

Vanity Phone Number Providers Key Features Learn More
RingCentral logo.
  • 99.999% uptime
  • 300+ integrations
  • Video conferencing
Visit RingCentral
Grasshopper logo.
  • No per-user pricing
  • All features available across all plans
  • True Solo plan for solopreneurs
Visit Grasshopper logo.
  • Extensive toll-free number availability
  • Multiple call forwarding options
  • No per-user pricing
Talkroute logo.
  • Limitless amount of multi-digit extensions
  • Access to voice-over studio
  • Detailed call reports
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GoTo Connect logo.
  • Unlimited international calling to 50+ countries
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Real-time phone analytics
Visit GoTo Connect logo.
  • Call recording on all plans
  • Free number porting
  • Rare virtual phone provider with video conferencing

RingCentral: Best for integrations


  • A high number of integrations
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) technology with most plans
  • In-depth analytics
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee


  • Extensive communications features can feel like overkill
  • Unlimited internet fax is not offered in entry plan
RingCentral logo.

Our Rating: 4.78/5

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) noise cancellation: For VoIP calls and video conferencing, RingCentral has built a solution using AI to reduce noise. This reduces background noise and can be toggled on and off.
  • End-to-end video encryption: Security is critical in internet-based systems, and RingCentral uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for all data transfers, including voice and video. This ensures that all communications are protected, even if RingCentral’s data centers are compromised.
  • Enhanced business SMS: RingCentral’s text messaging solution allows for lengthy SMS messages with a character limit of 1,000. Users are also able to search through text messages at will.
  • Visual voicemail: Businesses can check messages without having to listen to lengthy recordings via the RingCentral for Desktop or RingCentral mobile apps. Visual voicemail automatically transcribes voicemail messages to texts to help busy users save time.
  • Advanced call monitoring: Similar to call center as a service (CCaaS) software, RingCentral’s VoIP solution also has advanced call monitoring. This allows supervisors to listen in on calls as they are made.

The pricing is for one to five users with monthly billing. Save 33% by paying annually.

Core: $30/user/month 


  • Unlimited domestic calling within the U.S. and Canada 
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) 
  • Shared lines 
  • Video meeting for up to 100 participants 
  • Whiteboard and annotations 
  • Breakout rooms

Advanced: $35/user/month 


  • Up to eight-digit extensions 
  • Advanced call monitoring 
  • Auto-call recording
  • Unlimited internet fax 
  • Custom roles and permissions 
  • Integrations with 300-plus industry-specific apps

Ultra: $45/user/month


  • Video meeting for up to 200 participants 
  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Device analytics and alerts

RingCentral has a large number of integrations, has excellent call quality, and also incorporates business-friendly tools like IVR. Additionally, its 99.999% uptime guarantee and server geo-redundancy ensure communication continuity—which is critical for business success. Finally, it is also one of the few providers offering both volume and annual discounts that help bring down overall costs.

As a VoIP provider, RingCentral is probably one of the more popular options for businesses looking to streamline their communications stacks. To start, RingCentral has three plans starting at $30 per user, per month. While this might seem somewhat costly, it’s important to note that RingCentral has both volume and annual discounts that significantly reduce the overall cost. In fact, with annual pricing alone, the price is reduced by up to 33%.

Additionally, RingCentral is one of the best providers for integrations. With integrations for over 300 third-party solutions, you’ll have no issue connecting the software to popular options like Salesforce and Zapier. From a virtual number perspective, you’ll have number availability for not just vanity numbers but toll-free, local, and international numbers as well.

Grasshopper: Best for smaller organizations


  • Professionally recorded voice greetings
  • Unlimited users at Solo Plus plan and higher
  • Core VoIP and call management features accessible in all plans
  • Simultaneous call handling


  • Lacks unified communications features like video conferencing
  • No option to record call
Grasshopper logo.

Our Rating: 4.53/5

  • Live receptionist: Via Ruby, Grasshopper offers live receptionist services that are based in the U.S. These human receptionist services answer calls when you can’t and provide customers with a means to get information and schedule appointments and callbacks.
  • Custom greetings: With Grasshopper, it’s easy to use voice-to-text or record your own voice greetings for your customers. Additionally, Grasshopper has a Voice Studio where you record a script for voice talent to recite in either English or Spanish.
  • Instant response: When you’re on the line, this feature automatically and instantly sends an SMS message to additional callers when they call in. This keeps them engaged and aware that their call has been received.
  • Simultaneous call handling: This feature allows the Grasshopper system to forward calls to the next available agent when another agent is engaged. This ensures that customers won’t receive a busy signal in times of high call volumes.
  • Read your voicemail: Grasshopper has visual voicemail that transcribes incoming voicemail messages so that you don’t have to spend time listening. 

