Collecting HR data can be a difficult task because of various reasons, such as company size and limited HR employees. Today, gathering human resources data is easier because of the numerous HR software available. These HR software can help any business with their human resource problems by gathering relevant data in a single system. 

A single program that can collect and process HR-related data can save a company a lot of time and resources. By building a centralized database of employee profiles, you can track, process, and observe employee’s activities simultaneously. With HR software, paperwork is minimal, and the time spent arranging files and folders transforms into something productive.

In this article, we will compare two of the most well-received HR programs in the market. The names Kronos and BambooHR have been recognized recently because of their impressive features and integrations. Numerous businesses are impressed with the services they offer. We’re here to verify the claims. 

You’ve got options for HR software, and Kronos vs. BambooHR are only two of those options. To get fast, free recommendations of the best accounting software for your business, use our HR Software Buyers Guide or contact us today to speak to one of our Technology Advisors.


To give a little background on each software, we’ve reviewed some of their notable features. While there are similarities between each function, the purpose of each program differs according to your use case. Here are some of the remarkable features that Kronos and BambooHR have. 

Features                Kronos           BambooHR
Absence management                   yes                 yes
Access control                    no                 yes
Activity dashboard                   yes                 yes
Employee database                   yes                 yes
Employee management                    no                 yes
Enrollment management                   yes                  no
Feedback management                   yes                  no
HR management                   yes                yes
Job application management                   yes                yes
Leave tracking                   yes                yes


Similar HR programs for Kronos vs. BambooHR

Kronos and BambooHR may be different HR software options, but they share similar features. They both share an absence management program for tracking the attendance of your employees in one single file. Here are some other features that they share.

Employee database 

One important feature these vendors provide is the employee database feature. This feature allows its users to store an unlimited amount of employee data ranging from results from training, salary, and time-off. Storing all this data in one universal database can help HR officers track employees more efficiently.

Kronos’ employee database program focuses more on simplicity and security. A secure yet straightforward employee database can be a handy tool when it comes to storing employee data.

Today, security is a more significant concern than most problems that companies face daily. That’s why Kronos’ employee database is such a massive help to those companies who value their employee’s information.

On the other hand, BambooHR focuses more on the accessibility of their employee’s data. By allowing your HR officers access to these files, it’s easier to transfer and process employee data across the company. This feature enables HR officers to efficiently process employee details because everyone can access a centralized source of information.

Job application management 

Using job application management software in your business allows you to track future talent for your business by contacting previous applicants. Having this software is the right way of collecting and selecting new employees without the hustle of tracking each applicant again. You can store each applicant’s data such as their name, address, or contact number and access it when you have the perfect job opening for their skills.

The Kronos HR software focuses more on providing the HR officer with a detailed list of information on the applicant. Giving the hiring officer-in-charge a comprehensive list of the applicant’s background will make hiring more straightforward.

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As for BambooHR, their software is more focused on creating and publishing job openings and tracking prospective employees. It helps the HR officer scout for new employees and informing the public of new job openings of the company. 

Available Features

Kronos HR software

  • Exceptions Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Jobs board Integration
  • Labor management
  • Mobile integration

BambooHR software

  • Human resource integration
  • Employee time tracking
  • Email invitation and reminders
  • Document management
  • Data import and export

Which HR software works best for your business? Kronos or BambooHR

While there’s no denying that both Kronos and BambooHR have something valuable to offer, there will always be an HR software that’s better suited to your needs. When choosing the right HR software for your business, remember that you need to buy what’s best for your company. While it’s true that an HR software that has a lot of features can cover more ground, it’s still not a practical purchase if you don’t use those features.

If you’re looking for an HR software that focuses more on the tracking of all human resources activity through email notifications, then we suggest that you try BambooHR. Their features work perfectly for those who are looking for an automated HR assistant that would monitor HR activities across your company.

But if you’re looking for an HR software that helps you drive better business results and has extensive analytical tools, then Kronos HR software might be the program you’re looking for. The features they provide are perfect for start-up companies and senior companies that perform major HR activities.

If you want more HR software options, use our HR Software Buyers Guide.