signNow plays nice with hundreds of popular business apps to streamline document management between and within teams. It integrates with cloud document storage apps, such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive as well as CRM and ERP software systems.

signNow is a cloud-based SaaS eSignature platform that facilitates document management for businesses and teams of all sizes around the globe. The platform’s core features include:

  • Legally-binding eSignature tool
  • Multi-party signatures
  • Templates
  • Document storage, editing, and version control
  • Audit reports
  • API integrations

Using signNow’s eSignature solution, users can draft, revise, sign, send, and negotiate agreements. The platform’s built-in automation and templates streamline the paperwork involved. That way everyone stays informed of the document status, and the signing process can move along as quickly as possible, so no one is left waiting for a signature.

The callout feature is the breadth of signNow’s API integrations. signNow offers 270+ integrations with popular business apps, CRM, ERP, cloud storage platforms, and more. Its diverse integrations help customers streamline document workflows across various tools and create customized applications using signNow’s functionality. 

Where API-based integrations haven’t yet been created, users can use connect signNow with more than 4000 other business tools thanks to signNow’s Zapier integration.

Now let’s take a closer look at how integrations with some of the most popular business tools help customers get more out of signNow’s e-signing software. 

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Virtually every department and role works with digital files nowadays. As companies become more environmentally oriented, signNow’s embedded features in cloud drives offer digital document transfer and signing to reduce paper use and save time.

Box and signNow make a great pair for managing and sharing documents. signNow integrates with Box to enable simplified file creation, editing, signature, and transfer to and from Box’s cloud storage. 

After drafting up a contract in signNow and sending it to all parties for signatures—either simultaneously or in a specific order—the signed document is automatically saved to the sender’s Box account. There’s no need to switch tabs, cut and paste, or even drag and drop files.   

Conversely, starting from Box, users can share signNow documents and folders directly from a Box account via email or a link. 

Learn more about integrating Box with signNow.

Companies can manage and share signed documents without ever leaving their Dropbox cloud storage by integrating with signNow. While users have to navigate back and forth between signNow and Box, signNow’s integration with Dropbox has the benefit of document management in one place, minimizing disruption and the number of open tabs on the screen. 

This integration also saves time by allowing for template creation and bulk document sending. Bulk sending comes in handy when, for example, multiple customers renew their contracts. Instead of sending out each contract individually, you can send contracts to all of them in one click. All of that is possible thanks to signNow’s integration with Dropbox.

Learn how to integrate Dropbox with signNow.

signNow’s integration with various tools in Google Workspace facilitates collaboration and document management across and within teams. 

With this integration, users can provide eSignature access across Google apps to all team members at once whether those team members have Google Workspace accounts or not. It’s also possible to designate signer roles and the signing order. Using signNow’s functionality within Google Workspace tools, users can monitor signing progress and send reminders.  

signNow’s integration with Google Drive, in particular, allows users to customize, sign, and send documents from within Google Drive. Once a recipient signs, the changes automatically sync to the sender’s Google Drive, thus eliminating multiple email attachments and complicated version tracking. However, if you want to email a document that needs to be signed in signNow, it’s easy to attach files from Google Drive when using a Gmail account. As with Dropbox, signNow’s integration with Google Drive also allows for bulk sending of documents.

Here’s how signNow integrates with Google Workspace.

Qualifying leads, segmenting the pipeline, and acquiring new customers is difficult enough. signNow’s integration with today’s leading CRM systems makes at least part of the customer relationship management process easier by enabling eSignature for closing new deals or securing the ongoing ones. 

When closing deals with customers, it’s essential to keep all documents in one place, especially when they get passed back and forth for signatures. signNow integrates with dozens of major CRM systems, including HubSpot and Salesforce

Using Insightly CRM as an example, signNow makes it easy to create, edit, certify, and sign any PDF document directly within the platform. With the signNow integration, users can build templates and add signature fields, checkboxes, and other text box types. 

Once you create a new form or reuse a previous template, you can securely send the document using signNow’s advanced authentication and encryption tools. Once the recipient signs the form, it automatically gets saved to Insightly. 

signNow integrates with the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including Word, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Outlook, OneDrive, Power Automate, and Sharepoint.

signNow’s BIM 360 integration accelerates construction projects by building secure and simple eSignature workflows; generate quotes, sales orders and agreements and send them for signing right from a conected Autodesk BIM 360 account.

Signed customer and vendor contracts can and should be accessible to employees in accounting, supply chain management, and other relevant departments. That’s why signNow’s integration with ERP systems is so crucial to keep important documents stored securely in one place.

Enterprises looking for an eSigning solution to streamline document management across departments and with external stakeholders need one of signNow’s dozens of ERP system integrations, including industry heavyweights NetSuite and SAP ERP.

The Tygris ERP integration, as an example, allows users to set an expiration date on shared documents, request payment from the signer, send personalized invitations and reminders, and add company branding to email correspondences. 

signNow’s integration with Tygris offers secure control over workflows. Users can create teams, set up roles, and configure permissions. signNow also makes it possible to carbon copy a teammate in order to track eSignature workflows. Quickly and securely pull information from Tygris ERP’s cloud to populate documents.

Regardless of role or team, signNow infuses popular business apps with additional functionalities like document drafting, editing, sending, signing, and secure storage. Start integrating signNow’s eSignature solution with business apps to get the most out of its features.