The pricing below is based on monthly billing. Save more than 20% with an annual payment. 

True Solo: $19/user/month (one user)


  • One user 
  • One phone number 
  • One extension
  • Call forwarding to a single number

Solo Plus: $32/user/month


  • Unlimited users 
  • One phone number 
  • Three extensions
  • Call forwarding to multiple numbers per extension 

Small Business: $70/user/month


  • Unlimited users 
  • Four phone numbers
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Call forwarding to multiple numbers per extension

Grasshopper is a virtual phone provider, so it is valuable for those looking for a solopreneur-friendly system for making and receiving calls. It also provides free numbers with subscription plans and an easy number porting process.

Grasshopper incorporates VoIP technology in order to provide a virtual phone experience. While other providers might also include features like video conferencing and team chat, Grasshopper just focuses on delivering telephony to business customers. This is very useful for businesses that already have separate solutions for these technologies. Grasshopper works on PCs or laptops, smartphones, and IP phones.

It’s important to note that Grasshopper is one of the few providers that doesn’t charge per user. Every account is provided with a virtual number, and there are three virtual number types on offer (local, toll-free, and, of course, vanity). Like some larger VoIP vendors, Grasshopper also has a 99.999% uptime service level agreement (SLA). This means that you can expect approximately five minutes of service downtime per year. Best for number availability


  • Custom numbers are simple to get
  • Local, toll-free, and vanity numbers are available
  • Call recording is available across all plans
  • Single easy-to-manage inbox for voice messages, texts, and faxes


  • Lacks some VoIP and unified communications features that other providers offer
  • Does not offer many third-party integrations logo.

Our Rating: 4.47/5

  • Sequential call forwarding: When calls come in, sequential call forwarding sends inbound calls to specific agents in a specified order. This ensures an efficient system where keeping calls on hold is minimized.
  • Simultaneous call forwarding: When there are multiple inbound calls at the same time, simultaneous call forwarding sends them out to available agents all at once. 
  • Call recording: For businesses needing to warehouse call data or simply want to use recordings as a source of truth, this feature is very valuable.
  • Transcriptions: This feature transcribes incoming calls and voicemails so that there’s a text record of each, which can be reviewed later. You can also search transcripts for specific keywords from conversations.
  • Call analytics: This feature helps businesses analyze inbound and outbound calls to better understand what happens when agents engage with customers. It is useful for spotting trends and opportunities for new marketing pushes.

The pricing below is for monthly billing with unlimited users. Save up to 15% with annual payment.

Personal Monthly: $23/month


  • Sequential and simultaneous call forwarding
  • Voicemail transcription
  • 1,000 calling minutes
  • One free number
  • Call recording
  • Calling extensions
  • Webhook and API access
  • Call and SMS analytics

Unlimited Monthly: $59/month


  • Unlimited calling minutes
  • One free number

Pro Monthly: $149/month


  • Unlimited seats
  • Five free numbers
  • 5,000 calling minutes is one of the better providers of DID numbers and has every 800 prefix available. While it doesn’t have international numbers, the large selection of vanity numbers in both local and national areas is useful for companies looking to employ additional branding opportunities in their business.

As the name suggests, specializes in toll-free virtual phone numbers. And while it’s not very clearly stated, the provider also has numbers in local jurisdictions around the United States. Finding a vanity phone number is very simple through the provider’s app or website, and tracking each number’s performance is simple. Additionally, SMS is well-supported with, with the ability to mass text and send messages automatically when needed. also has call analytics, call recording, and transcription. This helps provide businesses with a strong communications backbone that helps with ongoing marketing campaigns. Additionally, there are multiple call forwarding technologies at play to ensure that inbound calls are received by the appropriate agents.

Talkroute: Best for extensions


  • HIPAA compliance with all plans
  • Plans are not per user — each plan is designed for a specific number of users
  • Additional users are easy to add
  • Additional mailboxes are simple to purchase


  • Multi-digit extensions are not available until Pro tier
  • Must have Pro or above to access file sharing
Talkroute logo.

Our Rating: 4.41/5

  • Call stacking: As calls come in, call stacking places each call in a queue, complete with hold music and prompts. This ensures that there are no missed opportunities with customers encountering busy signals.
  • Informational extensions: Rather than tie up an agent’s time with customer questions that could be answered with a prompt, Talkroute can create informational extensions. These will allow customers to navigate to a prerecorded message for potential updates.
  • Simultaneous ring: As you receive calls, simultaneous ring will ring multiple VoIP endpoints within your organization, reducing the chance of missing an important customer call.
  • Voice studio: When creating audio prompts for your auto-attendant, Talkroute provides voice-over services so that there’s more of a human touch as your customers navigate your menus. This feature is also available for voicemail greetings, dial-by-name directories, and announcements. You simply submit a script and Talkroute will return your recorded menu prompts within three business days.
  • Team chat: This feature allows you to send messages to other video conference attendees. This is done through a text interface that won’t interrupt the flow of the meeting. 

