It is extremely important for businesses to hire and retain the best talent to ensure continuity and smooth delivery of products and services. Thanks to human capital management (HCM) software, this task is easier, and finding the right talent is less challenging. Such software is not restricted to employee records, payroll, and benefits but includes time-off requests, employee performance, recruiting, branding and company culture, applicant tracking, and learning and talent management.

With HCM software, HR staff can free up time and focus on more important tasks with automation features.

We compare two popular human capital management software for business: Recruiterbox vs. ExactHire. We’ll evaluate their integrations, features, and pricing models to determine the more suitable product for your business. OurProduct Selection Tool is free and easy to use and gives five recommendations from our experienced Technology Advisors. It takes only five minutes.

Recruiterbox vs. ExactHire: An overview

Recruiterbox is a cloud-based applicant tracking and recruitment software designed to help small and mid-sized businesses manage applications and recruitment tasks. Users can create a new position with a few clicks and accept resumes via the company website. Recruiters can post new job openings directly to different social media outlets and use the bulk upload function for importing multiple applications at the same time. Use the software to customize different application process steps and assign them to specific hiring managers or recruiters. It eliminates the need for email exchanges when recruiters collaborate with team managers and interviewers.

ExactHire is a web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) designed for small and mid-sized businesses with compliance reports, email communication, screening, applicant management, and job post automation features. It is customizable and mobile-responsive to give applicants a user-friendly experience that helps uplift employer brand. Users can catalogue and search applications within the software’s applicant tracking database and automatically place job postings to free job boards and the organization website. Applicants can view open positions and descriptions within ExactHire’s portal, apply to jobs, and subscribe to alerts and updates.

A comparison of features

Recruiterbox is equipped with features that ease the application process.

·         Resume management:

Recruiterbox stores all resumes within the system and allows users to share and collaborate on applicant documents. Users can directly forward emailed resumes to the software that are immediately uploaded. Resumes can be uploaded in bulk in different formats to make recruiting fairs easier to handle. The software analyzes resumes based on pre-selected keywords and provides a fully-featured candidate search.

·         Applicant tracking:

Build workflows with Recruiterbox to move candidates through the application process. Establish custom recruitment stages while making sure all documents stay attached to the candidate. Users can delegate areas of the application process to different people and check candidate status with ease.

·         Careers site management:

Take advantage of Recruiterbox’s integrations with RecruitNet and Indeed that allow users to upload job openings across the web and receive a higher quantity and quality of applications.

·         Social recruitment:

Recruiterbox integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help users manage new-style recruitment.

ExactHire comes with features inherent in an applicant tracking system.

·         Access to external job boards:

ExactHire streamlines job listings and lets users handle numerous tasks at once and streamline the job posting process. Users can post to multiple social media platforms and job sites in a click.

·         Search engine optimization:

Optimize your career portal for search by providing multiple URLs for open job listings to allow search engines to crawl each keyword-rich site.

·         Social recruiting:

Recruiters can use social media as a recruiting tool by integrating social media platforms into the software’s applicant tracking system. Use ExactHire to launch an effective social recruiting campaign.

·         Job seeker engagement:

The software engages job seekers by using job boards, making well-written job descriptions, and providing a user-friendly application process.

A comparison of prices

Recruiterbox has a 3-tiered pricing plan: Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus. Its website offers a transparent way for businesses to assess the cost of the software based on the number of users. Interested parties can type in the number and equivalent price for each plan is computed automatically. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly to request a quote and get full details on features.

ExactHire is a subscription-based software. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly to receive full information on pricing and features in every plan. However, it offers a free trial without credit card requirements.

A comparison of integrations

Recruiterbox ensures smooth and seamless recruitment processes by integrating with other business software such as:

·         Namely

·         Reviewsnap

·         Checkr

·         BambooHR

·         Trakstar

ExactHire’s seamless integrations with business software ensure a streamlined recruitment process:

·         Google Maps

·         OnboardCentric

Takeaways: Recruiterbox vs. ExactHire

Both Recruiterbox and ExactHire offer seamless ways to streamline recruitment processes among small and mid-sized businesses. They offer subscription-based plans to ensure businesses get the right features for the right price. However, ExactHire’s free trial is an advantage, especially if you are managing a start-up.

Both software see the importance of social media’s role in recruitment as evidenced by their social recruitment features. If your business is a start-up, this feature widens your access to the pool of talent.

If your business uses various business software, Recruiterbox is beneficial because of its numerous integrations with other applications. It helps HR staff save time by allowing them to delegate specific stages of the recruitment process to hiring managers.

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