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About GT Nexus

GT Nexus is the developer and operator of the GT Nexus trade platform, one of the largest cloud supply chain platforms of its kind, serving over 100,000 users, 25,000 businesses, and managing over $100 billion in goods. They offer several supply chain management tools, including Trade Xpress, Supply Chain Visibility, Supply Chain Intelligence, Supply Collaboration, Supply Finance, Procure-to-Pay, Factory Management, Transportation Management, and Inventory Management. 

The GT Nexus platform is of a modular design; choose one or all of the solutions above and enjoy the robust, pre-integrated functionality. Supply Chain Intelligence and Supply Chain Visibility help with managing the analytics and granular information at each level of your supply chain, including in-transit visibility, production visibility, on-hand visibility, and cost visibility. 

Supply Collaboration helps you connect and collaborate, allowing buyers to share production plans, forecasts, and commitments, which allows suppliers to be more responsive when meeting demand requirements from thousands of miles away, helping to improve on-time delivery rates and adapt to rapidly changing demand. 

Procure-to-Pay manages the procurement process from end-to-end, helping companies negotiate and confirm orders with suppliers and trading partners, create electronic fulfillment documents, and track inventory and payments in real-time. 

Trade Xpress is the cloud-based holistic platform that ties all of GT Nexus’s solutions together. It allows suppliers to manage all of their customer orders, factories, and internal processes. It eliminates the need to install multiple systems to comply with packing and shipping requirements, and includes built-in compliance tools and financial services to enhance physical and financial supply chain execution. It integrates seamlessly with EDI and ERP systems across multiple enterprises, allowing users to log in to one account and transact with all customers in a low-cost environment. 

Factory Management, Inventory Management, and Transportation Management helps increase the agility and efficiency of each of their respective areas, and includes support for barcodes, RFID tracking, Avery-Dennison integration, and more. 

To learn more about the individual modules on the GT Nexus platform, or if you’d like to know more about supply chain management solutions for your business, call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation today. 


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