The pricing below is based on monthly billing.

Basic: $19/user/month (one user)


  • One user
  • One included virtual number (local or toll-free)
  • 500 text messages per month
  • Custom greetings
  • 24/7 support

Plus: $39/3 users/month


  • Two included virtual numbers (local or toll-free)
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Single-digit extensions
  • Live call transfers
  • Screen sharing

Pro: $59/10 users/month


  • Three included virtual numbers (local or toll-free)
  • Unlimited multi-digit extensions
  • Call recording
  • Voice studio
  • File sharing

Enterprise: Contact sales/20-plus users/month


  • More than 10 numbers 
  • More than 20 mailboxes
  • Service level agreements (SLA)
  • Account management

Talkroute is a useful vendor for those needing a simplified system for business communication. Its pricing is on the low side of the spectrum, and its software is compatible with most web browsers, such as macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. This is also one of the limited number of providers that works on Linux. Talkroute’s video conferencing is also relatively competitive, with all plans offering support for up to 100 attendees.

When it comes to virtual numbers, Talkroute provides the standard three: local, toll-free, and vanity. In addition to the standard calling features, Talkroute also has video conferencing and team chat, which might be useful for organizations looking for a few more communication channels than are available through most virtual phone providers. As your company grows, Talkroute is also a strong option for extensions — with this provider, you’re afforded unlimited multi-digit extensions.

Talkroute also includes a multi-level auto-attendant. This helps direct customers to the right department by a series of voice prompts. Talkroute also employs call stacking in order to ensure that no customer encounters a busy tone when they contact your business. Finally, you’re able to enable text-to-email notifications when a customer sends you a message. This helps easily classify where incoming SMS messages are stored.

GoTo Connect: Best for international calling


  • Dial plans are customizable
  • Unmetered calling to 50-plus countries
  • Plans designed for unlimited users
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Pricing is not published
  • Toll-free minutes remain the same across accounts, regardless of plan
GoTo Connect logo.

Our Rating: 4.34/5

  • AI chat analysis: This is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered sentiment analysis solution available as an add-on through GoTo Connect. It provides new opportunities for customer service since the software determines negative or positive sentiment, which helps supervisors evaluate what works and what doesn’t.
  • Customizable dial plans: This software helps businesses customize how inbound calls are received. The dial plan editor works as a kind of flow chart that establishes what happens after the customer arrives at the virtual receptionist and how they are then propelled through to the agent.
  • Auto-queue callback: Rather than having customers wait on hold, this feature allows them to queue without staying on the line. When an agent is available, GoTo Connect prompts the agent to call the customer in the order they were received.
  • Intelligent call routing (ICR): Rather than routing calls by the time they were received or by availability, this feature routes calls by the skills and specialties of the agent. The options provided by the customer as they travel through the queue can ascertain this.
  • Smart notes: This feature is available during meetings and allows attendees to add notes to the conference. At the base of the user interface (UI), options for standard notes, highlights, and action items are available.

Phone System: Customized pricing 


  • Unlimited users
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes shared across the account 
  • International calling to 50-plus countries 
  • Unlimited auto-attendant greetings 
  • Unlimited ring groups 
  • Video meetings for up to 250 participants

Customer Engagement: Customized pricing


  • Shared contact list and customer comments
  • Shared inbox 
  • Custom surveys 
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Messaging assistant that is AI-powered

Complete CX: Customized pricing


  • Multi-channel inbox
  • AI chat analysis
  • Intelligent call routing 
  • Routing based on skill assignment 
  • Auto-queue callback 
  • Supervisor analytics

When it comes to communications features, GoTo Connect is one of the market leaders for sheer volume. Unlimited extensions are available on all plans, so the solution easily scales as the company grows. Additionally, for those looking to embrace larger calling numbers, GoTo Connect quickly and easily scales into a full-fledged contact center as a service (CCaaS) provider. 

While they are missing international numbers, international calling is cheap and easy with the base-level offering, and GoTo Connect also offers unlimited calling plans for 52 countries. From an integration standpoint, this vendor also connects easily with standard third-party solutions, like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Teams.

GoTo Connect is one of the few providers to offer unlimited international calling to several global locations, including Germany, Japan, France, and Hong Kong. While providers like RingCentral make global calling cheaper than what’s available via landline, unlimited calling really starts to deliver value when you’re calling overseas regularly. GoTo Connect is also part of LogMeIn’s larger ecosystem of products and services that are designed to help streamline business communications.

