June 20, 2013

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity Using Technology

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Why not enhance your productivity by making the most of devices you already own?  If used properly, technology can increase productivity for you and your business in enormous ways.  Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. To-Do List Apps

Simple to-do list apps are a great resource to organize your tasks and give you a clear focus towards getting them done. Google Tasks is an extension of your Google account that is easy to use and instantly beneficial.  Additionally, Wunderlist and Remember the Milk are handy to-do list apps that are available on all platforms. For iOS users, apps like Clear and OmniFocus are elegant, straightforward ways to record your tasks and sync them across multiple devices.

2. Note Taking Apps

Note taking apps such as Google Keep, OneNote and Evernote can help you record important information and access it easily.  Thanks to cloud storage, you can take notes on one device and access them at any time on another platform.  Additionally, Evernote has a comprehensive, searchable storage system that lets you organize notes with tags and notebooks.

3. Web-based Project Management Programs

Web-based project management systems are an effective way to unite progress and priorities for multiple people. They are easily accessed and instantly update multiple workers on the current project status. Teambox is a subscription based service that makes it easy to assign tasks and due-dates. WorkZone is another service that streamlines communication by allowing users to tag updates and changes they have made.

4. Time Tracking

For analytics and problem solving, Rescue Time is a valuable program that tracks your computer usage during the workday. It will un-apologetically show you how you are using (or not-using) your time. By helping diagnose your wasted time, it can greatly improve your productivity. Although the data could be intimidating, it is a powerful resource for people who are serious about maximizing their work output. Additionally, for business owners it can be a great way to assess how effectively your workforce is using their time and resources.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts, or quick key commands, are a simple way to enhance your focus. By minimizing your reliance on the computer mouse you can build momentum by developing an efficient, distraction-free workflow.


Even though the benefits of technology can be endless, remember, it can easily become a hindrance. As you integrate productivity concepts into your work, keep these ideas in mind:

Let technology aid your productivity but don’t let it control your attention

– Apps are fantastic for managing your task-list and workflow but there is no replacement for putting the device down and actually completing the tasks on the list

Avoid the assumption that adding more and more technology will improve productivity

– Too much moving between screens might cause you to only put your attention on little tasks and not complete any larger projects or goals

Try incorporating some of these ideas into your work.  They are simple, affordable and can yield big results. Technology provides endless productivity possibilities so think creatively and experiment with what works best for you and your business.

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