October 25, 2023

Best AI Website Builders for 2024

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AI is automating many tasks once seen as impossible for the cold, calculating machines we hold on our laps and in our hands, but that time has passed. From coding to lead nurturing, AI is offering a cheaper and more efficient way to do business. Now, we can even build entire websites with the help of AI. Many of the software options available today will take you step by step through the process, allowing you to customize and optimize along the way. 

AI website builders are platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to simplify the intricacies of website design and content organization. Instead of manually selecting themes, arranging layouts, or curating content, users provide basic information or preferences, and the AI takes over, crafting a website that aligns with the user’s vision.

Yes, this sounds too good to be true, and not every AI website builder will work for your needs, but by selecting the right tool, you could save a significant amount of time and money. 

Based on our thorough analysis, here are the top AI website builders in 2024: 

  • 10Web: Best for seamless migration and optimization of existing WordPress sites
  • Wix ADI: Best for Beginners seeking tailored website Designs
  • Jimdo: Best for Quick Online Presence with Minimal Input
  • CodeWP: Designers Transitioning to WordPress Development
  • GoDaddy AI: Small businesses seeking an all-in-one solution

Our picks for the best AI website builders

10Web: Best for seamless migration and optimization of existing WordPress sites


  • Ability to generate up to 10 websites with AI per subscription
  • Responsive design options
  • Access to various themes
  • Reliable hosting


  • Higher pricing
  • Limited advanced customization options
  • Storage limitations

AI Website Builder: Enables users to build or recreate any website with AI-generated content and images quickly.

Automated WordPress Hosting: Offers hosting for WordPress websites on Google Cloud, ensuring fast and reliable website performance.

PageSpeed Booster: Optimizes websites to achieve high Google PageSpeed scores and improved overall site performance.

Real-time Backups: Provides scheduled real-time backups to prevent data loss and maintain website integrity.

AI Ecommerce Website Builder: Assists in building Ecommerce businesses, allowing easy product management and growth.

Security Measures: Monitors websites for security breaches, malware, DDoS attacks, and more, ensuring robust website protection.

Personal: 1 website, $6/user/month

Premium: 3 websites, $15/user/month

Agency: Unlimited websites, $30/user/month

I’ve come to value not just functionality, but the finesse with which a platform executes its promises. That’s where 10Web captured my attention. 

Once your site is on 10Web, the platform’s PageSpeed Booster kicks in, optimizing your site to achieve stellar Google PageSpeed scores — a game-changer for SEO and user experience. And because it’s built to play well with WordPress, you can bring your favorite themes and plugins along for the ride, no compromise needed.

10Web has carved a niche in the AI website builder space, known for its balance of user-friendly design and powerful tech. Born out of a desire for more intuitive web development, 10Web brought AI into play, changing the game for professionals and novices alike. Their newest features, like AI-driven design assistance and PageSpeed Booster, reflect their commitment to practical innovation, ensuring sites are aesthetically and functionally top-notch.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. While 10Web scores high on usability and performance, it can be a pricier option for those on a budget, and its capabilities might not suffice for highly complex websites. Yet, for many, its pros — including seamless WordPress integration and robust security features — outweigh the cons.

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Wix ADI: Best for beginners seeking tailored website designs


  • Proposes site concepts and color schemes based on user input
  • Fast setup
  • User-friendly design
  • Automatically generates mobile-optimized versions of websites
  • Provides numerous business profiles to base your site on


  • Not all Wix features are available on Wix ADI
  • Websites can sometimes appear too templated
  • Automatically added content by ADI can be inconsistent

Tailor-made content: Wix ADI designs a website tailored to your needs, complete with customized text and images.

Mobile optimization: The platform ensures your website is mobile-friendly, maintaining essential features and functionality across devices.

SEO tools: Wix ADI comes equipped with built-in SEO tools to help optimize your site for search engines, along with a personalized SEO plan.

Customization options: It allows for advanced editing, enabling users to customize main colors, font styles, and overall website themes.

Smart tips: The platform provides instant access to helpful tips and common actions throughout the website creation process.

Beginner: $110/user/month

Pro: $100/user/month

VIP: $125/user/month

Wix ADI fundamentally transforms the complexity of website creation into a friendly, inviting process. 