This cloud-based phone system includes video conferencing and is easily connectable to their customer engagement solutions as well as their contact center offering. When it comes to phone number options, GoTo Connect delivers local, toll-free, and of course, vanity numbers. Additionally, users will find that the team messaging and document sharing features help provide support for the office communications profile. Best for semi-irregular calling


  • Basic plan included 50-plus VoIP features
  • Features easily added with a la carte option
  • Has video conferencing despite being a virtual phone system
  • Supports international phone numbers in multiple countries


  • Free trial is not offered
  • Limited integration options logo.

Our Rating: 4.27/5

  • Hi-Fi video transcription: During video conferences, grants the ability to transcribe what’s being said. This is done via AI and provides a useful feature for those looking to review conferences.
  • HIPAA-compliant video: is a provider that’s compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. As a result, video conferences are encrypted to ensure that protected patient information is secure.
  • Follow me: This feature allows agents to seamlessly send calls directly to another device. Need to physically go to a meeting? You won’t have to end an existing call — simply forward the call from the IP desk phone to a smartphone without hanging up.
  • Live receptionist: With a dedicated live receptionist, customers are provided a more human touch when being forwarded to your agents.
  • Live video streaming: offers the capability to live-stream video conferences directly to your YouTube page. 

Basic: $14.99/user/month


  • One phone number per account
  • 500 pooled calling minutes
  • Video conferencing with up to 10 participants
  • 24/7 support

Plus: $21.99/user/month


  • One phone number per user
  • Unlimited calling minutes
  • Video conferencing with up to 25 participants
  • HIPAA compliant

Pro: $31.99/user/month


  • Video conferencing with up to 100 participants
  • Call recording
  • Call analytics
  • Hi-Fi video transcription has a strong selection of features, but its volume-priced vanity numbers make it a good choice for businesses looking to purchase multiple of this type of direct inward dialing (DID) number. Additionally, for those companies that don’t make a lot of calls within a given month,’s base pool of 500 minutes is useful. 

With most virtual phone systems, calling is central without many other communication features like video meetings. With, you’ll receive video conferencing in the base-level plan with accommodations for 10 attendees, which can save businesses money rather than seeking another vendor, like Zoom. 

Out of all of the providers listed in this guide, is the only one that actually offers volume pricing for custom vanity numbers. This means that if you are going to be purchasing multiple of these virtual numbers, then this might be your best bet. is one of the few virtual phone systems with video conferencing capabilities, differentiating it from a similar provider like Grasshopper. In fact, with the provider, you can also stream your video conferences to YouTube.

Users are also afforded the ability to pay annually, which reduces the monthly price of by 15%. For those looking for international numbers, this is where falls slightly behind. Instead, seek out a provider like RingCentral. Still, with pricing coming in below $15 per user, per month with its base plan, is a very budget-friendly option for many businesses.

What is a vanity phone number?

A vanity phone number is a phone number that incorporates alphanumeric words or phrases. This means that the business number is more memorable than one that just numbers. 

A good set of real-world examples would be 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-GO-FEDEX. For customers, the number is very easy to remember because the telephone prefix and line number form an alphanumeric phrase or word.

Benefits of using vanity phone numbers 

The chief benefit of one of these numbers is that they are memorable. A series of numbers is significantly harder to remember than a simple word or phrase. 

Additionally, these numbers also serve to add brand recognition to a business. When a number’s alphanumeric phrase matches the business name or industry, it makes the business look more professional.

Choosing the best vanity phone number providers

This depends on the business need. In most cases, it’s easy to find providers that include vanity options, but what about local or toll-free vanity numbers? Not every provider has these, so it’s a good idea to perform some due diligence to find the one that best fits your needs.

Also, providers with other types of virtual numbers will also be useful. These include local, toll-free, and international numbers, and each has value for varying businesses. For this reason, when searching for the best vanity phone number provider, also consider what else the provider has on offer.

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You get a vanity phone number by contacting a VoIP provider. In most cases, there’s even a vanity phone number availability checker on most provider websites so that you can determine if your target number is available. There’s even usually an option to change the dialing prefix to 833, 844, 855, etc., in case the vanity number isn’t available with a 1-800 prefix.

A vanity short code is a five to six-word number that is used in SMS texting campaigns. Rather than being sent from a phone number, these five-digit codes are used to send texts. Short codes must be leased from the U.S. Short Code Administration, and like vanity phone numbers, vanity short codes will usually represent a specific term or phrase that’s memorable to those on your SMS texting lists.

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