Lever and Taleo are just two of the hundreds of options you have when it comes to HR software solutions. These human resources software solutions specialize on the talent management and applicant tracking aspects of human resources.

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We’ll look closely at the features of both Lever and Taleo in this article to determine which HR software option would be more practical for your business.

An overview of Lever and Taleo

Lever was founded in 2012 and has well-known clients such as Netflix, Change.org, and Quora. Even though this HR software is new to the industry, it has garnered a lot of positive feedback from users.

Lever combines multiple talent management capabilities in just one system. Through this HR software, companies can source and attract talent, manage schedules, schedule interviews, create job offers, hire new employees, and analyze the effectiveness of sourcing strategies.

Taleo, originally known as Recruitsoft, was founded in 1999. Oracle presently owns Taleo since it acquired the software in 2012. Taleo is recognized as one of the most prominent HR software vendors today that around half of the companies in the Fortune 100 use for their business.

At first, Taleo was exclusively a recruitment software vendor, but the business eventually developed into a talent management software. Today, Taleo offers different HR functionalities beyond the scope of recruitment. With this HR software, you can establish necessary training for employees, manage compensations, assess and develop your employee’s careers, and track the goals of your employees.

Features and Capabilities for Lever vs. Taleo

Candidate management

In terms of candidate management, Lever comes with the standard capabilities of other HR software and more. Aside from job postings on your job site, putting additional screening questions and having mobile accessibility for both you and candidates are possible with Lever.

Job applications can be easily filtered, and automated personalized outreach emails are sent to the candidates at a scheduled time.

For Taleo, candidates may apply to your job postings using their LinkedIn profiles or résumés. You can also add screening questions so you can narrow down your choices much easier. Your Taleo career site may also be accessed through mobile.

You can track the progress of each applicant on the hiring process, and pick up where you left off with Taleo.

Interview scheduling

Manual scheduling of interviews is an exhausting task. Thanks to human resources software, the process of scheduling interviews became possible with just one click.

Interview schedules can be automated with Lever. Candidates get the freedom to select the best time for an interview with you.

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Just like with Lever, candidates can choose the dates when they are available for an interview with Taleo. This HR software can handle scheduling of interviews, no matter the volume of interviews needed to be scheduled. 


No matter how powerful your human resources software is, your company won’t benefit much from it if you don’t monitor how your recruitment strategies are doing. It’s imperative to look at the facts so you can see which strategies work and how effective they are.

Reports help you view how your recruitment process is doing so you can make adjustments if necessary. Lever and Taleo have reporting features to show you the efficacy of your recruitment strategies.

With reports from Lever, you can keep track of the recruitment performance. For example, you can see where you get most of your candidates from — referrals, job site applications, email leads, and so on.

You can also determine which recruitment events or strategies led to most number of hired employees – whether it’s through referrals, job advertisements on social networking platforms, email campaigns, etc.

As for Taleo, reports can also be created to show the status of various sections of your recruitment team.

You can create daily recruiting reports with Taleo. These daily reports will give you a regular update on how many jobs postings you have, how many new candidates you have for these job postings, and how many of candidates have moved up the application process.


Several applications and software may be integrated with Lever and Taleo for improved software efficiency.

Slack, Docusign, Google, Microsoft Office 365, BambooHR, and Namely are some of the integrations for Lever.

Taleo can be integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Workday, and Evernote.

The better HR software for your talent management needs

Your business needs are the biggest factor that will have an impact on your choice.

Taleo definitely has the edge in terms of years of experience and the number of prominent clients. This HR software vendor currently has around 5,000 clients. Still, that doesn’t mean that Lever can’t offer first-rate HR software services as well. Although Lever has only been around a few years, it already has more than 2,500 clients.

Both Lever and Taleo are top-rated HR software products. If your company needs an all-inclusive software that can accommodate more than just the recruitment aspect of your HR needs, Taleo might be the more sensible choice because it has more functions than Lever, such as compensation management and tracking of career goals for employees.

However, if you need an HR software specifically made for applicant tracking talent management, Lever is a fine choice. At present, Lever maintains a high satisfaction rating from its users all over the globe. Many mid-sized businesses to large scale enterprises praise the improvements in their human resources performance brought about by Lever.

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