May 1, 2013

How SMBs are Doing More with Less

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SMBs everywhere are trying to cut costs in ways that will keep their business afloat financially without sinking their employee’s productivity.  Seem impossible?  It’s not.  In today’s competitive business environment it is critical that SMBs come up with innovative and effective ways to do more with less.  Here are some interesting ways that we’ve found for SMBs to cut costs and maximize their expenditure by investing in technology.

Optimize productivity by upgrading necessary technology.  Don’t get in the habit of implementing the newest buzz in technology if it is not necessary, but sometimes updating your existing technology can make your team more productive in the long run.  Look at what you already have and then find ways to make it more beneficial to your team and their particular needs.  For instance, upgrading Microsoft Office every 6 months is probably a waste of time and resources for the majority of SMBs but upgrading it periodically can mean an improved working environment for your team.  An upgraded version of a technology may offer you an upswing in productivity gains that will make it a smart purchase for your business.

Jump on the VoIP train.  It’s time to ditch the landline and the fax machine. Voice over IP (VoIP) has finally become reliable enough for business use.  Cost-effective VoIP solutions and tons of added features such as e-fax, voicemail delivered via e-mail, call waiting, simultaneous ring and a much larger calling area with no additional charges.  Companies like Vocalocity offer solutions that can have a sizeable impact on your bottom line.  At first, it may seem like a lot of commotion to switch from your traditional telephone and fax service providers but rest assured you will save a bundle in the long run.

Be proactive when it comes to maintenance.  You may be willing to keep using your personal computer or device until it literally won’t boot up, but this is not a practical approach for a business environment.  Invest in ongoing tech-support and you will avoid the costs (both financially and mentally!) associated with waiting for a crash and the excessive service fees that will ensue.  Many companies, like Soluto, offer IT support to small businesses at an affordable rate.  Soluto For Business, their newly launched small business product, offers you the ability to access your PC remotely to fix problems after receiving an email alert about the issue.  Find a company that will alert you when issues with capacity or malware are detected by monitoring your systems on a regular basis.  In short, you will be saving money by fixing problems before they start.

Implementing these strategies when it comes to your SMB’s IT budget will lead to an increase in employee satisfaction and productivity as well as your bottom line.  Investing wisely in IT could just be the difference in a struggling SMB and one that is thriving!

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