Project management software products like Trello and Zoho Projects assist in keeping business tasks organized. Trello is one of the most commonly used workflow management products with thousands of users worldwide, and Zoho Projects is a project management solution from the Zoho Corporation. In this article, we’ll pit the capabilities of Trello and Zoho Projects against each other to help you determine which software is better for your business. But if you’re short on time, use our Project Management Product Selection Tool to get a free shortlist of the best project management software for you. We’ll match you with five vendors we think you’ll love in five minutes or less.

Trello vs. Zoho Projects: An overview

Trello is a simple and easy-to-use workflow management tool that helps teams collaborate on projects. Trello has task management features such as activity tracking, task management, reminders, to-do lists, a calendar view, file attachments, and email notifications. The software has an affordable pricing plan as well as a free version, which makes it perfect for businesses of every size. Zoho Projects Management is an enterprise project management tool. Task management, reminders, and task lists are just some of its key features. However, since Zoho Projects Management is an enterprise project management software, it also offers features such as charts and reports, issue tracking and workflow management, time tracking, invoicing, and social project management. Zoho Projects is available in various pricing models, and is suitable for small, medium, and large companies.

Features comparison

Trello and Zoho Projects share some features that are essential to successfully manage business and personal projects. Some of these features are task management, task reminders, and calendar. Read also: 8 Kanban Tools for Project Managers and Developers

Task management

Trello uses Kanban cards where you can input tasks, to-do lists, checklists, hyperlinks, and attachments. These cards can be assigned to specific users and moved into different workflow lanes through a drag-and-drop functionality. You can assign cards due dates, descriptions, and labels, and comments with @ mentions make it easy to collaborate with team members. You can also watch cards to stay updated on changes. Zoho Projects’ task management feature lets you assign tasks to individuals and track progress on these tasks. You can set priorities depending on the level of importance of the task and break down tasks into subtasks if it involves multiple steps. Tasks can also be viewed as a list. Users can log time spent on tasks using a timer, and you can cap hours on tasks to better manage budgets.

Task reminders

Trello users can see which tasks are due soon in their dashboards when they log in, on their Trello notifications, and on the actual cards assigned to them. Trello also sends email notifications and desktop notifications to remind users whenever a task due date is approaching. You can set task reminders in Zoho Projects to avoid missing deadlines. Just like with Trello, Zoho Projects sends reminders to your email on a fixed schedule to show you what you should be working on currently and to highlight tasks due soon. You can choose whether you want reminders to be sent to assigned task owners on a daily basis, on the due date itself, or on a certain number of days before the due date.


The calendar feature of Trello is available as a power-up or an extra add on. You can display and filter cards with due dates coming up in a weekly or monthly view and manage due dates by moving cards on the calendar by dragging and dropping. Users can export a board’s calendar to third party calendars, such as Google Calendars. You can create project activities from the calendar itself with Zoho Projects. Different project modules such as milestones, tasks, bugs, and events may also be classified in the calendar using color coding. Active recurring tasks will also be displayed on the calendar. Google Calendar, iCalendar, and Microsoft Outlook can be synced as well.


Trello has one of the most extensive integration possibilities out there. It integrates with over a hundred apps and platforms including tools for cloud storage, team collaboration, surveys, project management, issue tracking, marketing, accounting, and video conferencing. Some of the possible integrations for Trello are:
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Google Drive
  • Salesforce
  • SurveyMonkey
  • GitHub
  • Jira
  • FreshBooks
  • HubSpot Marketing
  • Basecamp
Zoho Projects also integrates with several of the most well-known apps and tools. Some of the integrations are products for collaboration, file sharing, spreadsheet, team communication, project management, secure access, third party integrations, time tracking, CRM, issue tracking, and helpdesk. These include:
  • Zapier
  • Basecamp
  • G Suite
  • HubStaff
  • Zoho Desk
  • Box
  • GitHub
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Slack

Choosing the right project management tool for your business

Trello and Zoho Projects can definitely make task and project management processes in your business easier. There’s no denying Zoho Projects offers far more wide-ranging features than Trello, but this doesn’t mean Zoho is the better choice. Zoho Projects has more capabilities because it’s an enterprise project management solution while Trello was made for small business teams and personal tasks. Still unsure? Use our Software Selection Tool to get a free shortlist of the best project management software for you. It takes less than 5 minutes and is free to use.