Businesses owners have to ensure employees receive pay, benefits, commission, and everything due them. Thanks to Human Capital Management (HCM) software solutions, these tasks have become less tedious. HCM software features include payroll, benefits management, recruitment, talent management, and time-off request management. Tasks are automated, allowing HR staff to save time and focus their attention on matters that require immediate consideration.

Let’s compare two popular HCM software options: PeopleSoft vs. Gusto. We’ll discuss their pricing models, integrations, and features to help you decide on the most suitable software solution for your business. For more options, you can use our Product Selection Tool to receive 5 recommendations of software solutions from our Technology Advisors that are suitable for your business.

PeopleSoft vs. Gusto: An overview

PeopleSoft is an HCM software solution designed for medium to large-sized businesses. It was acquired by Oracle, a global leader in database solutions and business software with approximately 100,000 customers across the globe. The software functions in modules and includes capabilities such as labor rules and monitoring, workforce service delivery, talent management, workforce management, and Global Core Human Capital Management. Its Global Core HCM lets businesses implement HR policies to meet local privacy regulations. Users can choose to deploy PeopleSoft on-premise or in the cloud.

Gusto is an online HCM software product that streamlines business processes such as benefits, HR, and payroll. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, payroll features, and automation functions that users can customize to suit their business needs. Gusto was designed for small businesses and automates payment, calculation, and tax submissions. It can perform company bookkeeping processes by providing the use of year-end forms and tax calculations. Users can do payroll, 401(k), workers’ comp insurance, and health benefits in 17 states. Gusto won both the Supreme Software Award and Expert’s Choice last year.

PeopleSoft vs. Gusto: A comparison of features

PeopleSoft identifies its features through these modules:

  • Workforce management: With PeopleSoft, employees can manage time and labor costs through its mobile capability for clocking in and out. Users can manage their sick leave by using Outlook calendar/email, thanks to the software’s integration with Outlook. PeopleSoft offers travel and expense and resource management functions to its users.
  • Global Core HCM: PeopleSoft provides users with real-time analytical tools, self-service functionality, company directory, and support for companies that have multiple locations worldwide. It provides North American and global countries with payroll solutions and processes benefits, pension administration, and payroll interface.
  • In-memory labor rules and monitoring: PeopleSoft lets users make better insights-based labor decisions using real-time analytical tools that are built onto the Oracle Exadata database architecture. It helps businesses implement time and labor policies that adhere to regulations.
  • Workforce service delivery: HCM staff can streamline HR tasks through self-service and collaboration tools. PeopleSoft has HR Help Desk, workforce communication for survey distribution, eProfile Desktop Manager for manager request approvals, eProfile for personal information updates, eBenefits for benefits viewing and enrollment, ePay for banking information updates, and Directory Interface.
  • Talent management: PeopleSoft includes recruiting, eDevelopment, ePerformance, eCompensation, incentive compensation, enterprise learning management, and succession planning.

Gusto has the following features:

  • Payroll: Gusto automatically files on behalf of the business its state, federal, and local payroll taxes and reports new hires to the government. It can change the frequency of payroll, run payroll during the off cycle, deduct requested charitable donations from employees’ paycheck, process electronic signatures, and calculate net-to-gross payments.
  • Compliance: Users can apply for and pay workers’ compensation insurance, estimate the insurance within two days, and provide a regularly updated compliance checklist containing new requirements by state, federal, or local agencies.
  • Benefits: Gusto has self-enrollment functionality to health insurance plans and processes automatic deductions for benefits and health insurance. The software works with Gusto’s brokers in selecting the best benefit plans.

PeopleSoft vs. Gusto: A comparison of prices

PeopleSoft uses modules and charges users for the licenses of these modules. It charges on a per-user basis but requires no minimum number of users. System upgrades are charged separately. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly to make sure they get the features their business needs.

Gusto has a 3-tier pricing model: Core, Complete, and Concierge. These plans are charged on a per-user basis, plus a monthly base fee. Users can request additional benefits like FSA’s and 401(k)s on top of their subscription. Gusto does not require signing a long-term contract and subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.

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PeopleSoft vs. Gusto: A comparison of integrations

PeopleSoft integrates with apps in Oracle such as the Oracle E-Business Suite. It can be used with Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and Siebel CRM.

Gusto integrates with Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Autobooks, Aplos, ZipBooks, Homebase, TSheets, WhenIWork, Deputy, Ximble, Boomr, Time Tracker, Clover, SpotOn, Upserve, Trainual, Kinderlime,  Veryfi, Accelo, Hubstaff, and Vagaro. You can check their website for a complete list of application integrations.

Make your choice work for you

It is important to make HR tasks easier but more accurate. The best HCM solutions help businesses comply with state, federal, and local regulations. Business owners should consider choosing a software product that automates tasks, so employees can work on things that require immediate attention.

If you need more options, use our free Product Selection Tool to get a list of recommended vendors that meet your requirements.