Beginners often seek simplicity without compromising on individuality, and Wix ADI meets this demand head-on. It uses artificial intelligence to understand user preferences and industry trends, then crafts a site that is a reflection of one’s unique brand or personality. 

The platform’s intuitive design process eliminates the common obstacles of technical expertise and design skills, which can deter beginners from creating their own websites. Wix is continuously evolving, with its recent introduction of the Wix AI Site Generator, promising an even more customized website building experience. The balance it strikes between ease of use and personalized output makes Wix ADI an attractive option for newcomers eager to carve out their own corner of the internet. 

Wix ADI, standing for Artificial Design Intelligence, is a trailblazer in the realm of AI-driven website creation, having been introduced to the market by Wix in 2016. 

The platform prides itself on crafting personalized, intelligent experiences. From offering AI-powered tools that assist in business expansion, such as automated product description and content generation, to providing a plethora of customization options for branding consistency, Wix ADI is a comprehensive platform combining Wix’s extensive experience in website creation with AI technology, known as GenAI.

Jimdo: Best for quick online presence with minimal input


  • User friendly
  • AI-powered customization
  • Quick website creation
  • Built-in SEO guidance
  • European data compliance


  • Limited design and technical features
  • No monthly payment option

Customized, compliant websites: Jimdo ensures websites meet legal standards while allowing for personalization.

Online Store capabilities: Users can create online stores, handle orders, and sell on social platforms.

Domain and logo: Offers domain registration and a free logo creator for cohesive branding.

Mobile optimization: Ensures websites are responsive across all devices.

Flexible layouts: Provides various layouts for user-preferred website design.

Social media integration: Allows easy linking of social media accounts to websites.

Free plan available

Start: $9/month

Grow: $14/month

Wix ADI is perfectly designed for those keen on forging an immediate online identity without delving into the intricacies of web design. 

It inquires, interprets, and introspects your style and requirements through straightforward queries, crafting a space that mirrors your ethos and brand. Instead of generic templates, it offers personalized designs. 

Yet, it’s not a utopian one-size-fits-all. Seasoned designers might find it limiting, yearning for the creative liberty that traditional web crafting endows. But for novices, Wix ADI is synonymous with a swift, tailored online presence, minus the hassle.

Jimdo, established in 2007, allows individuals and small businesses to craft their online presence seamlessly. 

The introduction of Jimdo Dolphin, an AI-driven website builder, marks a pivotal point in the platform’s evolution. Dolphin intuitively understands your design needs, making site creation a breeze while automatically handling intricate tasks like SEO. However, it’s not without its limitations, as some users might seek more advanced customization options. Nonetheless, Jimdo’s commitment to providing a balanced blend of simplicity and functionality remains its most significant allure.

CodeWP: Designers transitioning to WordPress development


  • Advanced customization
  • AI-powered code generation
  • Supports numerous WordPress-specific codes
  • Free tier available


  • Not beginner friendly
  • Exclusive to WordPress
  • Code generated can sometimes be non-functional or pose security risks

AI-powered code generation: Utilizes GPT technology to generate WordPress-specific code, streamlining the development process.

Extensive WordPress integration: Trained on comprehensive WordPress code, including compatibility with WooCommerce, Elementor, and Metabox.

User-prompted customization: Allows users to input specific requirements, from which it generates the corresponding code.

Designed for technical users: While it’s user-friendly, it’s best suited for those with an understanding of WordPress’s backend and basic programming logic.

Facilitates complex sites: Enables the creation of intricate, customized websites without needing deep coding expertise.

Flexible pricing: Offers a free tier for limited code generations and affordable plans for more extensive use, starting at $12/month.

Free plan available

Pro: $12/month

Agency: $36/month

The brilliance of CodeWP lies in its AI’s proficiency in WordPress’s complex environment, providing a seamless shift for designers. But it’s no magic wand; a basic grasp of WordPress’s workings is essential, making it a bit of a hurdle for novices. 

However, for designers determined to broaden their WordPress acumen, CodeWP is undoubtedly helpful, bridging the gap between creative design and technical execution. What’s more, its pricing structure is a breath of fresh air, offering a no-cost option for casual users and affordable plans for the more committed.

