With the advancement in technology, both the candidate and the recruiter have different options to connect with each other, including the use of mobile devices and websites. But, the key for recruiters is to concentrate their efforts on tools that can aid them to connect with the right talent.

It is also vital for recruiters to assess, track and administer a wide talent pool during the hiring process until the right talent is hired. Recruiters are often blamed by candidates for not providing proper communication and updates during the hiring process. You can address all these grievances by using a recruitment software and automating processes that are normally repetitive and time consuming.

But with so many recruitment software options available in the market, it becomes tricky for a recruiter to select a product that has the right set of features to help you overcome your hiring challenges in an effective way. Many recruiters opt for a recruitment software without looking at the most important features, which leaves them with a middle-of-the-road technology that doesn’t serve their real needs.

To help you make a wise decision when selecting a recruitment software, we have listed five of the most important features any good recruitment software should possess.

1 Automated Candidate Sourcing

According to a 2016 survey conducted by DHI Group Inc., “Nearly three quarters (75%) of hiring managers say sourcing and building a bench of talent is more important than it was a year ago.” Today more than ever, there is a demand for a recruitment software to make it easy for hiring managers to source top talent and fill their database with quality options. With automated or semi automated candidates sourcing features in your recruitment software, you can source far more candidates than you could manually.

Such features could include the ability to import candidates from any website in just a few clicks using a browser extension, or the ability to import candidates in bulk and assign them to specific job pipelines during the import process itself. Adding candidates in a software is one of the most repetitive and time consuming tasks for any recruiter, and any automation here can go a long way in freeing up your time so you can focus on assessing candidates.

2 Intelligent Resume Parsing

Automated candidate sourcing would never work without resume parsing, so resume parsing is an extension of the previous point. Any recruitment software is incomplete without an intelligent resume parser.
All the candidate profiles that you import from any web page or all the resumes that you import from your own computer will be of no help if the information in the resumes is not properly formatted and added in the software in their proper fields. This is what a resume parser does.

After the imported resumes are formatted, you can easily sort through and search hundreds of thousands of candidate profiles within seconds using advanced search options. This is a real productivity booster for recruiters, but these sorts of automated tools will not work if all the information contained in resume files are not parsed and stored systematically in the software.

3 Job Board Integrations

The above two points focus more on the independent candidate sourcing aspect of the recruitment process, but job promotion functions are equally important to source candidates for specific jobs. To do this efficiently, your recruiting software must integrate with free and premium job boards. Promoting jobs on job boards to attract potential candidates is perhaps the most important and time consuming tasks of a recruiter. And if this process is automated, it makes life much easier for them.

So if your recruitment software is integrated with job loads like Indeed, Monster or Linkedin Jobs, all you have to do is publish your job once in the software and your job will be automatically posted in all these job boards, instead of you going to all these websites manually and posting each and every job there.

4 Automated Email Communication

Email communication is one of the most vital components in the hiring process. A good recruitment software will always facilitate automated transactional email communication using personalised email templates. All you have to do is set up your email templates once for every notification and start sending emails. The next time you shortlist a candidate for an interview or make an offer to a candidate, a personalized email will be automatically sent to all the stakeholders.

5 Extensive Analytics & Reporting

No software is incomplete without analytics, and the same goes with recruitment software. As an individual recruiter or a hiring manager, you should be able to see your own performance as well as that of your team members easily. Analytics and reporting allow you to analyse team performance based on recruitment parameters that you set.

Analytics also give you insights to make your hiring process faster and more efficient. For example, track and measure how long it takes for one recruiter to close an open job. With that information you can find ways to reduce this time and close jobs faster. You can’t optimize what you can’t track, so advanced analytics and automated reporting is a must have in any recruitment software.

To conclude, the purpose of a recruitment software is to replace most of the tasks that a recruiters would otherwise have to do. And a recruiter typically devotes most of his or her time in promoting jobs, sourcing candidates and communicating with different stakeholders at each stage of the hiring process. These features help to automate recruiter tasks, saving them time for the real work of candidate vetting.

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Shiv Kumar Pandey is the Marketing Head of Talentnow RecruitX, a leading Applicant Tracking System for recruitment agencies with more than 1000 customers from across the globe. Shiv specializes in technology marketing and writes about various aspects of recruitment technology. You can connect and learn more about Shiv on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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