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Asana vs. Clarizen

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Asana and Clarizen.

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A few years ago, open floor plan offices were on the rise because of several advantages they brought. One of the benefits is increased collaboration. However, the current situation has moved people away from offices and into homes. Remote work has clearly affected how we collaborate with our team. Our use of collaborative work software has also changed, not only in how we use it but in how many times we use it. The more seamless it is to use work solutions like project management software when we collaborate, the better we can adapt to remote work.

Asana and Clarizen are two popular collaborative project management software. This article aims to show similarities and differences in their features. If you’re looking to find the right project management software quickly, we can help. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a short list of recommendations.


Asana, Inc., is a software company with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. It was founded in 2009 to provide teams a cloud-based project management and task-tracking solution. With the help of its software, companies can initiate projects of any size, allow teams to focus on their work, and collaborate with each other effortlessly.

Asana is a work management platform that lets you and your team plan projects quickly and in an organized way. List tasks, assign who is responsible, and add a due date and a priority level. You can sort your lists, search for comments, and share your files. Asana includes many features that helps improve project clarity and transparency. The software is flexible and can be applied in different industries. For instance, you can view and track tasks for your projects, issues for your development, or candidates for your recruitment. Customers include Salesforce, Deloitte, and Together We Rise.


Clarizen, Inc., is a privately held software company with offices in San Mateo, CA; Tel Aviv, and London. It was founded in 2006 to give companies the tools to organize work, allow people to connect, and get timely information across tasks, projects, and portfolios. With powerful reporting and collaboration features, organizations are able to accelerate their business growth.

Clarizen is a work management solution designed for the enterprise. Project management, workflow automation, and in-context communication tools let you cover the whole work cycle of your business. Get an overview of all your projects and initiatives and then drill down to specific tasks and resources assigned. Customers across 79 countries such as Dell, De Beers Group of Companies, and Western Union rely on the software to enable their people work effectively and their business competitively.

Features comparison of Asana vs. Clarizen

Project management

Asana lets you manage projects and initiatives successfully using its solution. Get the needed tools to start your project, list and track your tasks, and track its progress through to completion. You don’t have to switch between spreadsheets, emails, and file managers. You can plan your schedule with its calendar and timeline view. All project-related information, whether file attachments or issues, can be searched and found in one location. Manage your workflow with a Kanban board view and track progress efficiently using custom fields.

Clarizen offers a team collaboration software with an intuitive interface that is easy to use. It gives you a comprehensive view of all resources, schedules, and tasks. Customer portfolio and project delivery dashboards give full reporting and real-time insights. A calendar view of each of your resources shows task lists and how much work they have. Other tools include a portfolio health dashboard and resource load planner.

Task management and automation

Asana’s task management features allow you to track tasks from start to finish. This means you can go beyond tasks and track anything. You can easily organize your lists to show tasks that are due or tasks with the highest priority, or both. Also, you can manage multiple task lists for multiple projects. Visualize your task lists in list, board, calendar, or timeline view, depending on the perspective you want. The PM software also has automation tools with rules to automate repetitive tasks. Other tools include a custom rules builder, custom templates, work request forms, approvals, and more.

Clarizen Go is a simple and flexible task management solution for teams. You can personalize your workflows so your task management syncs with the way your team works. Create multiple boards to manage your projects, teams, customers, or products. You can customize the stages of each board to match each workflow. It has a highly visual and centralized view so you can review and adjust priorities, assignees, and timelines on the same screen. Other features include automatic consolidation of statuses, auto milestones update, scrum-friendly boards, flexible progress tracking views by workload, built-in document management, auto sync with Clarizen One, and more. You can automate repetitive business processes with its workflow engine such as for new work requests.

Work collaboration

Asana improves visibility with informative screens and views. Your team can post comments on every task, card, and status update to refer back to, so you don’t have to spend extra time in your meetings or emails. You can easily share feedback and status updates with tools like forms and reports. And you can check on the status whether you are using your PC or your mobile iOS or Android phone.

Clarizen has built-in communication tools and news feeds that let your team get updates and share ideas with other teams and external partners. You can create and share reports, dashboards, and calendars to inform the rest of the team and stakeholders of the project’s health and progress. Other features include self-service access, automated status reporting, proofing tool, and mobile access.

Ready to make a decision on Asana vs Clarizen?

Asana and Clarizen are customizable project management solutions that have wide applications. Both online solutions are highly accessible, have different plans, and can be integrated with many third-party applications and services.

Asana is popular with many SMBs using it for project management and work collaboration. It is designed to help businesses organize and track their tasks, while providing communication, reporting, and other productivity tools. As a result, your teams are able to focus and deliver their goals. It has since added new enterprise tools such a Portfolios, Milestones, and Workload.

Clarizen is an enterprise solution for mid-sized to large companies where it gives the greatest value when applied across the organization. It effectively captures information from different teams and business units to show real-time high-level project data. This enables you to get insights and make adjustments where needed. For small businesses, Clarizen Go is a task management application designed for agile teams.

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Project Management Resources Asana vs. Clarizen