CodeWP, though a newer entrant in the AI website builder space, has quickly gained traction for its innovative approach, particularly among designers venturing into WordPress. The platform is lauded for its AI’s ability to simplify the complexity of WordPress coding, a boon for designers. Its recent updates have significantly refined the AI’s predictive design capabilities, offering users finer control over website aesthetics while broadening its template repertoire to cater to diverse creative needs. This focus on intuitive design, however, comes with its challenges; some users report a steep learning curve, an issue CodeWP counters with extensive support and educational resources.

GoDaddy AI: Small businesses seeking an all-in-one solution


  • Ease of use
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • SEO guidance
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited customization
  • No app market
  • Template restrictions

Artificial design intelligence (ADI): GoDaddy’s ADI takes the information you provide and creates a customized website in minutes.

Built-in SEO tools: The platform offers built-in SEO features to help your website rank better on search engines.

Mobile-responsive themes: GoDaddy provides mobile-responsive themes.

In-Built marketing features: The builder comes with in-built marketing tools like email marketing and social media integration.

GoDaddy Insight: This is a smart technology system that provides ongoing guidance and metrics to help you track your online presence and growth.

Security updates: The platform ensures that your website is secure by providing simple updates for security purposes.

Basic Plan: $9.99/month 

Premium Plan: $14.99/month 

Commerce Plan: $16.99/month

Commerce Plus Plan: $29.99/month

GoDaddy’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) simplifies the website creation process, allowing businesses to go live in minutes. Its built-in SEO and marketing tools offer a holistic approach to online presence, eliminating the need for third-party integrations. The tiered pricing structure is budget-friendly, offering value at every level, from basic web presence to full-fledged e-commerce capabilities. The platform also prioritizes user experience, with mobile-responsive themes and intuitive navigation.

GoDaddy, a veteran in the domain registration and web hosting industry, has recently taken a significant leap by integrating AI into its Website Builder. 

Launched in June 2023, this new feature aims to make the website-building process more efficient and user-friendly. Small business owners can now answer a few questions in conversational language, and the AI will generate a website complete with relevant imagery and content. 

This includes content suggestions for popular pages like “About Us,” “FAQs,” and “Reviews.” The AI tool also allows for more frequent updates without the need for extensive writing, making it a time-saving solution for entrepreneurs.

Key components of AI website building software

When it comes to AI website building software, there are several key components that contribute to its functionality and effectiveness:

Artificial design intelligence (ADI): This is the core engine that automates the design process based on user input and data analytics. It can suggest themes, layouts, and even content.

Natural language processing (NLP): Enables the software to understand user queries in a conversational manner, making it easier for users to specify their requirements.

Content generation: AI algorithms can automatically generate text, images, and other content based on the context and industry of the website.

SEO optimization: Many AI website builders come with built-in SEO tools that analyze and optimize the website for search engines automatically.

User behavior analytics: These tools track how visitors interact with the website, providing insights that can be used to make data-driven design decisions.

E-commerce integration: For businesses, AI can manage inventory, recommend products to users, and even handle basic customer service queries.

Mobile responsiveness: AI algorithms ensure that the website design is automatically optimized for various screen sizes and devices.

Drag-and-drop interface: While not AI per se, this feature often complements AI functionalities by allowing users to make manual adjustments easily.

Template library: A wide range of pre-designed templates that the AI can customize according to user needs.

Scalability: As your business grows, the AI algorithms adapt and scale the website features accordingly.

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Finding the right AI website builder for your business

From automating design processes with Artificial Design Intelligence to optimizing your site for search engines, these platforms offer a plethora of features that can save you time and resources. However, not all AI website builders are created equal.

When choosing the right platform for your business, consider the key components like ADI, SEO optimization, and scalability. Look for a builder that aligns with your specific needs—be it e-commerce integration or analytics. Take advantage of free trials and customer reviews to get a feel for the user experience and capabilities of the software.

Your website is often the first impression potential customers have of your business. Make it count by selecting an AI website builder that not only simplifies the design process but also empowers you to create a website that truly represents your brand.

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