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Doug Tull

Doug Tull is a writer, storyteller, photographer, media junkie, Apple enthusiast, amateur musician, and tech fanatic with a thirst for learning and optimizing his knowledge of the world of tech, digital marketing, AI, and cyberspace. He enjoys concert photography, the power of the written word, art, classic rock, MCM architecture, and travel. When he’s not writing about tech, logistics, and more, he’s probably walking his dog, Stan, mountain biking, or playing guitar…poorly.

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • HubSpot
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Adobe Light Room
  • University of Missouri - Columbia, BA in Journalism
  • HubSpot CRM Certification - SEO 2023
  • HubSpot CRM Certification - Growth-Driven Design 2023
  • HubSpot CRM Certification - Digital Marketing 2023
  • Google Ads Certificate
  • Facebook Ads Certificate
Featured In
  • The Hollywood Reporter
  • PlaybackStL
  • Sonic Nation
  • StubHub UK
  • SelectQuote
Favorite Technology

More than I can name, but I am closely watching AI and its applications in content and image creation, SEO, automation, and ideation. I also follow forums and participate in SEO, SEM, marketing automation, DRIP marketing, video and editing freeware, SaaS, and more. WordPress, Shopify, Square Space, Java, and coding of all types.

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